Give a knot?

That’ll be the day!
Ling Tian forced Director Wang to beat him, so thank God he didn’t retaliate afterwards.
Still thinking about asking him to pay his salary?
The idea is so simple.
It’s completely impossible to get my salary back.
But ling day, after all, is helping her, and she can’t say anything.
Can recognize bad luck
At this time, director Wang has taken out his mobile phone and dialed out.
As soon as the words are connected to the king’s supervisor, he is short and respectful.
"Mr. Wang is not well. Someone is making trouble at the door."
"Beat all our security guards."
"What? You have to come and be white! "
Hung up the words, director Wang’s face suddenly showed cruel color grind way
"You are finished!"
"Our manager Wang will arrive soon."
"If you dare to make trouble here, you will die!"
"ah!" Zhang Xiaohui aside suddenly exclaimed with fear.
"Ling Tian is broken."
"Yanyun Hotel is an aerospace group industry"
"He said that Mr. Wang is Feiyu Wang, the chairman of Feiyu Group."
"What to do!"
Ling tianyi couldn’t help but peep out one silk ponder smile.
"Feiyu Wang is coming?"
"That would save trouble."
"Did Xiaohui have lunch?"
"If you haven’t eaten, go in and eat together?"
Zhang Xiaohui looked at ling day eyes strange language.
Brother, are you listening to me?
Feiyu Wang, that’s the chairman of Feiyu Group!
You beat the security guard and want to go in for dinner?
Dare not dream of doing this?
"Ha ha ha ha!" Director Wang laughed my head off at Ling Tian with disdain.
"Are you scared and talking nonsense there?"
"Still want to go in for dinner?"
"You can eat more when you get shit later."
"Who dares to make trouble in my Feiyu Wang site!" Just then a majestic sound came in the hotel.
Then Feiyu Wang came out with a calm face surrounded by four bodyguards.
Director Wang quickly trotted to the front of Feiyu Wang at the sight.
Ha waist humble said
"Mr. Wang, you can come."
"Our security guards have been knocked down."
"Look, this is the little king calf!"
Director Wang raised my hand toward Lingtianyi, revealing a new sneer in his eyes.
Bunny, can’t you pretend?
Now that Mr. Wang is here, I think you can try another one for me!
Feiyu Wang sharp eyes looked up.
Then suddenly a tingling cold sweat came first-class.
Chapter 44 Which floor is Guanfan?
I’m fucking!
Feiyu Wang almost fell to the ground if he was hit hard.
Isn’t this Ling Shao?
Director Wang is still on the side with a face of cruel arch fire
"Mr.wong, you don’t know how arrogant this little Wang egg is."
"Don’t beat him up today …"
Wang supervisor words didn’t say that finish by Feiyu Wang a mouth mercilessly smoke in the face.
"I’ll go to you!"
Feiyu Wang cursed and kicked the king’s supervisor to the ground.
Even if you don’t feel trap to feel avenged, you can just kick and scold.
"Wang Qian, you king egg!"
"How can I tell you!"
"Master Ling Tian came and asked for the highest courtesy and respectfully welcomed me in!"
"Why don’t you let the security guard and Ling Shao do it?"
"Why don’t you die?"
Feiyu Wang is really angry.
Who is Ling Tian?


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