"Come is the truth. Give me a year or two, and I’ll let you pay photogenic return to Zhujiajian. At that time, no one dares to gossip about you or bully you."

"Good" Listen, Zhao is a man’s promise, and whether he can realize it or not, she will be very happy if he really has that heart.
Holding Zhu Zhuqing in the sky for a long time, Zhao found a good place.
This is a remote small forest full of red maples. At this time, the night has deepened, and there are silent people in the forest.
Bai Yue’s bright moonlight has a sense of beauty.
Zhao didn’t bring me here to … Looking at the surrounding environment, Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help but have some thoughts. His beautiful eyes secretly looked at Zhao Yi and he was relieved to see his eyes clear.
Although she likes Zhao
But I don’t want to be picked by Zhao so hastily.
At least there should be roses and a big bed …
"What are you thinking?" Zhao pinched Zhu Zhuqing’s little face and took out a black jade box, which contained the 30 thousand-year-old black tiger’s right hand bone.
Zhu Zhuqing’s main attack method is the cat’s paw.
With this soul bone, she will be much stronger
"What’s so solemn?" Zhu Zhuqing took the box in Zhao’s hand and suddenly felt a warm touch. Zhu Zhuqing realized that there must be something special in it.
"This is? Soul bone? !”
Zhu Zhuqing looked up and looked at Zhao in shock. He grew up in Zhu’s parents. He is no stranger to the soul bone. She knows very well that it is a soul bone. Although I don’t know the age of this soul bone yet, it is a soul bone! Even the worst soul bones are extremely rare!
"This is a 30,000-year-old soul bone from the Dark Tiger. I think it will definitely suit you." Zhao Yixiao.
"Thirty thousand years?" Zhu Zhuqing stared at Zhao.
Even they Zhujiajian this level soul bone is very few! And this kind of soul bone is for Zhujiajian’s future householder, not them!
Now Zhao has come directly to give her a soul bone!
That’s the soul bone!
The whole Douro continent is an extremely precious thing!
He didn’t hesitate to give such a precious thing!
This is enough to say how much he loves her!
She couldn’t help pounding in her heart when she looked at Zhao like this! She gradually became white, perhaps it was Zhao’s personality charm that made her fall into it like this.
"This soul bone is still yours. I am also a wave." Zhu Zhuqing gradually calmed down. Although the soul bone is very tempting, she still resisted the temptation
She doesn’t want Zhao to recognize her as a material girl.
"Silly girl, this is for you. This soul bone doesn’t match me, and this soul bone order is too low. Your husband and I will absorb the soul bone in one hundred thousand years." Zhao didn’t good the spirit and rubbed his Zhu Zhuqing long hair way.
"But it’s too expensive, even if you don’t auction it."
"I’m silly bamboo clear. Do we have to divide each other? Even you are my "Zhao Xie Xie said with a smile.
"I am not you!" Listening to Zhao’s shame, Zhu Zhuqing gave Zhao a ruddy white face.
"Well, take it and absorb it. If you don’t go on, I’ll deal with it in French."
"French disposal? I want to see what you dare to do with me. "
"Hum, I don’t even listen to my husband’s words. It seems that I have to severely punish the orthodox school." Zhao’s face was raised with his right hand, and a light wind floated across and slapped Zhu Zhuqing’s ass.
"Ah" Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help but hum a and then hurriedly put his hands behind his back.
Blush all "how can you hit somebody else’s girl there"
"Hum, if you don’t listen to your husband’s words, I will still fight." Zhao Yizheng said that his right hand has been raised again.
Seeing this, Zhu Zhuqing blushed again and quickly took Zhao and handed her the soul bone.
"I’ll just take it."
Chapter 113 Reentry into the stars
Zhu Zhuqing slowly absorbed the soul bone.


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