The woman quickly pulled out the dagger inserted in the purple core and met the red light from the star Xuan. Only a loud bang was heard. The dagger in the woman’s hand was smashed into powder, and a strong force spread from the broken dagger to the woman’s body. The woman flew like a broken kite, smashed the inn door and fell straight on the street dozens of meters away.

As the star Xuan this rock-breaking general moves, the blue man who was stabbed with three holes behind the star Xuan couldn’t help exclaiming with a loud "Yi".
At this time, the blood of Violet, whose dagger was pulled out, was soaring, and her body was soft and backward. Xing Xuan came to Violet with a flicker, and the red light in her hand flashed, and a pure true force poured into Violet’s body. Then, in the screaming of everyone, the huge wound on Violet healed to the extent that the eyes could see, and Violet’s face gradually recovered.
"Xing Xuan, how did you … how did you break through the ban?" The first sentence when Zirui woke up immediately asked many people’s doubts.
"I …" Xing Xuan realized that he had just used the mana. Although there was not even one billionth of the usual mana, it did use the mana, which broke the magical ban of the idle city that day.
"How is that possible?" Xing Xuan’s mind suddenly calmed down, and he was just about to think about what had happened. His mana suddenly disappeared, just like just now, and the Ufa vestment on the 10th day was once again packed because there was no mana support.
"This may be because seeing you get hurt has stimulated the legendary potential!" Xing Xuan can only explain it this way.
A wisp of purples appeared on Zirui’s face, and Zirui slowly snuggled up in Xing Xuan’s arms and whispered, "Thank you, you saved my life again!" "
"It’s all because of this fool!" Star Xuan suddenly angry, looking back at the surprise, mouth is round, can accommodate a duck egg blue man shouted.
The man was startled. Then, an embarrassed smile appeared on his face. He looked at Xing Xuan and said, "This strong man is really hard for you. He even gave his life to save me. Thank you. You see, I’m still bleeding. Can you let me dress it up before you scold me for being Japanese?"

Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine Tongtian
After hearing what the blue man said, Xing Xuan and Zi Rui couldn’t help laughing. The so-called stretched out his hand and didn’t play the smiling face. People have already said such sincere words, and Xing Xuan is embarrassed to drink and scold others again. Besides, since this guy claims to be the deity, he is obviously a prominent figure in the celestial world, and any prominent figure in the celestial world can be said to be the predecessor of Xing Xuan. He can’t go too far.
"Well, well, you go and dress it. Really, it’s really bad luck for us to meet you!" Purple core smiled and waved to the blue man and said.
The man ha ha smiled, reached out and took out 200 court coins from him again, and said to a group of pale inn attendants who were watching several people fighting from a distance: "Somebody help me dress up my wound, and this 200 court coins is his!"
Hearing this, the guys looked at each other, and then, all of them cheered like wolves and rushed towards the blue man.
Xing Xuan and Zi Rui are startled. Are these guys really short of money?
No matter what Xing Xuan and Zi Rui think in their hearts, money still wields magic. Inspired by the two hundred celestial coins shaking in the hands of the blue man, the three wounds on his body were soon bandaged properly. Of course, the last two hundred celestial coins were also taken away by a group of guys, and they went to kitchens to discuss how to divide the spoils.
At this point, the blue man gave Xing Xuan a wry smile, and some said helplessly, "Sometimes, money is more attractive than people, two little friends. I wonder if we can find an elegant single room and have a chat? "
"Doesn’t this gentleman have any worries, afraid that we will be implicated because of what you said about slandering Hongjun’s bodhi old zu?" Purple Rui immediately returned the words of the blue man in the inn room. The blue man was embarrassed.
"Cough, cough, I apologize for what I said this afternoon. We … we don’t have to talk about Hongjun’s bodhi old zu all the time, and that old guy has nothing worth talking about. We can still have a lot of topics to talk about. Anyway, I’d like to propose a glass of wine to thank you for your injuries because of me!" The man in blue speaks very earnestly. There is no such arrogance and unruly in the afternoon next to Xing Xuan’s room.
"Ha ha, surely you want to know how I suddenly exert my magic in this forbidden city?" Xing Xuan laughs at this time.
"Oh. This little brother, in fact, sometimes it’s not interesting to say it too clearly. Doesn’t the little brother think so? " The smile on the blue man’s face remains the same. At this time, he looks like a generous and kind elder, and he can’t help but look at Xing Xuan.
"Well said!" Xing Xuan shouted at the man with a big finger, and then, "brush it from other places." However, he took out a celestial coin ticket with a face value of 1,000 from the vestment whose pocket was intact, and said to the inn clerk, "Open a private room for us and bring up all the best dishes and wines in your inn!"
Violet burst into laughter and whispered, "Why do you think you are both like that violent household in the world, showing off coins in your hands at every turn!"
Xing Xuan’s face darkened, pointing to his tattered vestment and saying, "How can they believe that a man with such tattered clothes will be a rich advocate without taking money out?"
Yet a purple core and the blue man laughed at the same time, indeed, the appearance of the star xuan at this time is really a bit too sad. My clothes are even worse than those of the poorest beggars. Although the cassock is still hanging on Xing Xuan, I can walk around, which makes people worry that it will fall from Xing Xuan at any time. Reveal a complete. In fact, the mysterious star at this time is not much different from being naked. That vestment can’t cover his body completely, leaving the spring to leak.
It’s just that Xing Xuan is a man of cultivating immortals, and he doesn’t pay much attention to this appearance. So, he just walked into an elegant private room with the inn man half-assed.
The three of them sat down, and the food quickly filled a table with the blue man constantly taking out celestial coins from his pocket.
"Just now, I heard the fairy call my little brother Xing Xuan. I dare to ask, is my little brother the Long Xing Xuan who lives on the East China Sea?" The man didn’t even look at the dishes on the table, nor did he pour wine to say something of thanks, but directly asked about the identity of Long Xingxuan.
"Ha ha, I didn’t think that the name of Long Xingxuan was so loud in the whole celestial world. Yes, I am Gou Chen!" Xing Xuan was not shy, which confirmed the man’s guess.
"Oh, it’s really Gouchen the Great. I’ve heard so much about him!" The man’s face changed slightly.
"I don’t know how to call Daxian?" Star Xuan are calm, smile and ask the man.
"Oh, there used to be a name, called Tongtian Patriarch. Later, this name was not allowed to be called by others, so it was called Lingbao Tianzun, a rich name!" The blue man scratched his head wryly and said.
"Sanqing Venerable?" Xing Xuan and Zi Rui were surprised, but they all stood up from their seats at once. Xing Xuan’s eyes were wide open, and he looked at Lingbao Tianzun and said, "You … you really are Lingbao Tianzun, one of the Three Qing Venerable?"
"Hey, Lingbao Tianzun is so embarrassed, can anyone else be an impostor?" Lingbao Buddha said with a bitter face.
"It turns out that it’s really a Sanqing honour person, boy, rude, and visit the Buddha!" Xing Xuan quickly left his seat and gave a deep gift to the Buddha.


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