Finally, Liu Chengyi snorted with anger and dumped Bai Mu with a direct malicious hand. She almost fell to the ground.

Liu Chengyi is really angry and smells angry from embarrassment!
He has never been an impulsive man, but sometimes he touches the bottom line and breaks it. Tonight, Gu Chen just touches his dignity bottom line to the end!
He must make Gu Chen feel the same way, even if he is acting fast!
At eleven o’clock in the evening, Gu Chen and Jiang Xuanxuan returned all the way to their wards to change clothes and wash and prepare for bed.
Just after the date, the atmosphere between them was fine and there was nothing to say.
When Jiang Xuanxuan was ready to go into health with a change of pajamas, she was suddenly blocked by Gu Chen at the door of health.
He held one hand on the door panel and blocked Jiang Xuanxuan’s way in. Just as Jiang Xuanxuan was about to bypass him, he stretched his other arm to block Jiang Xuanxuan’s other side of the road.
The earth blocked her in his arms. Jiang Xuanxuan was in a dilemma and faced him with a frown. "What are you doing? What do you want to take a shower and sleep early? "
Gu Chen is in a good mood. With a smile on his face, he bowed his head and inclined her to be as thin as a cicada’s lip. He stopped in her ear and said "Together"
"What ah how to wash together? There is a shower head "Jiang Xuanxuan red in the face by his seductively bowed his head with shame impressively in.
"Can be changed" Gu Chen smiles deeper, and the lip seems to be attached to her ear. "You can help me and I can help you."
"Ah, who wants your help?" Jiaochen was about to blow Jiang Xuanxuan down on his chest.
Fenquan was held by him in the middle of the game. Gu Chen laughed in her ear. "Then I need your help. I think it will be very hard today. You can …"
"Oh, I can’t pull!" Jiang Xuanxuan is really going to be allocated by his bad words.
At that time, she pushed Gu Chen to flicker and tried to hide, but she was trapped in his arms without taking a step.
"Hey, it’s late for you to let go. Take a shower and stop it!"
Jiang Xuanxuan fluttered in his arms, blushing but smiling.
Gu Chen held her in his hand and held her tight. She seemed to be trapped in his arms and could not move, just like catching the rabbit’s ear. Looking at the rabbit, it fluttered about on all fours, but it could not escape from his palm.
Gu Chen likes this feeling, and she likes to be trapped by her side.
It was noisy for a long time, and he caught Jiang Xuanxuan’s rosy lip pressing against Jiang Xuanxuan and sticking it to the wall, kissing and kissing.
Gu Chen showed that he became more and more skilled at kissing, and the lip sucked leisurely, and the predatory tip of the tongue invaded her mouth, sweeping away her unique fragrance.
Jiang Xuanxuan, who had been restless for a long time, was kissed by such a kiss. She closed her eyes and settled in his arms. The lip angle was also controlled by him. The kiss was deep and lingering.
I don’t know how long it took Gu Chen to feel hot and dry before he left her lip. His face still smells like a romantic smile.
"I’ll give you two choices: help me wash or wash with me."
Jiang Xuanxuan looked at his serious talk, and his face was small and he sipped "I don’t want to choose."
"Then wash it with me by default." Gu Chen pulled her hand and took out one of his pants from nowhere and waved it on his finger. "Let’s go."
He even got ready before he came to depend on her.
Jiang Xuanxuan really speaks to this man!
"Hey you pajamas don’t take? Just wear this? " Looking at Gu Chen striding directly into the health river, Xuan Xuan couldn’t help calling him "Don’t you even want a bathrobe?"
"Help me get it if you think you need it." Gu Chen’s back is bohemian and his words are so casual.
Jiang Xuanxuan threw a dirty look behind him or turned around and got him a bathrobe.
That will walk into the health care. Gu Chen’s clothes have already taken off a well-proportioned and beautiful muscle, showing him a bit proud in front of Jiang Xuanxuan, holding up his finger and ticking it off.
"Cut when he is a fox? Hook my finger and I’ll pass? " Jiang Xuanxuan smiled and stood still.
As a result, half a minute later-
She still went into health and swept back and forth in front of Gu Chen, who was undressed and fleshy
"Are you kidding? I’ve never seen you exercise and even have abdominal muscles." Jiang Xuanxuan poked his hard abdominal muscles with one hand holding her pajamas.
It’s really hard. It’s as hard as a stone. Jiang Xuanxuan sighed and her eyes could shine. "It’s really an abdominal muscle. How can it be? You have been hospitalized for so long, and you still have abdominal muscles! "
Although there is no block, the muscles are really hard and solid. Jiang Xuanxuan swallowed saliva at this perfect figure
You know, when doing that kind of thing at night, it’s always dark. She really hasn’t seen Gu Chen’s figure well!
"How can you stay in the hospital for a period of time if you exercise all the year round?" Gu Chen’s hands rested on her hips and she looked up at Jiang Xuanxuan. "What do you want to see is that I don’t make a fool of other men?"
Jiang Xuanxuan Nuo Nuo nodded and poked his strong chest muscles with his fingers. "It’s hard, too!"
"Of course" Gu Chen increasingly proud.
He’ll tell her that’s why he insisted on taking a bath with her? And how could he tell her that he cared that she was staring at other men’s bodies!
Jiang Xuanxuan praised her again, and then looked at her withered day lily figure. An inferiority complex rose from her heart.
At that time, I also had an idea to exercise myself and make my figure charming!
"I’ve seen enough. Is it time to take a shower?"
Gu Chen’s words brought Jiang Xuanxuan back to reality. She looked back and turned to one side to clean the countertop and put her joyful clothes on her head.
Section 412
Unfortunately, as soon as she put her mobile phone in clean clothes, it rang.
Gu Chen was hitting the shower head and the high water washed away, and he touched his body and suddenly heard Jiang Xuanxuan say, "Brother Hua? What’s the matter? Now? "
Probably realized that something was wrong, and he reached for the shower head again. He looked askance at Jiang Xuanxuan.
"What’s so urgent? Must it be now? " Jiang Xuanxuan went on to look back at Gu Chen’s sight. He gave up. "Is it your surgery? Ok, then I’ll come to you now. "
After listening to Gu Chen’s last sentence, Fang Cai’s exultation has long been replaced by a deep lock.
Jiang Xuanxuan knew that he probably heard the words and saw the look of indifference in his face. She held the mobile phone hand for a moment and hesitated, but she still said, "Brother Hua said that he had an urgent operation and wanted me to go there. I have to go to his place now. You can wash it first."
Gu Chen didn’t reply, but the dignified expression of facial paralysis was already telling Jiang Xuanxuan that his answer was no.


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