At the foot of the mountain, the gaze deepened.

Zhi Jian sha Fei yang
Like you left in a hurry
A handful of loess buried grievances.
When I put the leaves on, I found the girl in red smiling in front of me. She looked at me and said, "It’s even slower than I expected. You’re a thousand years late."
"Are you still waiting?"
"Didn’t we agree?"
I looked at her and said faintly, "It’s been a long time to invite the moon, but it has changed me but not you!" "
"I can’t wait any longer …" She said.
So it’s enough not to wait for me?
I lost the leaf after I was dazed.
I watched her turn around to hunt red clothes and fly in the wind.
Goodbye, inviting the moon. I feel a little disappointed when I say this in my heart. It turns out that a thousand years is really long, and it has changed me. I have also changed the invitation. 166 Chapter 166 Demons and spirits are strange. 55
But when I watched her leave, she suddenly turned around and came back. "What did you say just now?"
"You mean you are no longer waiting for Ziyun Ao?"
So what? I smiled gently
"Am I too slow to understand?" She trembled and said, "Did I wait for you?"
Yes, I’m late for the moon invitation again. Can you forgive me?
A thousand years is really a long time. If I haven’t forgotten her in the first thousand years, then I have forgotten the second thousand years and the third thousand years. I will accept you.
You have successfully changed me. I decided to let you wait for me …
Invite the moon to burst into laughter, intermittent laughter as if mixed with disbelief, and finally she actually cried.
It’s like a disorderly movement. My ears are ringing
I know how lonely it is to wait for someone, and how can I keep another person lonely for so long …
You are more stubborn than me, so I can’t wait for her, so you don’t wait for me anymore.
Come into my arms …
I came too late and made you wet. Sorry.
I touched her head gently, and time seemed to stand still for this moment.
"Three thousand years … I waited for you for three thousand years, but fortunately I waited for you … I waited for you. Oh, my God, I waited for you. I knew I would always wait for you …"
"Idiot …" I held her in my arms and couldn’t say another word.
I always wondered if she would never show up if I never played this song again, but she never showed up for me, and she didn’t wait any longer.
It turned out that she would come to me if I really called her name …
Because you have loved someone deeply, you will know how lonely it is to wait like this, no matter how lonely it is, you will not give up and be persistent.
Inviting the moon is more persistent than me.
I was a childhood friend but I accidentally missed someone.
I accidentally missed someone who kept waiting for me.
Wait for me to call her, and she will come to me …
From now on, she won’t be lonely …
I won’t let myself be lonely again …
Dear son, thank you for letting me know the taste of loving someone, but not the taste of waiting …
Very lonely and happy.
Thank you for meeting you in this life. I won’t let myself be lonely from now on …
I won’t let the people who love me and wait for me cry again …


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