"Thorn camp can die if it’s gone, and almost all of them are dead. These blood are enough to fill the sea and heaven, and the country is not big. Even if I launch a war to die, people may not be more than me to bury the enemy and our own people over the years. I have experienced a lot of things, so I have no feeling. I am not mature but numb."

Shallow water counting nodded "when to go? How to get there? "
"Now take the holy corridor" and touch your face with that ferocious scar. "It’s ruined half your face, but it’s also good to put on a little makeup. The border guards can’t recognize me."
Shallow water looked at the double, and he glanced at the other direction out of the corner of his eye.
Aromatic shadow isolation
He knows too well what he wants to leave now, but what can he say? Be a stupid good man and give him the nightingale? Or is it ironic to tell him that the goddess will die if she wants anything? Emotional affairs are sometimes so elusive.
He can play dumb.
Wanted to think, shallow water Qing took the paper and pen and wrote the letter in a hurry and handed it to the double channel.
"Take this letter to Yun Ni and ask her to arrange things for you to go back to Yaguo. If you need the army, you can ask Yunni that Tianyun’s family can help you."
Shuang took the letter, "I will treat the arrangement of returning to China as my reward for the military war. I don’t intend to let things turn into a national war. It is best to solve it by court coup, and even if the war starts, it is not suitable for outsiders to intervene. I don’t want to give people a handle."
Shallow water Qing knew that Shuang would never say such a thing two years ago, but now Shuang is really mature. He smiled and said, "If so, Shuang will give you a gift. Will you accept it?" This will help you reset. "
"What gift?"
"Bear Warrior" Shallow Water Qing said slowly, "I hope you like this gift"
He never dreamed that Shallow Water Qing would make such a decision. 3,000 Xiongnu warriors are doomed to be a terrible nightmare for Chinese people with small land and weak land warfare ability. The palace coup needs elite soldiers and Xiongnu warriors to participate in his reset, and the success may also increase greatly. The most important thing is that Xiongnu warriors do not belong to state power institutions, so there is no need to worry about foreign forces taking this opportunity to annex them.
"How?" Double question
"You take the holy corridor and the Xianglong Legion will be responsible for sending you back to Ya Guo to organize your own Sagittarius and Xiongnu warriors to enter Yun Ni from the sea. You will arrange these things through Chu Xinlin. Don’t worry."
Shuang was silent and thought for a while. He looked up and said, "Thank you. I owe you one."
"I’m just paying you back, brother. This is the reward you deserve for following me through life and death over the years." Shallow water Qing held his shoulder and said.
But Shuang chuckled. He looked at the shallow water and said slowly, "Shallow General, you don’t owe me a favor because I have already got the reward from you …"
He looked at the nightingale, who was standing motionless in the wind.
Then he said simply, "I kissed the nightingale."
Shallow water is clear and dull, and the double has receded.
As he retreated, he shouted, "Shallow water is clear! I hate you! I like nightingale. I love her! I kissed her the day after we fled the disaster! "
"I want to be with her. We have already made an appointment with people who can’t have sex in this generation. Then we will be together! I warn you, shallow water is clear, you should treat her well. If you dare to make her sad, I will come back to you one day! Kill you! "
And he turned and ran away.
Shallow water is clear, looking back silently, the nightingale has been in tears.
Chapter 10 Strong Assistance
The backlog of emotions needs to be vented, the lost lamb needs to find the direction, and the pressure of life needs to be released. Before leaving, he announced that he loved the nightingale so much that he learned to face all his own ways to solve the problem. This time, he was not escaping.
It was getting dawn, and the nightingale leaned in his arms. She didn’t explain anything, but stared blankly with her eyes wide open.
Shallow water Qing hugged her and sat quietly for the rest of the night.
There is too much to talk about, too much to express, but in the end, there is still a way to solve everything. Shallow water knows that nightingale has some things that don’t need to be explained.
Yu Zhechi quietly lay back and opened his eyes to think about all kinds of stories that happened in this long night.
Thirteen-year-old boy, who knows nothing but some precocious boys, is different from most ordinary boys in the complex mentality. He is full of excitement and yearning instead of flinching and feeling afraid.
The crow broke the quiet outside Kangzhou, and Hullar got up from the ground with his eyes confused. In the distance, the hillside was shallow and clear, holding the nightingale motionless.
"You were noisy last night," Rahl grumbled and came over.
Shallow water turned to look at him and smiled. "A lot has happened."


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