Tianming City is a city of cultivating immortals in Tongzhou. This is a city of small forces, and there are countless such cities throughout Kyushu.

In the silent room, Zhuge looked at the rubble scattered on the table, and the little sword spirit whimpered next to him, and his big eyes seemed to be filled with water mist. It is hard to imagine where such a sword spirit came from.
"Meowed ~ ~ ~" The little sword spirit eagerly looked at the gravel on the table and sobbed.
Zhuge felt a little sad when he was not bright. He patted Xiao Jianling on the head and said, "Don’t be sad, little fellow. I will definitely find you another place to stay."
"Boo hoo ~ ~ ~"
Small sword spirit or constantly sobbing.
Zhuge Buliang put these rubble into the bag of Gankun, hoping that one day he would meet the chance and be able to repair this stone sword.
He took out a flying sword and said, "Little fellow, you stay here for the time being, and I will find a way for you to find a good lodging."
The little sword spirit blinked his clever eyes. He lived with Zhuge Buliang for such a long time, what’s more, this kind of spirit of heaven and earth has long been connected with Zhuge Buliang. I nodded my head sadly, and the blue light flashed into the flying sword.
Zhuge put away his flying sword before dawn and sat on the bed, carefully contemplating what had happened during this period of time.
He’s sure, now all the major schools in Kyushu have affirmed that they are crazy to find themselves. After all, the temptation of the nine mysterious black iron and sword spirit is too great.
Especially in Shuntian League, Zhuge killed Shuntian League seats and two elders before dawn, which was equivalent to slapping Shuntian League in front of all practitioners in Kyushu. However, when I recalled that I had killed two masters of Shuntian League before, Zhuge couldn’t help but feel a touch when he was not bright.
At that time, the elder of Shuntian League opened the door of life and death, and his back was shrouded in fairy light. But at that moment, Zhuge was in a trance, and what he experienced was like a dream. When he woke up, the elder of Shuntian League was already dead, and Yuan Ying was broken to pieces.
I can’t figure out how to think about it, so Zhuge simply doesn’t think about it until he is bright.
"He knows now that I’m alive." Zhuge’s cold light flashed in his eyes, and his murder was revealed. Hehe sneered, "I’ll go back to you!" "
Zhuge took a deep breath and buried his murder in his heart. In a trance, a white figure floated into his heart.
"She knows I’m still alive. How does she feel?" Zhuge not bright self-deprecating smile.
At this time, he suddenly thought of something, and took something out of the bag of Gankun, such as a child’s virtual body with a faint golden light, which was the Yuan baby of the elder of Shuntian League before.
"So this is Yuan Ying." Zhuge looked around without light. At this moment, Yuan Ying was sealed, sat still, closed his eyes, and entered a very deep state, with a faint golden light.
Zhuge sat down without a bright plate, put Yuan Ying flat in his palm, and began to refine the essence of heaven and earth in Yuan Ying.
The yuan baby bloomed with dazzling golden light, but Zhuge set a ban in the room before it was bright, not afraid of being seen by others.
The essence of heaven and earth in Yuan Ying is like a hundred rivers flowing into Zhuge’s dim body. However, the essence of heaven and earth, at the moment of entering Zhuge’s unlit body, actually turned a large part into waste gas and passed away automatically. Zhuge didn’t know that it was impossible for him to absorb all the essence of heaven and earth in Yuan Ying.
The essence of heaven and earth, which turned into waste gas, is the source of the elder Shuntianmeng, and it will automatically dissipate after leaving Yuanying.
It was not until the next morning that Zhuge Liang refined all the essence of heaven and earth in Yuanying. The Yuan Baby was scattered, and this Yuan Baby made Zhuge’s dim cultivation rise to the ninth floor of the rotation period.
When he opened the door, Zhuge Liang changed into another look with a makeover, and then he walked out of the room with peace of mind.
Even though more than half a month has passed, there are still many practitioners in Tianming City who are discussing the Xiandao Conference half a month ago. Of course, the name Zhuge Buliang has become the focus of attention and is talked about by people.
"You know what? Half a month ago, at the Fairy Road Conference, a monk named Zhuge Buliang defeated the masters of various factions and even killed two masters of Yuan Babies. "
"Besides, it’s nothing new. Besides, Zhuge Liang is not bright or scattered, but a defector of the Yaohai Sect."
"I heard that this man has many treasures on him, and he is accompanied by a sword spirit, and even holds a piece of black iron that makes the immortal world crazy."
"You mean that plank brick?"
"Yes, that’s the plank brick. At the Xiandao Conference that day, Zhuge’s failure to shine a plank brick made it really amazing, and even the young master of the Dugu family was defeated."
"Hush, don’t tell, don’t let the people of Shuntian League hear it. I heard that the word’ plank brick’ has become a taboo in Shuntian League.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-eight No breakthrough
Zhuge sat in a quiet position before dawn, listening to the conversation of all the people in the restaurant, and could not help but smile bitterly. I didn’t expect to be so famous in the first world war of the Sendo Congress. However, people are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being fat, and being too famous is not a good thing, which will lead to many troubles.
When the wine is at the entrance, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and Zhuge just sits around and listens to the gossip of people around him.
"Shuntianmeng is afraid of hating that Zhuge Buliang crazy this time."
A few people are still talking, and even a few people who are as drunk as a fiddler are preaching that they want to learn from Zhuge Liang and kill some seats in a few days. The companions around them are busy covering their mouths. This kind of words can’t be said casually. Maybe it will lead to fatal disaster.
"Hum, Zhuge is not bright, and it’s not enough. He can only show off his arrogance by relying on a few rare treasures. He is nothing." A contemptuous irony came, and in a corner, a young man in purple clothes shouted.
Everyone’s eyes glanced at the young man in purple. One of them said, "Young man, although you have some truth in this statement, you dare to slay the seats and elders of Shuntian League. This courage is beyond the reach of ordinary people."
"That is, at least people have courage and dare to do it!"
The young man in purple clothes took a sip of wine and sneered, "He has a unique treasure to defend himself. Of course, he dares to do anything. If I rely on my own strength, I can kill him with one hand."
"Oh, really? I believe it and wish you success. " A practitioner laughed, but the meaning in the words was obviously ironic.
A slightly older person said: "Young people are inevitably energetic, but those Zhuge Liang are not bright, but they are not ordinary people."
The young man in purple clothes snorted: "You only know that people follow suit and go with the flow. I won’t recognize such a person until I see him."
"That’s right, too. Zhuge Liang didn’t shine, and it was only by relying on his unique treasures that he could show his glory at the Xiandao Conference." In the crowd, it seems that some people also hold the same idea as the youth in purple clothes.
"If I meet him one day, I can suppress him with one hand!" The purple youth coldly denounced.
"You are so arrogant. What can you do?" Some people think that the young people in purple clothes are arrogant and can’t help but drink.
"Just because I’m Xiang Wen!" Purple clothes youth coldly caught a glimpse of all, immediately the whole restaurant was silent.
Xiang Wen, a gentleman of the Xiang family, is young, but he has the cultivation of the then period. In Tongzhou area, he is also a leader among the younger generation. There is no one in Tongzhou who doesn’t know Xiang Wen’s name. It’s just that many people don’t recognize him because they haven’t seen his face.
The Xiang family is also a well-known family of cultivating immortals in Tongzhou, and it is attached to the Dugu family.
And this purple youth turned out to be the leader of Tongzhou’s younger generation, Xiang Wen.
No one in the whole restaurant dares to tell anyone. After all, the shadow and strength of a famous tree are in front of us.


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