Go to the front of the jade platform, Zhi Li will put his hand on the jade, and feel a chill from the jade, which will make people feel refreshed. The central jade of the celestial instrument is really not Fanyu. "Winster, sit down? I’m going to start the "armillary sphere" Zhi Li directly posed as a fragmented posture and sat on the stone stage and looked at everything in the armillary sphere department from the stone stage.

The stone platform of the armillary sphere department is the center of the armillary sphere. Sitting in this center, you can see 365 small holes in the sphere of the armillary sphere. These small holes are connected with each other to form a familiar pattern in Zhi Li. At first glance, Zhi Li saw the seven stars connected into spoons. It is Beidou.
"Let’s go" Zhi Li studied the structure of the whole armillary sphere. In this armillary sphere, except the jade, it is not a common thing, and everything else is simple. The wooden structure can’t be simpler. However, this simple materials structure is extremely mysterious, and the runes behind various structures in the will can be resolved. All the keys are in the suspended jade, and this jade is the core of everything.
The power of the armillary sphere began to run slowly, and the golden runes of the jade also flashed with the emergence, turning into one by one as if there were living tadpoles swimming constantly in the water. The trajectory that emerged was that the tadpoles of the runas were displayed as many as possible, and then their respective combinations evolved as quickly as possible. The original armillary sphere was filled with this golden light and surrounded by Zhi Li Tuan Tuan.
Runes are constantly changing and mapping is just sitting at the core of futon Zhi Li’s will. All the secrets are reflected in the changes of runes. This change is so great that the runes around C? te d ‘Ivoire are just a flash, but at this time Zhi Li has been wrapped in the golden light of runes. As soon as these runes appeared, Zhi Li felt that the runes were directly mapped to his heart from the outside as if they were rising in his heart. This process did not change the composition of the will, but the runes behind them were revealed before his eyes.
The external armillary sphere turns faster and faster, and the golden light is connected with the outside of the armillary sphere, which means that the small holes of the stars are constantly released outward. Soon, a golden light is diffused in the whole room, which is much weaker than that of the armillary sphere. At this time, Krister has been at a loss. This armillary sphere has made people not refer to a person for thousands of years, but it has never been so long and there has never been such a strange sight.
"There should be no problem. The armillary sphere is not destructive, even if it explodes itself, it can’t hurt the field." Krister reluctantly comforted himself and kept a close eye on the changes of the armillary sphere. Once the armillary sphere is in operation, the operating profit is no longer in her hands, and she can wait for its nature. "Kaka Kaka" As the armillary sphere turns faster and faster, the wooden structure can’t bear to make friction.
At this time, the golden light of the armillary sphere disappeared in a flash, and the operation of the armillary sphere seemed to lose a momentum. After a period of inertia, it finally became slower and slower, and finally stopped. "Winster, are you okay?" Krister almost couldn’t wait to go to the armillary sphere and open the armillary sphere.
See a pair of black-robed teenagers, whose eyes are still flashing with the rune afterglow. A pair of eyes look at Krister as if they saw a world running. The dense runes made her dizzy and almost fainted at a glance.
Zhi Li stepped out of it and directly held her for a while before Krister woke up from the confusion caused by the overclocking and extreme operation of the will. "Let’s go to have breakfast." It can be seen that Zhi Li is extremely happy at this moment. The transformation of this armillary sphere is a huge gain for him.
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The second volume Vertical cone Chapter 47 Zhang Gudi
Chapter 47 Zhang Jiadi
In the tower garden, a long table is neatly arranged with several dishes filled with all kinds of meat and side dishes. These dishes are very delicate, and they look like artistic colors. They complement each other, making people look appetizing and the air is even more attractive. I didn’t expect Krister to have this skill. Zhi Li knew that these foods are not bad in color, smell and taste, and they are better than Belle and several maids.
These vegetables and meat are products of the world, and ingredients are brought by Zhi Li’s independent world. Kristen learns to cook, instead of just learning what steps to follow for a dish and how many seasonings to put. Kristen directly learns the concept of Chinese cuisine and the collocation of various seasonings. Compared with Kristen, Lina is not comparable in this respect. One is to learn how to fix several dishes, while the other is to learn how to change a dish.
Chopsticks gently put a piece of vegetables in the mouth. Zhi Li tasted this dish carefully. If Belle made all kinds of seasonings together, it would taste better than delicious, just like all kinds of snacks cooked in a street barbecue shop. Most of them are delicious and delicious, but eating is seasoning, while Krister just put a little seasoning, so the seasoning trace is not heavy, but it keeps the vegetable crispy and delicious "good"
After eating a piece, Zhi Li picked up a piece and put it in his mouth to bite it. "I’m afraid I can’t do it well. It’s not to your taste. I often cook it for you after it’s delicious." Crist said happily that he also picked up chopsticks and began to eat three dishes, one soup and several bowls of rice. This is that there are not many breakfast meals for two people, but there are so many to talk about, whether it’s Zhi Li or Crist. At this time, Zhi Li’s physical requirements for meals are not great. Now it is a habit to eat more even if he doesn’t eat.
"What happened when you went in today? After going in for so long, the operation of the armillary sphere is somewhat abnormal. "Krister picked up a piece of beef and put it in the Zhi Li bowl. In the shelter, cows are extremely valuable in the world, and farming is indispensable. Lords also drive cattle carts. For ordinary people, killing cattle without permission is illegal, but the consequences of killing people are similar. All beef is not affordable for ordinary people, and it is rare to eat beef at aristocratic tables.
"There should be too many runes to be analyzed by the armillary sphere". The core of the armillary sphere is analyzed into runes, which covers almost a world of information. Is it a saying that there are more runes than any other armillary sphere? In fact, there are too many runes, rune combinations and rune chains. Because of a game, the data of an ordinary player and the language behind it are very small. What skill level you have is that the amount of data and resources occupied are limited. Compared with the Zhi Li armillary sphere, C? te d ‘Ivoire is a full-level player.
This time, the gains from analyzing the rune Zhi Li are really too great. This seal is a microcosm of the sanctuary world. All the rules and secrets of the sanctuary are mapped with this seal. Everything in the sanctuary has no secrets to him. If he has enough strength and vitality, he can directly copy the world through the rune structure. This is a wonderful and powerful thing. The world can be copied, not to mention other things in the world. Even if it doesn’t conform to the mystery of writing, it is extremely strong to rely solely on the runes manifested in Huntian Seal.
"What’s the difference between this world and games in the eyes of those who master runes?" Zhi Li thought about the difference between the world of rune architecture and the world of computer language architecture, which is that the world is broader and more vivid. "Too many runes?" Listening to Zhi Li’s answer to Krister, I recalled that the scene was indeed as Li Zhi said. At this time, Zhi Li suddenly looked to the north, where something was approaching here at an extremely fast speed.
The rock leads a red Changhong to approach the tower town at a very fast speed, almost a thought is thousands of meters away. Changhong’s air-breaking friction even brings out a thunder sound, which is that when Changhong flies too fast, people can’t hear the sound, but they can’t smell it until they fly over. The thunder rolling sound sounds like Raytheon’s chariot.
"This is Crist Rock-led Tower Town?" Changhong swept past the tower town, and then a turn has fallen on the top floor of the tower town. At that time, the wizards and paladins in the whole tower town poured out of the street like enemies, and they didn’t even eat breakfast. If it was two years ago, they would never have had this efficiency. At that time, Candelas was relatively peaceful for many years, but now, after being tempered by war, these wizards and paladins have long been tempered by long-term fighting.
Changhong, the tower, melted the fire and disappeared with Changhong, revealing a young man dressed in a blue robe. This young man came to the shelter. The world is very different, not only because of his appearance, but also because of his appearance. As soon as Crist appeared, he immediately set his eyes on Li Zhishen. Although they were dressed differently, they all looked very different in the shelter. It was extraordinary to let people know at a glance that they were kin.
"This is the rock-led tower town. I don’t know what the surname of the pavilion is. What do we have here?" Zhi Li has an ambitious heart, but even if he learned Candelas, he rarely made him feel surprised when his words were first spoken. He was surprised, but so was Zhi Li’s heart.
This man’s clothing, shelter, world is completely different, but he is no stranger to Zhi Li’s eyes. It is not for nothing to watch so many dramas in the main world. This man is dressed in men’s clothes in the Han Dynasty, and his appearance is also oriental. He still wears a hat on his head in the main world. This is a symbol of adulthood in ancient China, and he will be given words at the coronation ceremony. Today, I heard C? te d ‘Ivoire talk about the power behind the giant wooden brotherhood. It is really said that it was only a long time before Cao Cao arrived and touched this clan.
After the surprise, the young man was full of doubts about his family’s blood, but he never came outside. Soon after he came to this world, he established a cave family in the north. All the adults moved to the cave, but all of them were restricted from going out after a big event. In the past two thousand years, the Zhang family has rarely gone out, and even if one of them abides by the family precepts, there will be no blood flowing out. Only a thousand years ago did an elder violate the family precepts and bring the woman back to the cave. He wondered how there could be a person with similar blood here.
"Who are you?" He seems to have forgotten his mission to ask Zhi Li directly, and he no longer speaks Candelas language but has a Sichuan-style Chinese language. "Opposite me in Zhi Li is Count Crist, the rock leader and the owner of this place." "Zhi Li?" Actually, the surname is Li instead of Zhang. However, although this land has the footprint of the sage, if the sage’s identity will be left, he can’t help but have some doubts when he hears Zhi Li’s answer.
"When Zhang Tianfeng came here, I wanted to get back a famous armillary sphere from Miss Krister." To Krister, it was not Chinese. The young man said that a moment later, the sword behind him spread out a red brilliance wrapped in his body, and Zhang Tianfeng suddenly fell into the courtyard. After landing, he was shooting a pair of golden pupil eyes at Zhi Li in the dark. At first glance, Zhi Li seemed to have been completely seen through his original heart, and there was still a trace of disdainfulness that disappeared.
Shelter, world power, he knows everything in his eyes, except this heaven and earth, ghosts and gods are still worthy of awe. Everything else is like ants. It is his family’s power in people. Those lux and Taoist soldiers are already extremely strong in the eyes of people in this world. Their family origins are already successful, and it is natural to walk with a touch of arrogance. I never thought that when I came out, I would touch an extremely strong one, and I could see through him at a glance. It was already far away from him.
He didn’t know that Zhi Li would never have this kind of power if it was before the rune analysis of the armillary sphere, but at this time, the rune power analysis was completed, and the mystery of all the operations of heaven and earth could be mapped to the amulet seal, and the myriad runes Zhi Li fell into his body and mind and naturally transformed into the corresponding rune. This man is not qualitatively different from some powerful wizards in terms of body, but has a transcendental transformation. It is a big hole of meridians, which is a big river abyss in comparison.
There is nothing outstanding about his body except meridians and acupoints, but it is different now. Seeing him, the vitality and will combine to form runes one by one, and the chains are orderly combined to form an embryo. At this time, it seems that a life is growing in the embryo. As he breathes the torrent of heaven and earth, there are poor forces that converge to other bodies, and when he enters the body, he goes to the abdomen, and the embryo is naturally transformed into a part of the embryo by the power of runes. With this continuous process, the embryo is also growing.
This kind of power Zhi Li looked at Zhang Tianfeng. This kind of practice means is divided into rune programming means. In the abdomen, it is really strange to make a fairy step by step. Zhi Li now says that the field is a field, but in his eyes, there are also poor runes behind the field
He recorded these runes, then analyzed the rune rules, first compiled a core development tool, and then continued to expand and improve it. Once another field of runes can be compiled, it will take a lot of will power and vitality. At this time, this person regards his body as the basis of will power and vitality.
Zhang Tianfeng’s theory after landing is that Zhi Li and Krister didn’t speak. Zhi Li is studying Zhang Tianfeng’s family’s inheritance of this rune programming as a means of practice. Krister is also thinking that this armillary sphere was inherited by her family. Although the source is this family, it has been inherited by the Zhang family for nearly two thousand years, but the family doesn’t seem to remember that this armillary sphere was sent by the Zhang family. How can it be that even if the Zhang family has white teeth, they want to beg for the past?
See whether Zhi Li or Krister didn’t answer. Zhang Tianfeng had a thump in his heart. This armillary sphere was indeed an old thing of his family. But the ancestor who came to the shelter world was rewarded by this family’s kindness and gave some runic power to Krister’s family. At that time, the armillary sphere was also given away. It has long been forgotten in the family. If he hadn’t turned it out from the pile of old papers, he didn’t know there was such a treasure in the family.
At the moment, the Zhang family is not the Zhang family thousands of years ago. At that time, when the family was strong, compared with the world, there were a lot of armillary sphere treasures. However, things that intervened in the mainland were almost attacked by heaven and hell, and the war burned directly into the cave. In the end, the Zhang family no longer intervened in Enters, especially the mainland things, and the forces of heaven and hell did not enter Entebbe.
Although heaven and hell also lost a lot of archangels, big demons and the mainstream of hell, the Zhang family also suffered heavy losses. However, whether heaven or hell is in control of a family’s great cause, it can withstand the loss. His Zhang family can’t. It was originally fleeing from the main world. After this battle, many predecessors have been robbed and rebuilt, and many books and records in cultivation were also lost in the war at that time.
The former lost nothing, but the latter was almost devastating, and the Zhangjiatian road was cut off until he accidentally discovered that his ancestors had left a treasure in the sanctuary world. If we want to find this treasure, our ancestors can explore the future road.
This treasure is the armillary sphere. You know, in the main world, the core strength of the Zhang family is also the rune, but the rune evolved in the Kyushu world. If there is nothing in the main world, it doesn’t matter if you get the refuge world. This world doesn’t have Kyushu rune style at all.
However, for the ancestors who truly realized the power of runes, it was nothing. An armillary sphere changed Kyushu’s runas’ style into the unique Lunas’ style of this world, and everything was OK. At that time, the armillary sphere was a transition and created a magic weapon, but it was also a personal feeling. The Crist family also got the armillary sphere, but now it is extremely important for future generations, which will lead to their future fairy road.
Knowing that there was an armillary sphere in this fairy road, the Zhang family did not care about heaven and hell. Zhang Tianfeng also volunteered to beg for this armillary sphere. He also did a lot of preparatory work in Ernst, and when he came here, he was still full of confidence and was not ready to forcibly rob it.
Zhang Tianfeng is also afraid of making a big deal out of things. Although I don’t know that heaven later withdrew from the shelter world, now the Zhang family can’t afford to go to war with heaven and hell again. So Zhang Tianfeng is going to keep a low profile and settle this matter. It seems that the Crist family hasn’t even said anything for thousands of years. At best, it’s enough to just pull out a hair and exchange it. Now the Zhang family dare not compare heaven with hell, but just take out something. How can the shelter world be an improper treasure? Is a come over only to see this boy surnamed Li suddenly know that things are not so simple.
It is said that Zhang Tianfeng’s heart thumped and knew that things were not so simple. When the conditions came out soon, he would not have come over to beg for it. He was naturally prepared. "The armillary sphere is a treasure, and it was also the original ancestor’s gratitude to the Krister family. Tianfeng also knew that this was a reluctant petition and the corresponding treasure was exchanged. Please ask Miss Feng to be grateful all day." At this time, Zhang Tianfeng lowered his posture.
"The corresponding treasure? This armillary sphere can make the strong have some powers in the field of speaking, which is of extraordinary significance to the strong. It is a rare treasure in the whole shelter world. What other treasures can Mr. Zhang Tianfeng compare with the armillary sphere? "
Krister was unhappy before, but when he heard that people came in exchange, his unhappiness dissipated. However, there was no strong exchange of heart. The words he received were also prevarication. He didn’t want to offend this family. He dared to speak to the Zhang family in heaven and hell at the same time. There is naturally room for discussion about what treasures he took out. The initiative lies in her hand. If the other party takes out the treasure, it means more to Krister’s family than the armillary sphere.
Zhang Tianfeng secretly despised the Krister family for getting the armillary sphere for so many years, but there is a compilation that is worse than the poor rune chain, and the true meaning of the mystery is that he doesn’t understand the real secret of the armillary sphere. Otherwise, there is an armillary sphere in this world, and all the secrets can be transformed into runes through the armillary sphere. What runes can be studied, even if it is true, how can it be like this?
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The second volume Vertical cone Chapter 40 Now learn to sell now
Chapter 40 Learning and Selling Now
Zhang Tianfeng’s heart is happy, but it’s just that Zhi Li gave me a smile when he saw Zhi Li’s mouth. It seems that he who sees through all his thoughts and plans can’t help but be stiff. At this time, Zhang Tianfeng’s experience is reflected. Although he doesn’t look at him, he has a high level of cultivation, but his qualifications and understanding in the cave are all first-class, smooth and smooth, and there are not many personnel experiences. Even though he is strong-willed, it is difficult for make a fool of oneself.
However, make a fool of oneself belongs to make a fool of oneself, the armillary sphere. He came here this time, but it is all natural that the owner of the armillary sphere has an exchange intention. At best, it is more expensive. Compared with the shelter world, the Zhang family is uncivilized and enters the main world without the main world to see the strong. What they casually take out is what they dream of. Thought of here, his fear gradually disappears and becomes calm. After all, it is everyone’s brother and the world. The benefits of strong will are highlighted here.
He took out a delicate box in his palm and opened it to see a jewel the size of a longan. As soon as the box was opened, it slowly floated from the box. "Miss Crist’s external Dan, the Tongshen Dan, is named after Tongshen Dan, so Dan, a mortal, can go straight to the realm of God and achieve immortality. According to the sanctuary world, it means that an ordinary person can have the power to speak the realm and it is operational rules to launch the realm of speaking."
Zhang Tianfeng said with pride that he knows what the field of heaven and earth means, but it took thousands of years for the whole shelter world to produce a few. Sure enough, Kristen didn’t mind that it was only a jewel in the box at first, but when he heard that it was a pill that could make people talk straight into the field, he even had a few minutes of shortness of breath. The armillary sphere could make the strong say that they had some power in the field, but this pill could make people say that the field was just instantaneous, and Kristen had already conation.
"Said field strength? What’s the point of turning a pair of dead bones after hundreds of years of strength? " Zhi Li suddenly laughed and woke Krister up from a dream. Yes, it is said that the field is not only powerful, but also immortal and eternal. If it is only strength, the effect of this external Dan will be greatly reduced. Zhang Tianfeng stopped his hand and was about to explain, but he listened to Zhi Li continue to say.
"It’s not unusual for this Dan medicine, and I think the disadvantages of this Dan medicine may be more than simply gaining strength. I look at this Dan medicine, which is not pleasing to the eye and not harmonious enough. It seems that something is missing. If it is not what I expected, although this Dan medicine can have the strength to speak in the field, it can also operate the rules to expand the field, but it will also be bound by the Dan medicine and lose the enterprising machine. For ordinary people, it is an elixir, but if it is poison from another angle, Tianfeng Daoyou can exchange poison for treasure. This is not authentic enough. Let’s change it.
As he spoke, Zhi Li has recorded the rune composition of Dan medicine in his heart. It is necessary to have enough main will power and vitality. This Dan medicine can be made. Although it requires huge resources, there is hope that the pike handle will transport the torrent of heaven and earth. It will be harmful to make Dan in the future if it is brought into control.
Although this Dan medicine is stuffed into the machine, it is excellent if you come to train thugs quickly. Zhi Li says it’s poison, so he knows it himself. Now he is eager for Zhang Tianfeng to change something better and let him record runes one by one. These things let him study for himself. I don’t know how much it will cost. When someone sends a door to study them for him, he is happy to take it.
Listen, Zhi Li is so straightforward to read out the disadvantages of Dan medicine and point out its poison. Zhang Tianfeng is slightly surprised and blushes at the same time. This person has either seen this Dan medicine or knows the knowledge or is an alchemist. How did he know that once Zhi Li’s runes were transformed into white runes, he had the idea of directly constructing the field strength? But this idea was shattered at the beginning. What if there are resources and methods to build it?
Zhi Li’s blood awakens. There is a passage in memento mori that someone hit a great luck and ate a grass-picking plant. He suddenly gained the power like a fairy and built a foundation based on it. Although he had the power like a fairy, he didn’t have immortality, and then he died. When he died, the grass-picking plant left from his body. To put it bluntly, when he ate it, his roots could not be digested, and he was taken as a host. Finally, the grass-picking plant died and naturally left.
Zhi Li just created a domain case and gave it to others for estimation, which is the consequence, that is, it can be mechanically made. At least it takes the fifth-order power to digest the Defense of the Ancients case, let alone the domain case.
Because of this position and strength, it is not enough for people to move their strength, but it is not enough for small ants to shake the tree and swallow the elephant and slowly grind it to death. If it is not grinded, it is ok to give it to others, and the key can continue. If it is grinded a little, it happens that this person hangs up and is grinded, and it will naturally collapse without a link.
Well, self-contained power can’t be shaken by ordinary people. What if it can be shaken? In the main world, anyone who eats ordinary ginseng as radish will know the consequences. Ordinary ginseng is like this, and something with great power will die directly if eaten.
There has been some research. When Zhang Tianfeng took out the Tongshen Dan and explained it, Zhi Li thought that Tongshen Dan was almost perfect. It was so perfect that it happened to belong to the first case, and the structure of this Dan medicine was much simpler and more perfect than what he thought. This Dan saved him a lot of research effort.
To tell the truth, this Dan is an external Dan, but knowing that the external Dan constitutes its own strength is the real perfection. It belongs to its own strength, that is to say, it is not surprising to have enough strength and know that the external Dan architecture technology has been refined in the human body. This is the real harvest of Zhi Li. Isn’t it just the external transformation in terms of the main world?
As soon as Zhi Li interrupted Krister, he was tempted to stop here. To be honest, the armillary sphere is limited to Krister’s family, but this Dan medicine is different. Once she gets it, she won’t take it and eat it directly, but directly explore the law of its rune composition and then construct it. Once it is developed, it will be much more than the armillary sphere.
But at this time, seeing that Zhi Li has such a good eye, Krister will no longer say what it means to hold Zhi Li’s hand and quietly give it to Zhi Li. Zhi Li has a much better eye than her and will never suffer from the armillary sphere. For Zhi Li, the key point of this treasure is that showing runes is of great benefit to the study of runes
It’s the mystery of all runes in the refuge world now. He can get the armillary sphere in the seal of the armillary sphere, and the place is limited. If there is enough value, the exchange of things is also impossible. Then forget it. Zhi Li copied all the runes of the alchemy at a glance and got the alchemy. What else do you want?
Zhang Tianfeng slowly pressed Tongshen Dan and lifted the lid of the box, and then received this Tongshen Dan. It was only his minimum plan. If he succeeded, another treasure could be attributed to himself. All the exchanges could not be achieved, but he was slightly disappointed. Then he took out a gourd from the middle. The gourd was purple in color and golden in color. "Gourd?" Zhi Li once read the plants written by the wizards of Horatim. There is really no such plant as gourd in this world, and at this time, this gourd is not a common thing at first sight.
See Zhang Tianfeng running mana to push the gourd slightly, and then a silvery white Dan Pill slowly emerges. You can’t see anything from the appearance, but Zhi Li has a new function of Huntian Seal. From the perspective of runes, it’s different. This Dan Pill is very similar. Seeing this, Zhi Li has some doubts, but it’s not revealed in his face. Zhang Tianfeng took out this Dan to introduce it. Previously, the Tongshen Dan was a relatively precious box. Compared with this gourd, it is more valuable to protect props. The value of the treasure can be imagined in that Tongshen Dan.


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