"I don’t like it very much either." Dongling wiped his forehead with a towel handed by the dealer and then smiled and said to Luo Xiaoyan, "Yaner, when did you get some clothes from me?"

Mo Jing Feng half squinted and flashed a look from his eyes. He protected himself in front of the winding small research and said coldly, "No, you can throw away those clothes. I will buy new ones for the kitten."
"I went with you to buy the chiffon printed skirt. I remember you liked it very much. I asked the servant to iron it for you." It seems that he knew that the ink seal would appear and would say such a thing. It seems that he was not annoyed at all. He looked at the small research. "If not, I will let the servant throw it away."
"I want that one!" I still have some hesitation. When I heard this dress, I immediately grabbed Dongling’s sleeve. "Ah Yi, don’t throw it, I will definitely get it."
"Fine, I won’t throw it away." An indifferent line will naturally soften when it comes to her. It’s like melting her in the eye of Dongling.
"Hoo-hoo, that’s good. I like that dress. Ah-yi, you are such a good man." I was assured that Luo Xiaoyan was relieved. Chaper87 thought it must have a different taste.
"kitten!" The ink scene seals a cold light and sweeps the ice cold as if it were from the polar deep sea. "Do you think I can’t afford a dress for you? Which one do you have to have? !”
Slender fingers raised the winding Xiaoyan Ba had just finished the exercise, but the slight hot touch instantly spread from the touching place, and the fingers slightly forced Xiaoyan to look up at him.
"I just want that! What do you need to spend money to buy? "I lived in poverty since I was a child, and Xiaoyan never wasted anything.
"Because I don’t like it! !” Slightly narrowed his eyes and glared at her. "Don’t even think about buying clothes from him."
Collateral Xiaoyan also glared at him angrily and said, "I bought that dress myself and I’m going to get it back for granted!" It is only natural that I wear my own clothes. "
Ink scene seal smell speech one leng and then suddenly burst out laughing "originally that dress is my money to buy, that’s easy. I’ll let ink qi go and get it back later."
Since Dongling bought the clothes and Xiaoyan was poor, the only explanation is that she took Mojing to seal the money when she fled.
Winding small grind also suddenly white this terrier froze "…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Mojingfeng took a leer at Dongling, and stuck it to Xiaoyan’s ear. The ambiguous sound is as beautiful and dangerous as poppy. "Remember to wear it for me when you get it back ~"
"I’ll ask someone to send it to me." Dongling smiled and walked two steps closer to the winding Xiaoyan and asked, "Yaner, when did you promise to go to see the sunrise with me?"
"I’ve always been very rich," said Xiao Yan with a smile.
After hearing this sentence, Mojing Feng’s mood turned better, and the color was cold again. He glared at Xiao Yan and said with a smile, "I heard that this outing of Andrelie is to go to Domain Valley, where the students in Class A, who are three years high above sea level, are sure to be happy to watch the sunrise with you."
"I want to correct one thing. Just before, I was no longer in Class A of Senior Three. From the day on, we were classmates again." Dongling smiled defiantly at Mojingfeng.
"Are you? It seems that we really decree by destiny "ink scene sneer at a way.
"I believe it will be very interesting to see the sunrise with you." Dongling looked up and took a look at the ink scene, and a faint undercurrent flashed in his pale eyes.
"It’s very kind of you to think so, classmate." Mo Jingfeng picked up the rest coat and put it on, bullying and pulling over the small researcher.
"Captain, it seems very dangerous over there." Wei Quan, who retired from the stadium, looked at the black undercurrent emitted by Xiao Yan, who took hold of Yang Hong’s skirts and swallowed saliva.
"It’s dangerous for them to exchange feelings with their classmates. What are you thinking?" Yang Hong gave him a sharp reprimand. "Don’t just play ball at ordinary times, but also take a good look at the way of the world."
On the sidelines, Fei Fei Lin chuckled and coughed twice, then grabbed a few sweets and threw them to Yang Hong and Wei Quan. "Well played, I will reward you with two sweets."
"Thank you" Wei Quan, who is naturally cute, touched his head and smiled shyly as soon as he took the candy.
Yang Hong is different. Although he is an honest man, he has a hot temper and shakes his sugar. "Hey, hey, see if your school is a one-year student, don’t call seniors."
"What? Bear’s paw? " Fei Lin Tao Tao ears a pair of didn’t hear koo expression "even if you want to repay me for inviting you to eat candy, don’t chop your palm. How embarrassed Chaper88 Fei Lin sent candy.
Lin Feifei said that Gu Yanghong didn’t understand at first until he passed by the winding small research and laughed at him. He was the one who reacted and turned red, pointing to Lin Feifei’s way, "You, you, you! What’s the big deal about being able to talk! "
Princess Lin Fei shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "It’s really no big deal, but it’s not bad to appreciate the embarrassment of a basketball minister."
"You! ! !” Yang Hong’s face is even more red and tomato-like, and his side hands are shaking, like he is enduring something.
Lin Fei princess around interested in watching him still seems to be white. What he wants to do is slowly peeled off the sugar paper and ate it leisurely. "Why don’t you eat sugar?" Chocolate sandwich is delicious ~ "
On the side, Yun Lixin grabbed Yang Hong’s hand and shook his head at him. "Yang Hong, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Aren’t we going to catch up with our old friends?"
His voice seemed to have a magical effect, which calmed people’s impatience. Yang Hong relaxed his nerves and laughed and said, "Oh, it’s also a walk. I’ll show you around. You don’t know how much has changed around Andriy this year!"
So Yun Lixin was dragged away by Yang Hong, leaving Lin Feifei to hold a ball of candy paper and throw it at the trash can. In time, she crossed a gorgeous trajectory "yeah in the middle ~"
Looking up, I happened to see Yang Hong and Yun Lixin leave, but their slim bodies have a steady pace. Lin Feifei said with a smile, "Li Xin is really gentle ~ ~ I am also very gentle ~"
Talking, she just turned around and stood in front of Dongling, grabbed a candy and put it in front of him. "Come to the club, handsome guy ~ give you a candy ~"
"get out!" Long and narrow eyes gave her an oblique look, and the cruel look remained and showed it.
There is a person who can make him show a gentle look, a person who can solve his gloomy heart and a person who can have his sincere smile.
And that person is being held hands by others at this moment. It is conceivable that Dongling is in a bad mood at this time.
"Ah ~ the handsome guy in the owner has a wide range of interests and also learns Peking Opera ~ This face-changing level can go to the theater to perform ~" Lin Feifei is a typical one who is not afraid of the victim’s smile and looks at Dongling as if he can see through his heart from his mask at this time.
"Sugar, I like Ling Yige best, so I took it for you." In Dongling, I saw that the situation was not right. I reached out and grabbed the sugar. "Sister paper thanked me and I was a little hungry when I played."
Princess Lin Fei noticed that Shang had a bohemian appearance early in the morning, but she was also cautious as dust.
She half squinted and said with a smile, "You’re welcome ~ I’ll go back late. Bye-bye ~"
Interesting. It’s not wrong to come to Andreas to study. It’s really interesting to start a storm around a girl.
Luo Xiaoyan ~ I didn’t know you were sacred ~
Shang looked at Lin Feifei and threw away the sugar. In fact, he didn’t like sweets at all and patted Dongling on the shoulder. "Brother Ling wants me to accompany you?"
"No, you can’t stay in Simms and watch the old guys move." Dongling is a cold wave. "I will take it away from Chaper89. I want you to be sincere.
I was crammed into the car network and picked up the class, because today she found that what she taught in area B is not the same level as that in area A. She has been a serious learner since she was a child, and she must follow the rhythm if she wants to become a successful person with what she has learned.
Looking at Luo Xiaoyan’s eyes and staring at the class, the anger has miraculously disappeared. For Luo Xiaoyan, he just likes her to treat people sincerely and not hide it. She is sincere when she is cheated by him so many times. She is still lively and lovely, and she can always say one or two words of warmth when he is depressed.
I can’t help but lie after lie, want to keep her around, want to isolate all the people who have delusions about her, and want to expel all the people who do evil to her. He will help her distinguish which people are good and which people are hiding evil intentions. He wants her to be that innocent and lovely research forever.
But he also wants to listen to her heart, to hear her say the word like, and to see her looking at herself with love.
Mo Jingfeng reached out and gently brushed her forehead hair, but she didn’t see him close to her ear and asked her in a low voice, "Do you remember that bet we made, kitten?"
"What?" He was so close that Xiao Yan shrank his head slightly.
"It’s the first day I came to Andriy. I didn’t forget my score on that day, did I?" Ink scene sealing dissatisfaction with her back a hold tight her waist.
"You let go" Luo Xiaoyan struggled in his arms. He was always so overbearing that he would mess around with her regardless of the occasion and place and her wishes
"Remember talking? I’m waiting for you to like it. "Mojing Feng stretched out his hand and raised the winding jaw, and a pair of amber eyes looked at him earnestly, staring at the winding jaw and staring at her red cheeks as if he could see her heart.
"I remember," he said, and he remembered that he was red-faced by his eyes and didn’t get angry with the tone in his words. "You don’t want to get a good exam. I decided not to lose you. Even if you are an American university high flyers, I won’t lose! !”
"Ha ha, ambitious" Mojing looked at her and was filled with joy and couldn’t help but touch her bulging cheek.
"hey! You are pinching rabbits! " Winding small grind kept pushing him away.
Looking at the ink scene sealing those transparent amber eyes, the in the mind dark scold a way so easily that a Zhang Jun Qiao face leaned in to show off what skin is more delicate than me!
Still cursing the ink scene seal suddenly posted it and gently branded a kiss on her cheek and mouth.


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