In this way, the empty mind becomes the source mind that emits this white light, occupying most of the territory in the purple house, and this light information character is circled in the middle of the source mind. At the other end of the original mind, there is a red mist wrapped around a trace of mind at the corner to form a red cloud. At this point, the empty mind is completely awake, and the mind is really clear and no longer confused.

"It’s really a child’s play, literally to improve the rank, makes the whole body average computer-virus, mind almost out of control. Although there was a strong idea at that time, it did not cause this situation. "
"It’s really like a child’s play. If you say that you are possessed, you will be possessed."
"What is the reason for this? There is no such possibility in the practice of self-cultivation."
"Did someone harm me?"
In a twinkling, Kong Ming thought of this possibility.
"Yes, someone must be trying to harm me and want me to die of internal fire, lose my priesthood and turn to ashes."
"This way, no one will know and will not be countered before death."
"It’s really a good heart, a great means, and there is no blood in the soldiers."
Thought of here, empty Ming time hatred arises, endless resentment emanates from empty Ming, forming a gray skull in a small world, with empty eyes. Empty Ming has completely given up the mind-reading word, and endless resentment has more than doubled the breeding of that red cloud in the purple mansion, and the edge has been in contact with the source mind.
The deepest part of my mind is clear, and I can’t help cursing myself when I see that my just-awake mind is about to fall into the magic again.

Chapter 28 Living
"There is no way out," the whole body can’t move, and flames have already started to appear inside the body. The red fog in the purple mansion is entangled with the source mind. The deepest light in my heart is now crumbling.
"Is this the end?"
The last trace of emptiness is swaying in nothingness, wobbling and can be extinguished at any time.
"I didn’t expect it to be possessed in the end, and the internal fire burned my heart and died."
"In the end, that’s it?"
There is darkness in nothingness, silence, no thoughts, no thoughts, nothing.
Is he dead …
And then "This is …"
Feeling, body feeling, mind feeling, mind feeling.
In the purple mansion, there is a white original mind slowly turning, and a tiny crystal is constantly absorbing information. The technique of thunder in the middle of the mind, the magic method of warming and nourishing, the word of mind, and the fragment information. Everything is hovering in the middle of the mind.
The mana gained from practicing the Land Handling Method is slowly running, without the guidance of the mind, all of which are guided by the instinct of the body itself.
Slowly open your eyes, in front of you is a lotus pond, with a breeze blowing and water waves floating. There is a rustling sound from the green bamboo forest next to you, and the aura with a hint of medicinal incense in the air is inhaled into the nose by Empty Ming, and I suddenly feel a coolness in my brain.
"This is …"
"I’m not possessed. I’m dying of internal fire."
Looking at the three volumes of classics discharged in front of me, looking at the refining that keeps swinging with the wind, looking at the fluttering bamboo leaves, looking at the white hands, and the merit book in my hand.
"What the hell is this situation. I’m dead or not. "
Empty Ming feel forehead pain, believe it or not, dead, not dead, alive …
Countless information, countless ideas, countless suspicions constantly appear in the empty mind, and the overload operation makes the mind in the purple house stop turning.
"Ah …"
The head seems to be splitting, as if to be divided into two halves, and the pain is constantly beating in the empty heart. Bite the teeth, empty Ming gathered all his strength and threw himself forward, throwing himself on the ground. With all his strength, he twisted forward and threw half his body into the lotus pond. The pool water of the lotus pond is formed by the aura of heaven and earth, and it breeds lotus, which has damaged some characteristics of lotus, such as coolness and freshness. As the whole head sank into the pool, the empty minton time felt a cool breath coming in from the pool.
That cool breath gradually calmed countless thoughts in my head, making my empty mind finally no longer painful.
"Shout …"
With a jerk of his hair, Kongming got up from the ground, dried the clear water on his hair, and turned around to pick up the merit book he had just thrown away from the ground. Pulled the sleeve, empty Ming fu and sat down on the floor. Hands unconsciously flip the merit book.
"What was that?"
"Is it dead?"
"Now that I’m dead, what’s going on now?"
"That feeling just now, was that death? I really experienced it again."
Kong Ming frowned: "Is the spirit already abnormal? Is it unbearable?"
Empty Ming closed his eyes and looked at the light of Lei Fa, but he didn’t turn at this time, silently meditating. Why did this happen? Why did you experience the pain of death? Why did you get possessed? Why did you die and live? All kinds of questions are hovering in my heart, but there is nowhere to find the answer. I don’t know how long it took, when the empty mind gradually became transparent, a picture suddenly appeared in my mind.
It was a picture of two Tsing Yi monks killing a man in white.
Seeing this picture, Kong Ming’s head shook, and it took him a while to understand why he experienced the pain of death. The picture that just came out shows the picture of a hundred years of disaster because I don’t know the use of merit in the next year, so I don’t know which book it is displayed. Although I don’t know which book is displayed in the end, Kong Ming honestly asked the merit book, and then I realized the usefulness of merit.
If you don’t have enough merits in a hundred years, you will be robbed.
In this way, Kong Mingcai urgently needs merit to serve the human being as a pig. Now, once again, I don’t know which book gave the hint, but this time, it’s not just a picture. This time, I really experienced a death, experienced the smell of death, smelled the smell of death, and deeply branded the pain of death.
It’s so real, so serious, it’s like experiencing real death. I’m afraid that if you don’t make it in the end, even if it’s just a hint given by the scriptures, you’ll die.
"Whoo …"
After thorough understanding, empty Ming couldn’t help but open his eyes and exhaled.
"If you can’t make it, will you die?"
Which book is this? Is there such a hint? Is it so helpful?
"Breathe …"
Taking a deep breath, Kongming put down his obsession with the book and began to think about why there was such a hint.
"The last hint was just a picture. At that time, it was a hundred years of disaster." "What kind of disaster is there this time? This will happen, and I almost died."
Touched the chest, empty Ming can feel the powerful beating in the chest.
"Almost died?"
Eyes a change, suddenly, then flashed a red light.
"What kind of disaster is it? It’s so terrible. It’s just that the scriptures automatically remind you to protect it, and there is such a degree."
Empty Ming deep frown, tighten the face, hands constantly pinching, the whole body’s mana as if don’t, constantly came out of it between his hands. At that time, three minutes later, at this time, the empty hands have been wrapped in a mass of white magic, and the scene inside can’t be seen.
With the passage of time, the tight frown is getting deeper and deeper. I don’t know how long it took, and the magic wrapped in the empty hands suddenly formed a pair of innate eight diagrams. There are eight light spots on the innate eight diagrams flashing constantly, forming characters and rotating around innate gossip. Soon, the eight light spots above innate gossip stopped, and eight characters attached to them, covering the light spots.
"Poof …"


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