The fierceness and cruelty in the bones are once again stimulated.

"Not bad elbow"
"I can’t break my defense without your attack."
Fran picked up Badges’ attacking golden-red feather wings with one hand and flapped them behind her. The white and delicate palm was also wrapped with a layer of golden-red flame. Badges’ right elbow looked sullen like water, and Badges’ face was exposed with a cold smile.
"Is it strange? I’m an illusionist, and the golden winged bird flame has given me a diamond defense without affecting muscle softness. If you want to hurt me, your strength is far from enough! " Fran’s fingers tightened to make the tattered armor crackle and the broken nail fell to the ground.
Bird Fruit, Phantom Species and Golden Winged Bird Morphology
This is the true face of Fran’s demon fruit.
As Fran said, the golden red unreal flame has no ability to hurt people. The only thing is to improve her body defense, which is different from the stiff form of sparkling fruit after diamond. Fran has diamond defense and can also make it as difficult as a gymnast.
The seemingly simple ability is actually quite abnormal.
Especially after Fran superimposed armed domineering, it was a desperate defense force. Erus and Fran had discussed several times that if they didn’t go to the situation, it would be extremely difficult to attack alone, not to mention that even leaving a little wound for Fran became extremely difficult.
Hear Fran’s self-exposure ability
Badges’s face is getting ugly.
At this time, I was so generous as to tell the details of my abilities ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
"Well, the temple horse is coming. Hurry up this game!"
Fran said so
Badges opened his mouth to express his anger.
The squeal of the wind spread to all directions.
The distance is not far enough, and the villagers are startled. The expression of Bajie is even more distorted to the extreme, that is, the golden red feather wings are galloping at a distance at a snap of a finger, flapping like a phantom of the opera at a high speed, like a white jade carving fist, and slamming into Bajie.
It reverberated in the fields like a muffled thunder.
Feeling the numbness and tingling in his arm, he leaned back involuntarily. Bajie tried his best to control his muscles so that he didn’t sit on the ground. However, this was the first blow. Just as he controlled his balance, Fran flew back to the previous distance.
Swing and attack again
The collision of fists and elbows made a shocking explosion.
The right arm is going numb, and Bajs looks furious and his face is flushed.
It’s a pity that anger can’t make him reverse his speed. In fact, with wings, he brings great mobility. She has pulled away again and again, and by accelerating, she has made her fist attack to a higher level. Badges has failed to avoid even one attack.
Speed transforming power
Fran has been strengthened by the golden-winged bird’s flame and armed domineering, and the hardness of her fist is also at Bagels elbow.
Stone eggs
That’s about it.
With the "click" fracture, the armor of Bajie’s arm was completely broken and swollen, and the right arm was bent in an unnatural direction. This time, Fran didn’t continue to distance herself. She waved her right fist again and hit Bajie’s lower abdomen.
A thumping heavy impact defeated the weak armed color domineering, which passed through the solid abdominal muscles and hard ribs, and made Bajie’s abdomen immediately turn upside down.
This man is trying to catch him alive.
Fran didn’t forget this.
A fighting champion alive is far more valuable than a dead Badges.
I don’t trust that this fighting champion will just catch Fran. When Bajis bent down like a red-hot prawn, he continued to punch. This time, his fist landed on Bajis’ left shoulder and his right arm lost mobility. At the same time, his left arm was temporarily disabled
Without hands
Badges still has legs, but it is impossible for the Jedi to turn over with his legs.
Lying on the ground in severe pain, Bajie struggled to raise her head and stare big eyes at Fran in front of him. However, Fran was still indifferent. She looked down indifferently and was unwilling. Bajie "No matter how hard you struggle, you can’t escape from the palm of the temple. Now you are resisting the price."
"Give me a break … give me a break … I don’t want to die"
As soon as Badges opened his mouth, blood foam flowed out along the corners of his mouth.
"It is up to the temple to decide whether you live or die."
Fran took two steps back to one side and turned to look at the day behind him. "Wait! The temple has come. "
remotest places
There are black shadows emerging.
After the battle, Elus arrived late.
"Gizas Baggins … you are not very lucky!" Elus looked down at the big guy lying on the ground in front of Bajs, and his arms were not naturally bent, and the corners of his mouth spilled blood intermittently, which proved that his organs were also hit hard.
Of course, these injuries look serious, but they are not fatal.
For a strong guy like Baggins, this kind of trauma can be cured slowly even without medicine.
"Ai … ahem! I cough at the Temple of Elus … I am willing to surrender. Please shout, please don’t kill me. "
Badges struggled for mercy.
He is not at all willing to live his life like this. He has finally honed himself in the fighting field. He has not yet come to make a name for himself. He has not enjoyed the taste of strength and wealth. He is really unwilling.
"Kill you?"
Elus smiled kindly on his face. He crouched down and poked his finger at Baggins’ abdominal muscles. "Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. At the very least, I won’t let you die at this time. Although there are many strong people in the world, it is quite difficult to find materials like you."
Badges endured the pain that kept pounding his mind like the tide.
Try to keep your eyes open and watch every move of Alves. His intuition tells him that Alves has not deceived him or has fallen to this point. He has not been deceived. The value is that he doesn’t feel at ease. He always feels that he can’t see the crisis hanging over his head.
At this time, Eluz got up.
"Fran sent someone to move the goods ….. and farrug, you are a waste to bring you here just to let you move things. If you are lying down, you need someone else to move it." He turned around and said to Fran first, and then flew to farrug to catch this. It was a reprimand when Baggins couldn’t fight
"The temple is my fault."
Farrug honestly bowed his head and admitted his mistake.
He was broken by Baggins, and his left leg and calf bones were unfortunately fractured, let alone moved things, which made it difficult for him to walk by himself.
"How does it feel to get a beating?"


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