Then in the process of eating is very calm and smooth.

Tung RH also obediently sat in Na Ying’s beautiful legs and let the British and American feed his little mouth.
Finally, I did something for my son. That British and American couldn’t calm down until the end of breakfast.
It’s been two years, and it’s the first time she’s done anything for this child since she gave birth.
After going back to his place and sitting alone for a while,
The British and American suddenly got up and went out.
"Do you have a small court?" In Hao’s hall, Zhang Ting heard the British and American calling her at the door.
Zhang Ting gave her a look and nodded gently.
"Come in and say it." That Britain and America came in happily when they heard Zhang Ting’s words.
Zhang Ting waved away the waiters around her as soon as she came in.
"Sit down and have a cup of tea." Zhang Ting personally poured her a cup of tea.
The British and American stretched out his hand and took a "thank you"
After drinking a mouthful of tea, Britain and the United States slowly looked up and looked at Zhang Ting. The tone was a bit hesitant. "The small court I came here this time to ask you."
"I know you want to ask Dong Er something, don’t you?" Before she finished, Zhang Ting had finished for her first.
The British and American nodded gently. "Yes, I came to ask you something about Tung Er. As you know, Tung Er and I have been separated for two years. For me, these two years are white. Now I have no impression of Tung Er. He doesn’t know anything about me. I am his own mother." Speaking of this, the British and American eyes are a little red
When I heard that, Zhang Ting couldn’t understand others. I wanted to ask more about Tung Er from her side.
Think of somebody else with tung rh Zhang Ting gently nodded and looked at her and said, "What do you want to ask? If I know, I will tell you everything."
The British and American a listen to Zhang Ting this sentence face a happy smile.
In the previous step, I held Zhang Ting’s hands with a face of gratitude and forbearance. "I thank you in a small court."
Zhang Ting smiled and looked at him and said, "What do you want me to do? You and Tung RH have such a thing here. What qualifications do I have to stop you from knowing about Tung RH?"
That Britain and the United States looked up at Zhang Ting when I heard this. "Xiaoting, do you want Tung RH to be with me? Because I don’t think you look very happy now."
Zhang Ting’s expression froze, and he touched his cheeks on both sides and looked at her and said, "Do I really look like this?"
The Anglo-American force nodded. "How could it be that I didn’t write without your whole face? I don’t like your recognition of Tung Er very much."
Zhang Ting a listen to face across embarrassed expression this sentence is in my heart?
I can’t believe that my face is about to write this heart in my heart.
"But I don’t want you to take Tung Er back. Do you know that I have taken Tung Er for a long time? Once you take Tung Er back, I know that you and Uzzi will definitely take Tung Er back to your country. Am I right?"
The British and American faces were apologetic, and I couldn’t look straight into Zhang Ting’s eyes at this time.
Chapter 961 Abnormal there will be a demon!
"You see, you can’t even look at me now. Just say that you must have this idea." Zhang Ting saw that he had guessed what he had just said, and people had already thought about it in their hearts.
Otherwise, people won’t be afraid to look at themselves. This is obviously guilty.
The British and American were stared at by Zhang Ting for a while before hesitating to explain, "Tung Er is me and Uzzi, and naturally I and Uzzi are going to take him back to Ukraine. I can’t let him stay outside any longer. I haven’t been with him for two years, and I can’t let me part with him any more."
"If I were you, I would want to take Tung Er back immediately. You haven’t told him about Tung Er’s life so far. I am very grateful to you." Zhang Ting looked at the UK and the United States with a face of thanks.
That Britain and the United States let Zhang Ting say that this sentence of thanks is a face of embarrassment
"You don’t thank me for this. In fact, I have a reason to do this. I am not as great as you think." Speaking of this, the British and American cheeks are red. This is to let Zhang Ting just praise that sentence
"In fact, I didn’t tell him Tung Er’s life story. I was afraid that he would not accept it for a while when he heard it, and I also saw that the child loved you and this family very much. If I said that he was not your son, I think he would not accept it." Here, the British and American faces showed a touch of loss
She is tung RH’s real mother, but she can’t tell tung RH that she is his real mother.
Zhang Ting looked at a change of frustration. The British and American reached out and patted the back of her hand. "When you give Tung RH a little, Tung RH is a good boy. If you want to get along with him for a long time, he will definitely like you soon."
"Really? I’m really afraid that Tung Chee doesn’t like me very much. Then tell me more about Tung Chee’s habits. There are still days when Tung Chee lives. How well I know him? I don’t know how to make Tung Chee like me more as a biological mother." The British and American looked forward to staring at Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting hesitated and finally gave in to the British and American who wanted to be close to each other and nodded and agreed to this request.
When Britain and America saw Zhang Ting nod happily, they held Zhang Ting’s hands tightly. "Great, Zhang Ting, thank you so much."
Then I went to Zhang Ting and told all the living habits of Tung RH to the British and American people.


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