The large array of blood clouds absorbs the soul of Jingxue to supplement itself, which also depends on the level. A monk Yuan Ying is worth tens of thousands of ordinary foot soldiers. At present, a large array of blood clouds will become, and we can only delay it as much as possible.

He won’t do it, someone will.
Previously, there were hundreds of feet away from Sanjiu. After several teleports, the old man’s Yuan Ying had flashed thousands of meters away and was about to get away.
Unfortunately, in his panic, he only wanted to distance himself, but forgot the importance of the escape route. It is difficult to interrupt the teleport process, but it is not without flaws. After all, he still has to stop.
Although it was only a short moment, it was fatal enough. A golden giant fist suddenly appeared in the air, which was more than ten feet in size. The old man just showed his figure, and before he could pinch the tactic, he was pressed up by the giant fist in an extremely fast but gentle way.
This kind of feeling is very strange. Obviously, the huge fist is huge and extremely fast, which should be like the violent smashing of the extraterrestrial meteorite. But in fact, this is not the case. When the huge fist falls, it looks very soft, just like a whisper between lovers.
Then I put it on gently, lightly and carefully.
Then, without Yuan Ying, she couldn’t even send out a miserable shout, just like a flame being snuffed out, and disappeared silently in the air.
"Buddha bless thieves and Taoist priests to put out evil, but also trouble Buddha to do it, which is good."
Three no figure appeared in the air, juryman but made a good-natured appearance, which made people tremble after watching it.
The old man glared at him and scolded him directly: "The dead bald donkey leaves no room, so be careful not to become a Buddha but a ghost."
Sanwu is still solemn: "Blessed by the Buddha, if you don’t go to hell, how can the Buddha follow? It’s better to go with him."
Sanjiu simply ignored him. He knew he couldn’t win. Monks seem to be simple and honest and stupid, but this bickering is always at a disadvantage.
Both of them understand that now that you have killed Brother Yuan Ying, the curtain of the Kyoto Rebellion has been really opened. Therefore, although the two men laughed and denounced, they began to concentrate on preparing for the war …
At this time, the medicine salary is a matter of life and death, and my heart is full of fear, so it is difficult to cope with the immediate crisis.
Successive mental damage made the thinking of medicine salary a little confused. Although he knew that the most important thing for him at the moment was to run for his life, he could not make an accurate response at the moment.
Among the cold weapons that ordinary people can manufacture and use, the moon blade crossbow is undoubtedly the king of killers, with great unparalleled kinetic energy and excellent materials, supplemented by strong rotation. The lethality of this weapon can only be described as terror.
By simple comparison, Tang Qing blocked a moon blade at the cost of a horizontal knife, a shield, gloves and a palm that was almost cut off.
Tang Qing, however, caught both hands empty-handed. Although the gloves could not withstand it, the palm of his hand was just separated from the epidermis.
If the shield knife is a mountain after crazy rotation, the moon blade is a collision of the two, that is, the magic weapon of immortals and the wisdom of mortals.
However, the moon blade is the limit of mortals. No matter the material or speed, what ordinary mortals can do is the strongest.
Shield Dao is also good, of course. Among the Godsworn’s magic weapons, at least it is absolutely in the top position among monks of the same order. But if you compare it with all the monks, I’m afraid it won’t rank at all.
As a result, the wisdom of hundreds of millions of mortals for countless years has won a complete victory.
The impact sound is very loud, and the moon blade is not a magic weapon. Apart from the hard material, there is no spiritual force, and it relies on the powerful impact cutting.
The knife mountain exploded after a loud crash, and the corners of the mouth of the medicine salary overflowed with blood again, which was already one injury and another. However, the moon blade is still in full swing and goes directly to the ontology of medicine salary.
Medicine salary naturally wants to avoid it. He knows that this month’s blade is powerful, but it is only a mortal weapon. As long as you dodge your body a little, it will be okay.
Unfortunately, at this time, the light of Tang Qing’s runes has been issued, directly shining on the medicine salary.
That’s the speed of light
This radiant magical power or magic weapon has advantages and disadvantages in actual combat, but it is not practical in many cases.
The advantage is naturally speed. As long as it is used, there is no hiding. Everything within the range is a flash, and the only way is to predict and resist when the rune is not clear.
But this is not to say that attacking with brilliance is severe. First of all, such magical powers or magic weapons generally need a process of gaining momentum. Moreover, it is necessary for the enemy to display it almost at a standstill, and it is difficult to grasp the timing.
Because no matter what magical power or magic weapon, it can’t attack in all directions like the sun without dead ends. Light is not a magic weapon, so you can’t go around at will.
Let it out, miss it, it’s a waste of time.
Moreover, the avatar who attacks with light usually consumes a lot of energy, but the attack effect is average, and most of them are restrictive.
For example, the technique of nine runes not only consumes spiritual power, but also acts as a seal even if it is directly contacted by runes. If the other person’s cultivation exceeds his own, this restriction is still very limited, which is really a bit chicken ribs.
Before the battle outside the city, in order to have the opportunity to limit Yan Zheng, Tang Qing joined forces with several people to cast the nine-character technique at the same time, which is naturally a coincidence.
Change the time and place, where to find so many Confucian monks?
As a result, the magical magic weapon of using light as an attack means is actually quite limited.
In the realm of fixing the true, there are various means of attack, such as five elements, wind, thunder and lightning, magnetism, even gods, souls, etc. The hardest thing to see is to directly apply light to fighting.
It’s right to think about it. If it’s a light-speed attack and it’s powerful, it’s too fate. Once it comes out, I’m afraid it will cause catastrophe.
It’s like a knife awn shot from a shadowless knife used in medicine salary. It seems to be a bit light, but it’s actually two different things, completely out of that category.
Nine-character technique is this kind of rare magic avatar. If you practice to the extreme, regardless of power, it is absolutely helpless at this speed. Coupled with the innate restraint on the magic door achievement method, it is no wonder that Yan Hui will try to get it quickly.
Of course, there are a lot of monks in the realm of fixing the true, and naturally there are still some talents in heaven, who practice or refine the powerful light avatar or magic weapon.
Every time such a thing appears, it will cause the vibration of the fix true world.
First of all, the medicine salary was injured continuously, and the rune light shone on the body under the confusion of mind. Inevitably, the figure was delayed.
The body only had time to tilt, and the moon blade flashed by the side of the medicine salary, and one arm was silent and broken.
After the broken arm was separated from the body, the blood gushed out in time, but the moon blade still rotated forward, flying directly for more than 100 meters before castration disappeared and fell to the ground.
The pain of broken arm went straight into my mind, and the expression of medicine salary was no longer cold, and finally the color of panic emerged. In addition to facing Ximenyuan, the medicine salary has never felt the threat of death so clearly.
The ferocious face twisted up, the medicine salary roared with a roar, and all the repairs broke out. A finger of the broken arm, the broken arm has not yet fallen to the ground, turned into a blood fog, and suddenly condensed into a knife.
"blood knife"
Medicine pay while crazy roar, body flash, will retreat.
Behind him, two originally dying "corpses" suddenly exploded, and a thick rope at the tail of a scorpion was like two poisonous snakes, which entangled the legs of the medicine.
Once again, the medicine salary was nailed in place.
Before he could respond, a white lightning suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, only to tilt his head, and then he gave a heartbreaking cry.
Meow meow small body appeared several feet away, small claws impressively with an eye, its bloodshot even steaming.
Front, dozens of blood-red figure possessed on the blood knife, tarsal maggots, crazy.
Chapter 218: Killing Sages and Hiding (33)-Itching with Seven Knives
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