"It must be a baby knot. Dan shouldn’t be so powerful."

Sanqiao felt that he had found the answer. Although he had not seen this kind of astronomical phenomenon, it did not prevent him from guessing the strength of Godsworn Dan.
According to the truth, if it is Dan, this monk should not be Dan, but just in the process of Dan.
If Brother Jiedan has such terrible power at this stage, then Sanqiao should give up the idea of revenge and run as far as possible. Brother Dan can’t be so powerful, impossible.
But if it is a baby, the impact is too small.
I’ve always seen a pig run before I’ve eaten pork, and I’ve never seen a pig run. At least I’ve heard of this creature.
It is said that when a monk gives birth to a baby, there will be rosy clouds in the sky. Superstitious mortals will turn that celestial phenomenon into a heavenly auspicious sign, which indicates that another monk has really entered the ranks of immortals.
These thoughts are just a flash in the mind of Sanqiao. At this time, he has hurriedly crossed his legs and meditated on the spot, working hard to fight against this storm that even his mind seems to be motivated.
There are more and more colorful clouds in the air, and they are becoming more and more dense. Gradually, the colorful clouds actually formed the shape of a ring. The ring is a multicolored ring of colorful clouds interwoven with black, white, blue, red and yellow.
At this time, if you look around from the sky, you will find that the scope of the aura storm is actually ten thousand meters away, and it has almost spread to the location of the beautiful valley.
Colorful clouds-actually, the aura ring is getting thicker and thicker, and it is gradually spinning, and the speed is getting faster and faster. Gradually, the bottom begins to stand out, just like a tornado is gradually extending to the ground.
It seems that after a hundred years, and just for an instant, the colorful clouds, after completely forming a huge funnel shape, suddenly rushed down somewhere between the mountain walls with thunderous momentum.
The air seems to be violent at this moment, and it actually explodes with a sound.
With the rush of colorful clouds, that mountain wall could not bear this violent force and collapsed. It just didn’t collapse downward, but it seemed to be blasted and scattered.
Countless gravel smoke and dust flew hundreds of meters away. There was even a stone that seemed to be a door plank, and it flew to Sanqiao’s side and smashed a huge pit with a depth of meters, which really surprised him into a cold sweat.
Strangely, the center of the explosion was empty and clean.
At the same time, a long whistle sounded like dragons, with great joy, but it also contained endless tyranny and murder. Echoing around with the overwhelming posture of going straight to heaven and earth, the mountains responded with bursts, scaring away countless creatures.
Sanqiao forgot wonder and fear at this time, and secretly stood up, turned around and withdrew.
He didn’t have any extra thoughts. Just this long whistle made his soul tremble. The violent and overwhelming momentum contained in this howling made him have no courage to face it.
No matter who this person is, no matter what he is, Sanqiao doesn’t want to be an enemy of such a person.
Sanqiao once thought that no one in this world could really make himself afraid. The usual cowardice and numbness are just a means to confuse others. Sanqiao always thinks that his mind is his biggest barrier.
But now he doesn’t see it that way. Someone can make him feel scared with a roar.
In fact, this has nothing to do with cultivation. Sanqiao is not unheard of high-ranking monks. Strength is not equal to momentum, and he almost thinks that he may never know what fear is.
However, at present, just one voice made Sanqiao almost lose the courage to resist. Maybe it’s related to the pressure accumulated before, maybe … Anyway, Sanqiao has only one thought now: hurry.
If this man wants to occupy Jinxiu Valley, let him go.
It is estimated that this will not happen. How can such people wait for a year or so at most in this place and come back by themselves?
While thinking, Sanqiao secretly pulled the distance. Just as he was about to speed up, a overbearing, vulgar and arrogant voice came.
"Boy, don’t go in a hurry. Stay safely in Tang Ye’s busy hands. I want to ask you something."
So, Sanqiao was very obedient and stood still …
At this time, dozens of miles away from Jinxiu Valley, an old man, who was almost naked and looked miserable, stood on the top of the hill with a handful of hairs in his hand.
The old man was quite carefree, and he didn’t seem to feel how desolate he was. At this time, I almost stared out of my eyes looking at the direction of Jinxiu Valley, and my mouth was almost open enough to plug a toad, and I didn’t even know that my saliva was flowing down.
"Dan hell was Dan astronomical phenomena turned out to be colorful Danyun so strong astronomical phenomena this boy is too …"
It seems that I really can’t find a suitable adjective to describe my mood. After standing for half a ring, Laodao muttered to himself, "Forget it, it’s all right to get married, whatever. Now that this boy has married, he must have the power to protect himself. Laodao should go back to Beijing to have a look. Without my old man’s house, I’m afraid I can’t cope with such a big scene. "
Later, the old man looked thoughtfully at Jinxiu Valley and turned to fly away in the direction of Kyoto.
Chapter 190: Killing Sages and Hiding (5)-Colorful Danyun
Chapter 190: Killing the Hidden by Killing the Sage (5)-Colorful Danyun, go to the website.

Chapter 191: Killing Sages and Hiding (6)-Little People Change History
Chapter 191: Killing Sages and Hiding (6)-Little People Change History
After the big guy told the whole story, Qian Yu jumped up first and ran out.
Nangong Han gave a loud drink, which startled my little girl and turned to wait for a while’s Chaonangong Han and said, "… What for?"
Ignoring Qian Yu, Nangong Hanchao ordered a Confucian disciple who brought in a big man: "Go and invite everyone."
The disciple also understood that the matter was serious and quickly turned away. Nangong Han turned to look the big man in the eye and said seriously, "You should understand that if something happened, it has happened now."
After all, the big man was born in the army and quite understands the truth. When he heard the cold in Nangong, although his eyes were almost full of fire at this time, he stood still and said, "I understand, boss Li told me that everything depends on the gods."
There is no doubt that such a thing happened at the gate of Kyoto must be linked with words such as "rebellion" and "rebellion". Where is such a thing that a small foot soldier can handle? Although the big man has never been in contact with immortals, he naturally understands that this scholar is his all hope when he hears that Li Shoucheng asked him to find one.


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