Seeing that the crisis of stability in his own field was relieved, Issu breathed a sigh of relief and found a strange thing, "What is this power?" Izu, running her own magic, found that Zhi Li’s body strength belonged to herself, but it was a small part, and more came through unknown channels. She couldn’t help but ask curiously, in this torrent of heaven and earth, she saw that she had never seen the field of strength, which was the deeper road of the element road that she had been thinking about for many years, but this road appeared in front of this person’s body. She felt Zhi Li’s body and felt like the whole shelter world.

Zhi Li saw that she already had a bearing, so she ignored the others and resumed his work. He strode forward and stepped forward step by step. "What are you still doing?" Don’t expand the field "Zhi Li shouted and asked" You ".Issu didn’t get an answer. Instead, she greeted Zhi Li Hewen. For several years, she has been high up, even if she is powerful, such as Herason and bakht, she dare not Hewen to her like this. It is the first time that an anger can not rise in her heart.
"This hateful guy married a descendant who looks exactly like me, which made me dare to talk to me like this without a bearer." Izu was angry and thought that there was no bearer, but forget it. The bearer was that she had just woken up and spent twenty years cultivating. The most important thing is that Lina looks exactly like her. The thought of a descendant who is exactly like her body in his bed made Izu angry. At this time, the Winster is just around the corner.
The whole world knows her, Mr. and Mrs. Lan Ethan, but the truth is that she knows for herself. She doesn’t even look down on Herason and bakht. Although Lan Ethan is also outstanding, how can she get into her eyes and carry him out is just to stop a few crazy bees and butterflies? Her ability to understand what fertility is like has long been a problem. It is said that the so-called fertility difficulty of the strong is for her, but it is not a difficult thing to solve it by witchcraft. "Damn guy"
Izu’s dark scolding face didn’t show it. When is this time? Horatim is fighting a war in Sakaram’s hand. She can’t be angry at this time. Instead, she will continue to expand the field with the impact of Zhi Li. Izu vaguely feels that the flow force in Zhi Li’s giant body is huge, and her strength vaguely resonates.
"His body should have such a powerful torrent of heaven and earth? He began to say let me go to his seal? Isn’t this his body but the so-called Huntianyin? " Izu’s thinking and feeling about the composition of this body really made her discover a little mystery. This body is not flesh and blood, but it is somewhat like Vasily’s transformation into a werewolf and wearing fur that is enchanted by armed forces. But what fur is so powerful in this world? "
"Hum, don’t blame me for stealing the secret of your power." Izu thought that she was happy in this heart. She was the pioneer of the elemental road. The road to self-understanding was not based on divine power or blood casting. Therefore, it is not necessary to stick to the blood and divine power to cast spells. However, all such wizards have alchemy ability. At this time, seeing Zhi Li’s body and great power, she actually relied on equipment to study it.
Yisu released her perception at will, and wanted to know what the white seal was or what she could get by simply perceiving it. Yi Su does not naturally probe his perception into the torrent of Li Zhi’s will. Why is this force consistent with my strength? "Izu’s tentative attempt to mobilize one or two is simply like an arm to mobilize a little mana to be very powerful.
"It’s amazing." Seeing this magical effect, Izu completely integrated her will into it for a while, but the core of her will didn’t grow, but it took one-tenth of the past to repair the mana in the field, and she felt the benefits more than that. She saw the breakthrough of the element road from it
Although people’s beliefs are limited, the heaven and earth are more powerful and inexhaustible, but this force can be transported but not absorbed when she is integrated into the torrent of heaven and earth. But at this time, she vaguely feels that she is absorbable. Part of the strength is an attempt. Izu immediately rejoiced and it is indeed absorbable. "Winster, Winster, you will lose a lot this time." Izu secretly rejoiced that she didn’t steal Zhi Li’s physical strength at all. Anyway, this strength is endless. "
And so it is. Zhi Li’s power comes from the imaginary projection of the resonance power of heaven and earth. Although it can be transported, it is not his own. It has no loss for him to extract some power from it. Moreover, with the integration of Izu’s will into the torrent of heaven and earth in Huntianyin, Zhi Li feels that he can master the power more powerful, and the power from the resonance of heaven and earth is also greater, which makes Huntianyin’s power enhanced a little. At first, he didn’t know what was going on, but he felt it for a while.
It turned out that there was a blacksmith who left his territory and his power also had a sixth-order power. At this time, a serious field was added to the power system. It was not difficult for him to increase his power, and he was not unaware of Izu’s willingness to absorb power, but it was a win-win situation and he ignored it
"What’s the matter? How has that woman’s field been unbreakable? Can she do this with a fifth-order akala? " Ebullen’s repeated chopping of Izu is still steady. At first, there was some vibration. Now it turns out that even the vibration is not enough. It’s like cutting through the water. Just after the laser scalpel has passed, there will be water behind it to fill the water. Ebullen’s destruction speed is as fast as that of Izu’s repair. At this time, he is still not white. Izu has solved the problem of bearing power, so these thousands of years will be in vain.
"What should I do?" Ebullen suddenly remembered that the giant seemed to have gone back for a trip, and it was changed when he went back. Ebullen’s eyes rested on Li Zhishen. "How can there be such a strong presence in this hateful human shelter world except Herason and bakht? Let’s say that the Yisu domain method is broken, then the Ministry of Power will come to you to see whether you are physically strong or my absolute justice is stronger. "
As soon as Alberto closed the laser scalpel, the sword pointed at Zhi Li’s light speed. As soon as the laser scalpel turned quickly, Zhi Li felt a pain. At this time, I saw that Alberto actually concentrated the power of the laser scalpel on him, and his skin was already broken by just a blow. But at this time, the body is not the usual body, but the core driving force of the law of heaven and earth, and it is not only the original blacksmith, but also a real field.
This makes his body stronger, and the overall strength is several times stronger than the original. The laser scalpel does not cause much damage to him, and Zhi Li is on the move. Eldu can’t break the continuous strength at one point because of absolute justice. The fruit is also to cut the skin and move it away just after entering the meat, which can’t cause continuous damage to the wound. The wound will recover in less than one second after the laser scalpel is removed.
However, this force is more harmful than the previous impact of extreme rules in Defense of the Ancients. Most of Zhi Li’s mana consumption has also increased accordingly. Fortunately, at this time, Izu was in Zhi Li, and he didn’t need to consume his own mana. The torrent of heaven and earth naturally mobilized Izu’s mana to repair the wound. His strength in the body field was far from being comparable to that of Izu, but his defense was much stronger. Izu was immersed in the joy of stealing Zhi Li’s power and didn’t feel mana consumption.
Seeing that Aldo has done a lot of damage to the giant because of Rapier’s Defense of the Ancients magic, Abram’s heart sank and he knew that things were a little difficult today. Now the two sides are at a stalemate, but that’s because he divided each other’s fields and played less. When several other strong forces joined forces, they would completely fall into the wind. It’s not good.
Allen naturally turned Rapier’s eyes to several other Defense of the Ancients’s body fields. The struggle is almost endless, but it is not without breaking the way. You Defense of the Ancients’s projection field is the core connection of his field. If he dares to pull out, the whole field will fall apart and the quality will be somewhat. At that time, several strong fields across the field will unite in an instant, and several people say that the fields will merge. Then he can’t run away, but the original balance will also disappear. None of Sakaram’s hands can escape.
"It seems that there is such a situation." Abram looked at you and pulled out a sneer at the corner of Defense of the Ancients’s mouth, which ignited you. Defense of the Ancients’s core will bury the sacred flame, which ignited a sharp shock in the whole joint field. "Although this series of self-explosion can’t kill the opposite field, it will cause them some trouble. It is enough to escape when they get hurt. It is victory to get to Dunclay."
"Nock farage, what are you doing?" As soon as the flame was lit, all Defense of the Ancients realized what had happened, one by one. Joe Rick said that the field was destroyed and the road was still flowing. Someone had to remember him. He would wake up from a deep sleep one day, but once they died, it would be completely finished. "Several partners, your main career sacrificed, and I will always remember you."
As Abram spoke, he suddenly removed the fields from Rapier, and the Defense of the Ancients had not recovered the mana sword, but he had already left the outer interface and returned to the mountains and forests. He did not hesitate to spread his wings with the sword, and a streamer flew to Dunclay. Erdoin Rapier flew much faster than himself.
At the same time, he started the message box and began to send a letter to the Bishop of St. Ting, Sakaram. Apart from several others who didn’t participate in this operation, there were also a few small fish and shrimps that were insufficient. However, the stronger Dunkeley’s strength, the better. Through the message box, on the one hand, he told them to get to Dunkeley, on the other hand, he informed urban to prepare.
Horatim said that the field had always been in Rogge fortress, which he knew, but at this time it suddenly appeared in the field war near Breville, thousands of miles away, and two old acquaintances appeared. This fully said one thing: Horatim’s sending to the battlefield has started again, and it is said that the field has revived. Horatim once fell apart and left, and many mage tribes are still in a magical war, and the situation has been repeated.
"On the day when the darkness is stronger, the sun will still rise high." Ebullen thought that the future strategy of Sakaram has been decided that the Three Demons have incarnations and there are several Defense of the Ancients Sakaram Sanctuary Immortal Keys. When Helardim wants to win the victory, it is impossible. The result must be as heavy as the war of sealing back the magic. At that time, Sakaram Sanctuary will be active. "And when you are proud for a while," as Eldu flapped by Rapier’s wings, Ebullen turned into a streamer and went to Dunclay in the south.
In the outer layer, it seems that there is something in the hole, and the whole background is like the universe. There are three different lights in the darkness, but it is like the sun. Crystal gas has been in contact around a core area, which is where the world stone is from the outer layer interface.
At this time, the surrounding area of the world stone is not calm. The Hellcan is fighting against the shelter world and heaven almost at the same time. The war is in full swing. The commander of the attack on the paradise area is Diablo, whose deputy is the archangel of heaven in the past. Today, the commander of the fallen angels of Hell, Yidu Er, directed his army to block the magic fortress, blocking the way from heaven to people. Baal seized the world stone to clear the obstacles and protect the law, and attacked people. However, it was Baal who led the hell army to attack Harrogas, an obstacle firmly stuck in front of the world stone.
"What’s the matter? Sakaram said that the field is going to explode when it leaves Defense of the Ancients." In the field group, Northrend’s sacred flame field is divided and squeezed aside. He is unfamiliar with the field war. He is almost regarded by Abram as mobilizing the field to suppress him and put it aside. His field is strong and difficult to break, but the field is almost known to Abram, but it is not the primary goal.
Zhi Li, stevo, Isabel and the first group of Defense of the Ancients are in full swing, and Northrend’s battle information in the blood phase field is gradually recovering. He is becoming familiar with the field and is about to launch an impact on Defense of the Ancients, but he doesn’t want Defense of the Ancients’s integrated field to instantly collapse into seven different hell fields, projecting seven and burning the flame of destruction almost at the same time.
The blazing fire illumined this material, and the bright light caused some phenomena in the shelter world. At this time, it seemed that seven huge fireballs were ignited in the Breville area, which made the original mild sunshine with fire and became more "booming" than the blazing early spring.
Sakaram’s hand, Defense of the Ancients’s eyes are full of despair and hatred. "Nock farage Nock farage Nock farage" shouted a few times later, and a pitch called to you. I have taken a ray of Nock farage’s will to be distracted. At this time, we are already falling and dying, but we must not let him be better than praying to the great evil source together to destroy ourselves and launch the most powerful curse on Nock farage. "
With the sound, all the Defense of the Ancients people suddenly became calm, and an old ballad began to reverberate in the void. This ballad seemed like a spell, like a poem. With the sound, a vast and long breath filled the whole fear, giving birth to hatred, giving birth to destruction, giving birth to fear, giving birth to hatred and giving birth to destruction … "
"This is the three evil sources of hell, the cycle of hell." The departure of Abram’s field made the original hell disintegrate, and the fields of stevo and Izu were almost United in an instant. stevo said that Defense of the Ancients sang and informed.
"When Defense of the Ancients sings this spell, it means that Defense of the Ancients is desperate and has a little will from the object they hate, they will ignite their own source of sacrifice in despair in exchange for the most powerful curse force. A Defense of the Ancients curse is limited to saying that the field is destroyed, but so many Defense of the Ancients have just escaped together."
Seven Defense of the Ancients huddled together and sang. Zhi Li looked into their field through the void. At this moment, Defense of the Ancients huddled together and sang together, even though it was a prelude to the curse, but the scene of singing this ancient song in life and death made Zhi Li feel extremely sacred.
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter 10 What have you done to me
"Fear gives birth to hatred, hatred gives birth to destruction, destruction gives birth to fear, fear gives birth to hatred, hatred gives birth to destruction …" Hell language shelters are not the same, but when this song is sung, everyone can understand it in the place. When the song is sung, the flame goes out. Defense of the Ancients was strong before, but everyone knows that this is a dead drop. When Defense of the Ancients was born in hell, they sang this tune, their destruction was inevitable.
Being Defense of the Ancients in the territory also means that the territory is almost eternal and ordinary. Defense of the Ancients will never launch this kind of power until he dies. But at this time, when their sacred fire is lit, they will be suspicious and deeply hate Abram’s betrayal. Only then will they take the initiative to sacrifice everything to the evil source. Anyway, they are already falling. It is better to sacrifice to the evil source in exchange for cursing power and point to the culprit.
When singing is not long, the outside world’s vision also turns into emptiness. When singing is complete, several Defense of the Ancients should have sorrow, hatred and fear before they die. By this time, all their love and hate seem to have disappeared. There is a limit to calm in their eyes. Sometimes they even salute Zhi Li and stevo and suddenly become eternal Defense of the Ancients. Their field suddenly seems to be about to break the mirror.
"I really want to go back to my mother’s arms 3,000 years ago …" Cracks in the mirror spread all over the place for a moment, and all the pieces disappeared in the outer interface, leaving a Defense of the Ancients with a long sigh still echoing in the void. Looking at this scene, all the people present didn’t speak. The seven Defense of the Ancients disappeared so simply and decently. After a long time, did Kasha wake up from the silence and Defense of the Ancients have a mother? "Wrong don’t jump word.
Hearing this, stevo burst out laughing. Do you have a mother? Did they grow out of the ground? Most of the living things in the devil are mothers, zombies and necromancers are all transformed from the death of creatures. The world often describes the environment of hell, such as a bad world, such as chaotic demons, such as evil, but most of the living things in hell are also in social order and belong to the unique power order of hell. "
Many years ago, stevo marched into hell with Jerry from the magic fortress, and he also knew something about hell. In the chaos, the strong respected and enslaved the weak and formed a unique order. The devil ruled the sky and ruled the earth through the Defense of the Ancients. They divided their own realms in the mainland of hell. In Defense of the Ancients, the temple of the devil was established, and not all demons in hell were soldiers. This is the same as the refuge world. "
Kasha nodded thoughtfully. Today, for the first time, she felt that Defense of the Ancients also had feelings, and the devil didn’t grow in the ground. The world often treated the enemy in two ways. One was to demonize it extremely and publicize its extremely powerful evil. This was to defeat the enemy for a while, but it was often extremely ugly and weakened to set off heroes, such as the powerful prestige. What is the real situation?
These two ways of treating the enemy are not objective. To put it bluntly, they simply don’t face up to the enemy until they know themselves and know each other. Know their strengths and weaknesses? More about victory? Is a temporary victory a permanent victory? And this time, the suspicion of the fall of Rogge camp was caused by the extreme weakening of the demon propaganda by the whole continent to set off the hero Wei Guangzheng?
Demons are so fragile, heroes will make such sacrifices when they win? This kind of propaganda is to deny the heroes that the demons are powerful, but the heroes still defeated them. Only in this way can the heroes be more prominent. "Captain Grace can now release the news of Sakaram’s hand destruction to the whole Sakaram world through the message box, and the seven Defense of the Ancients’s dying blows will not have a good scene in the field of escape."
Grace came to Zhi Li and others with a box, and suddenly got down on one knee and bowed to several people. Zhi Li quickly helped him to hold Grace. What are you doing? Get up quickly. "Grace slowly got up and bowed to Zhi Li. Mr. Winster, President stevo and King Northrend thanked you for doing everything in Sakaram Dream Road. Grace is deeply grateful to Sakaram Dream Road. May a brother of the Brotherhood of Hradim hope you will accept it."
Seeing Horatim Sakaram’s hand in World War I, Grace deeply knew that she was not strong enough. In the future, the development of Sakaram’s dream road could be attached to Horatim. At this time, Horatim directly said the attachment through gratitude. When Grace’s words were spoken, everyone did not immediately respond. Li Zhiyi turned thousands of thoughts. At this time, Grace started this topic and has taken a certain sign.
After the first world war, the Brotherhood of Horatim dispersed separately, and the wizards became increasingly depraved. This struggle for interests is also a very important reason. It is easy to say that stevo, Issu and others will join in Northrend in the future, saying that the interests in the field, such as distribution and treatment, are a big problem. In the main world, Zhi Li also saw several friends who have the passion to start a business together, but even if they can succeed in the early stage with passion, they often can’t do it for a long time, and even friends can’t do it in the end.
Everything needs to have a charter, even brothers have to settle accounts. Grace is talking about it together at this time. Zhi Li also wants to take this opportunity to establish all this. If it is pre-planned, it will be abolished. If it gets out of hand, it will be too late. I think that Zhi Li took out a seal ring from his arms and President stevo set the corresponding rules. At this time, it is an opportunity to reunite the field and become a community of interests.
Humanitarian forces will also be challenged if they want to expand their status as wizards. Almost all wizards’ roads are rooted in the field. For the field, the root of status is nothing. It is also the way to gain faith. Its foundation lies in the fact that faith must be satisfied in terms of faith. The field will not expand humanely. The enemy says that the field is not the enemy. How can other wizards object?
Even if there is opposition, it’s a small force. How can it be the enemy’s way? By that time, Zhi Li’s territory expansion will not enter the body, and their strength will be suppressed by humanitarian forces. Even Hu doesn’t need to organize wizards to crusade against humanitarian forces, but will directly give them worldly rewards? This is a means to win over the field by setting the phase rules and printing the ring.
Zhi Li, the president of stevo, handed over the seal ring to stevo, the president of stevo, and took a look at the palm of his hand. There is a trace of faith flowing in the ring to maintain the ring shape. On the front of the ring, there is a bloody flag. The flag is branded with the overlapping mark of his hammer and sickle.
"Winster, who are you?" Stevo didn’t realize the ring at first, but soon he felt a comparable force of will in the field. However, when he tried to touch the will, the scattered will suddenly condensed into a force that was no worse than his will core, which was the core of Winster’s power.
"This is the corresponding handle of the humanitarian torrent in my territory. From today on, President stevo will be the death in my territory. I hope that there will be an additional necromancer in my territory, and there will also be a corresponding president in the temple of the Necromancer. Don’t think that this handle is too small in belief power. At this time, there are less than 100,000 people in my territory, but it will be different for millions of people to liberate Candelas at that time."
"It’s a wonderful ring, Winster. You have a heart. I took this ring." For the ring, Fastwall printed it in white at first sight. The ring has no strength. It is the ring that represents the flood of humanity. It wants to transport a little will into the ring’s coping rules in mental deficiency. As soon as stevo’s will is integrated into Winster’s humanitarian power, stevo’s clerical power, and naturally his core is attached to the humanitarian field, and his beliefs are also remitted to him.
Spiritual deficiency: The spiritual world of Wenster leads 100,000 people in vain. More than 90,000 stars revolve around a common core. This core is where the foundation of Zhi Li’s hope lies. At this time, it has become the highest order in a tall hall. At this time, the original Zhi Li was alone, but there was a slightly smaller seat next to it. The image of stevo quietly emerged in the seat.
"This will be the place where I hope the gods in the temple will be graded according to the corresponding handle size. President stevo is in charge of the reform force on the road of change. I hope that the force is enough to cover all the forces in the shelter world. The road of power belongs to the first floor of the high handle." In the temple, Li Zhiyin echoed in the whole hall as if from nine days ago. There is a high-level parliament in heaven, and five archangels with high handles are in charge. In the future, this will be the shelter world gods’ parliament.
"Ms. Yisu, this is your handle. If you are willing to accept me, the church in Winster will serve you as an idol, and the wizards will also send more elements to the wizard’s territory. All your religious beliefs will be remitted to you. If you are not willing to seal the magic war, the lady will establish a church force on her own according to her merits."
Some things are better said than done. At this time, Zhi Li stands in the field you are talking about, and she wants to establish a good plan. Which one is her own? At this time, this seal is his first plan. If she doesn’t accept it, she will talk about other things. Yi Su took over the seal ring and felt a little better. She looked at Zhi Li and stevo separately. Both of them were ahead of her in terms of strength and road. At this time, they have already joined forces.
"It takes five fingers to make a fist with one finger. In the future, the Brotherhood of Horatim can’t go past the old road. Lord Winster took this ring." Izu smiled gently at Zhi Li and put the ring on her hand. She also separated a wisp of will and went straight to the imaginary position where the ring was supposed to be. A seat quietly appeared in the hall. Izu figure appeared in it. She got up and looked at her seat and knew her position in the hall.
"Winster, what do you mean?" Everyone in Izuyuan said that although there are some gaps in the field, the gap is not big, but once she entered this hall, Winster and stevo stood high, but she was put in the face. She was born beautiful when she was young and had the qualifications of a wizard, and her understanding was amazing. She was superior among wizards of her generation, and then she set foot on the field, that is, Herasenbackt was used to looking up at her, and she was looked up as if she could stand it. You know, at that time, Rathma didn’t even dare to look at her, and this Winster didn’t know where it was.
"No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you will live forever. Ms. Yisu, the corresponding handle of your avenue can reach these four sentences. Then if I don’t go to the top row, your position will appear in the top row. I am in the same row as President stevo." Li Zhike has no celebrity worship psychology. He is not Herasenbackt
"This piece of heaven and earth is the ubiquitous element. Do you dare to ask whether the three elements of lady, ice and fire can be everywhere? The birth of an element is a pure element, and there are no various phases. Other elements will combine to form corresponding phases, and they can also naturally evolve into all other elements. Can the lady evolve into all other elements except the three elements? "
"What will happen if you lose the support of the people in the field of belief theory?" Zhi Li’s four rhetorical questions in a row almost denied Izu’s attempt to refute her, but she was not a fool. If she was a fool, how could she get out of her own way and become the pioneer of the element road? At first, she was a little angry, but if you think about it carefully, every point in Zhi Li’s future path is very reasonable. Being angry doesn’t mean being unreasonable, being a road pioneer and being a sect leader. How can you not know this?
"A good one is everywhere, not covered, spontaneous and eternal." stevo is also chanting Li Zhi’s four sentences. The more he thinks about it, the more roads there are. As far as he changes the road, the world is so big that the whole world is so small that it has never been relatively static but not absolutely static. Everything is changing. Are these three sentences describing it properly? The incarnation of body change has an eternal foundation if everything is still changing, but when the change reaches its extreme, everything is calm and dead, but it is also gestating a wave of change. Isn’t it eternal when the change comes to an end?
Listening to Zhi Li’s words, Izumi was immersed in her element world. She knew that Zhi Li’s words all pointed to her future path, but she couldn’t think clearly. This is because accumulation is quantitative change, but quantitative change does not bring qualitative change. It also needs a key factor, which is opposite to the key factor but lacks accumulation. It is also indispensable to qualitative change. For practitioners, this key factor is an opportunity.
It’s not that kind of person to see Izu lost in thought. Zhi Li has a slightly better feeling for her. Have you stayed in my muddy seal for so long? Didn’t you notice the change of element power despite the power extracted from Huntianyin and derived from the will of heaven and earth? "Zhi Li Huntianyin is a microcosm of heaven and earth formed by the resonance between man and nature. All kinds of secrets in heaven and earth are wonderful. Yi Su attached to Huntianyin, but she took care of absorbing that insignificant force for the field. It is really a waste of time.


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