Step by step to the stadium, to the reporters, to the camera, as if the army were under siege, making people stop breathing.

They are all fans of getafe.
They are ordinary fans who are dismissed by the media.
They heard the ever-victorious call, responded to his call and came.
Then appear in front of reporters’ cameras, so that everyone who sees this scene feels suffocated.
Although Lemmon really doesn’t want to be abused in front of the TV.
But when the game time came, he still turned on the TV, just like a conditioned reflex.
Then he sat on the sofa, watching the TV screen light up gradually, and listening to the cheers coming from the loudspeaker … Huh?
It seems wrong.
His TV always shows the picture first, then the sound, and the sound has a delay compared with the appearance of the picture.
But now the screen is still flashing, why did the sound come out first?
Only then did he realize that the sound should not come from the TV.
So he listened attentively, and later found that the noise was coming from nearby coliseumalfonso perez!
He suddenly thought of something, jumped up from the sofa and jumped at the window. Then he saw a scene that he would never forget-the square outside coliseumalfonso perez was full of people! Dense people and blue getafe jerseys, they become one piece, just like an ocean of ups and downs!
This is enough to make people with intensive phobia feel sick, but it makes Lemon stand on the spot!
You know, in the last league, it was also home, and getafe lost to Murcia 2-4. In that game, coliseumalfonso perez was as quiet as a place to put the dead.
In the previous games, coliseumalfonso perez’s attendance rate was worse than one. Obviously, the fans also lost confidence …
Looks like he’s not the only one with match-day depression.
But now, they are all here! They filled the square in front of coliseumalfonso perez! They will also fill the stands in coliseumalfonso perez!
The media are right. getafe has only 12,000 members, while coliseumalfonso perez can accommodate more than 18,000 people. Even if all the members go, they can’t sit in the stands.
But now … there are many getafe fans who are not members. They are not full of coliseumalfonso perez, they are trying to drown it!
Scared by this scene, Lemmon remembered the ever-victorious "championship contract" and the mobilization that ever-victorious made on the radio …
Do these people really listen to him? They all went!
I haven’t seen this scene for over a month, have I?
How did coliseumalfonso perez regain her former vitality?
Often actually mobilized every corner of the city!
He suddenly felt that as a neighbor of Changsheng, he actually didn’t know anything about Changsheng and didn’t care enough …
Francesco Flores and the president of Seville walked out of the passage together and took to the rostrum.
He froze when he saw the completely full stadium.
The atmosphere of the stadium is warm and hot, just like getafe has been upgraded …
He was shocked and incredible.
Now that getafe is like this, it is reasonable to say that the number of fans who come to the scene to watch the ball every game should be less and less.
But this game made coliseumalfonso perez full!
He thought of the radio program, in which Chang Sheng called on the fans in getafe to take action.
I didn’t expect these fans to really come …
Chang, that guy … Really did it!
So many fans and such a hot atmosphere are the only things Flores has seen this season. Not to mention this season, he has been in charge of getafe for nine years, and he has never seen a scene like today …
I don’t know why, when I saw this scene, his back was straight up as if he had been injected with a force.
Then he turned to look at Robert Ayers, the president of Seville Club next to him.
I found that Ayers was also shocked by this scene.
Such a fanatical and horrible atmosphere at home is rare even at Pisjuan Stadium …
So Flores laughed.
He offered his hand and said to Ayers in high spirits, "Welcome to coliseumalfonso perez, Mr Ayers!"
Vicente Moscosdo also froze when he saw the scene in the stands of the stadium.
But after a short absence, he came to his senses.
It’s just a bunch of ignorant fans … even if they shout this stadium down, it won’t help!
The enthusiasm of the fans will soon be repelled by the poor performance of the team!
When they found that their cheers could not make the team win a game, all their passion was burned in this game, leaving only ruins. By then, I’m afraid there won’t be so many people coming out to support the team.
Of course he knows, these are all shouted by the victorious.
However, in his view, they are really just dying. He doesn’t believe that getafe, the lost dog, can beat Seville, which is the first in the league and has a strong momentum, at home!
Seeing the boss’s high spirits again makes him even more unhappy.
After more than a month, this damn eyesore old man will leave. At that time, although the bank will send an agent, it will be him who is really in charge of the team. Generally, the custodian will not specifically interfere with the operation of the team, as long as it does not involve the bottom line.


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