"The Lakers have not lost this season as long as they enter the fourth quarter with a lead. Can the Celtics break the Lakers’ winning spell in this game? "

As it turns out, the Celtics failed. Although the Big Three worked hard, they still failed to complete the reversal at their own home, and finally the Lakers won the game 109-106.
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game. Li Cheng stood up with his hands raised and celebrated the Lakers’ victory.
Li Cheng’s seat is just behind the Celtics’ bench. He is wearing a black Armani shirt, and his hands in the air’s movements are keenly captured by the director.
"Li Cheng seems to be celebrating the victory of the Lakers. It seems that the rumors are not wrong. He is a Lakers fan and a loyal Lakers fan. "
"Will he join the Los Angeles Lakers in the future?" The commentator put forward this question at the right time, but I’m afraid his question will be asked by a reporter soon.
Nisha interviewed Kobe. Then she targeted Pierce again, but after losing today, Pierce’s nature was somewhat low.
Li Cheng took a look at Nisha and didn’t care much. He sneakily bypassed a reporter who wanted to interview him and ran to Kobe Bryant, who was about to enter the player channel.
"Kobe!" Li cheng cried.
Kobe looked back and looked at the person who called him doubtfully. He found this guy familiar, but he couldn’t name him.
As we all know, Kobe Bryant is notorious for not remembering other people’s names. In the two years since Fisher left Los Angeles, the Lakers’ point guard became Atkins, but Kobe kept calling him "Fish!" "Fish" is Fisher’s nickname.
"And you are?"
"eh!" Li Cheng was a little embarrassed. He thought about Kobe’s numerous reactions, but he really didn’t expect Kobe to be this reaction. According to the truth, Kobe should not be ignorant of him! Maybe there will still be fans who don’t know Li Cheng, but how can an nba player not know Li Cheng?
In fact, it is quite normal for Kobe not to know Li Cheng. Because Peter Pan often lives in his own world, and when Li Cheng rose strongly, the Lakers had no competition with the Pacers, and the Pacers would not be an obstacle to the Lakers’ championship, so the Lakers did not study the Pacers, and Kobe did not study the Pacers.
However, Li Cheng’s popularity is still very high. After the two of them stayed silent for a little more than a second, Kobe broke the embarrassment between them.
"Are you the China defender of the Pacers?" Recently, Li Cheng is a frequent visitor to the headlines of sports media, and his exposure rate is relatively high in various cities in the United States. Kobe Bryant instantly linked a lot of news in his mind with this seemingly shy China man.
Li Cheng nodded and said, "Yes."
Kobe suddenly realized, "You didn’t wear a jersey. I really didn’t recognize you. What can I do for you? "
Li Cheng was a little embarrassed. He wiped his hands on his body, then took out a postcard from Kobe and a pen from his pants pocket. "Kobe, please sign it for me!" "
Kobe looked at Li Cheng with an obvious stupefaction and said, "Really?"
"I have been your fan since I was a child!" Li Cheng looked at Kobe Bryant, just like an ordinary fan’s expression when he saw his idol.
Kobe smiled and quickly finished the postcard handed by Li Cheng and signed his name.
"You write me a’ black mamba’ in the back! I like your nickname. " Li Cheng said.
Kobe Bryant signed his nickname after his name.
The picture of Li Cheng looking for Kobe Bryant’s autograph was naturally captured by the media, and this set of shots is also very worthy of speculation.
"Now the hottest shooting guard in the league is actually a Kobe fan?"
"One question is also more important. Whether he is a Lakers fan or a Kobe fan is very different."
"Look at the purple wristband on his left wrist. I think he should be a Lakers fan!"
"Will he move to Los Angeles in the future?" Two reporters chatted and woke up suddenly. It seems that this is a more important topic!
After Li Cheng said goodbye to Kobe Bryant, he just turned around and was blocked by two reporters. These two are Los Angeles journalists who work in different units.
"Lee, were you just looking for Kobe’s autograph?"
"Yes! Kobe is my biggest idol. " Li cheng said that the tone is no different from that of ordinary fans.
Seeing the doubts in the eyes of the two reporters, Li Cheng continued to explain: "I have only been in the league for a year, but I grew up watching Kobe play!"
"Have you ever thought about moving to Los Angeles in the future?" A reporter with black rimmed glasses finally raised a very important question.
Li Cheng thought about it and said seriously, "I am longing for Los Angeles, and I like the Lakers very much. I want to play with them. However, I will never transfer unless Indiana offers to trade me. It was Indiana who gave me the stage and they saved me. "
Seeing Li Cheng’s seriousness, the two reporters obviously knew that they would never get it out of Li Cheng today. "I will consider joining Los Angeles in the future." This kind of words.
They left a little disappointed, and Li Cheng went to say hello to Nisha and walked out of the arena. He is waiting for Nisha outside the arena, and the two of them are getting better and better. They are going to have supper together!


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