Yang Xiu and Jiman came to the meeting place of Nanling Sect, and Tianxuan Taizu had already stood among them, and Mu Yi’s head was saying something to him. To Yang Xiu’s surprise, beside the great-grandfather of Tianxuan, Yang Xiu is still in the middle of the clock.

Yang Xiu remembered overhearing the conversation between Lingxu and Lingji that day. They were going to get rid of all these talented disciples, so as to undermine the unity of various sects.
Looking at the present situation, it should be that the plan of Delong Sword School has succeeded, but I don’t know how Zhong Li’s petticoat is still standing here well.
Think impassability things Yang Xiu also too lazy to think about, the most important thing is that it has nothing to do with him.
Yang Xiu took Jiman to the team of Nanling Sect, and now the Nanling Sect only remains intact during the practice period, with no loss.
To the original 100-200 Buddhist monks, now only 20 or 30 people are standing here.
There are only a dozen monks in the Dan period.
Yang Xiu saw Nangong Ming and Murong Ya around him in the crowd of monks in the construction period.
The nangongshan Ming also saw Yang Xiu and waved to Yang Xiu.
"I didn’t expect you to be alive. I haven’t heard from you for half a year. I thought you had an accident!"
Nangong Ming’s voice is full of joy, which is not to say that he had a good relationship with Yang Xiu before, but that he can’t help living together.
Yang Xiu don’t want to the nangongshan Ming asked about his experience during this time, he asks.
"Murong Ya is here, too. Why haven’t I seen you before?"
"Ha ha, I just came in from the outside with the head of Mu Yi. How can you see it?" Mr. Murong Ya next to the nangongshan Ming laughed.
She saw Yang Xiu hands holding Jiman, not to Yang Xiu quipped:
"Who is this elder sister? Brother Yang hasn’t introduced us yet. "
"This is also our Nanling sent friar Jiman. Jiman, this is Murong Ya, and this is Nangong Ming. They are all monks of a sect. "
Yang Xiu’s face remains the same, JiMan smell speech is just pulled back.
Is jimancai woke up from a coma, and then go by Yang Xiu pull, Yang Xiu didn’t explain anything, still in a daze, so Yang Xiu took her hand and no response.
This, of course, was done by Yang Xiu in order to slowly bridge the gap between them.
See JiMan Yang Xiu still embarrassed, and asked the nangongshan Ming:
"and? Have you seen him yet? "
"Well, he died as early as three months ago. But great, you can go out at once. The first thing I want to do when I go out is to have a good sleep for three days! These days, I am nervous every day, and there is no day when I can meditate and practice with peace of mind. " The nangongshan Ming relaxed way.
Jiman listened to the discussion around the monks, and gradually he probably understood what had happened. Unexpectedly, it has been half a year since he left with Yang Xiu that night.
But what has happened in the past six months, Ji Manjue is not clear at all.
I only remember that I fainted unconsciously that night, and now I certainly understand that all this was done by Yang Xiu.
Just want to let Yang Xiu explain, suddenly now her aunt is not in the crowd, not anxious, glance left and right, there is energy to find Yang Xiu theory.
When Yang Xiu saw this picture of Jiman, she knew what she was worried about.
But Yang Xiu also don’t know JiYan life and death, so we have to comfort:
"Don’t worry, your aunt should come at once!"
But as time went on, it was time to leave, and Ji Yan had not come here to gather. This situation is mostly run.
Yang Xiu saw Jiman crying silently, and suddenly he didn’t know how to comfort him.
"All right, monks, line up in turn. Right, let’s go." Mu Yi owners said to them.
Grandfather Tianxuan took the lead to go first, and they followed closely behind Mu Yi’s head and flew to Delong.
Seeing that Jiman was still standing still, Yang Xiu had to pull her again and keep up with the team to leave.


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