"Mom, I am your daughter. You will rely on me and my brother!" Zhong Zhen said some defiantly.

There are still more than two months before she gets married. She doesn’t believe that she can’t change her destiny. She doesn’t want to do anything. Even if she can’t marry Qi Junan in this life, she must have a higher status.
"It’s true that you are getting married, so don’t be ridiculous and annoy your father, even your mother can’t keep you then!" After the second He Fangqing birthday party, Mrs. Jeannin completely understood her position in Zhong Huai Shao’s mind, that is, the root has no position
Since a man can’t trust her, it is already a law to help his daughter marry into Houfu, but there is still a chance to change her future.
"Mother and daughter know that I won’t cause trouble!" Zhong Zhen said with a smile, but in his heart, he has already calculated to escape this marriage.
On this day, Prince Gong’s mansion is doomed to be an undercurrent, and there is a constant state of mind to know that Zhong Huai Shao sent so many betrothal gifts to Fujiangkou, and they were all calculated privately.
Two days later, Zhong Yi arrived at Fujiangkou non-stop, and at this time, Zhong Wei just left here, and they just passed by without touching, otherwise Zhong Wei might not return to Kyoto intact.
When he arrived at Baiwei Manor, Zhong Yi first went to see Qin Xiangzheng and Han Gongzi’s government, so it was not the way he wanted to hire roots.
In fact, he was busy with this matter in Kyoto at this time. The matchmaker has already invited him, and he has personally prepared the "pro-ceremony" from Nacai, Asking Name and Najib in turn.
It wasn’t long before others started to hear that Zhong Wei had already gone to Fujiangkou with a dowry, and this time Zhong Huai Shao obviously deliberately kept it from him and didn’t let him get any news, which made him unprepared.
"Uncle, aunt, this direct employment is because I did something wrong in Prince Gong’s house. I hope you don’t get angry. The matchmaker will arrive soon and everything will be done according to due etiquette. I really ask to marry Lan Xin without contempt."
Zhong Yi is worried that Qin Xiangzheng and Han misunderstood these valuable dowry. Parents will be happy when they see the wealth, but they can really value their daughter’s marriage. Parents will think that the man’s "six rites" are not in accordance with the rules, which makes people easy to have "disrespect for the family". Once the two sides misunderstand, it will be bad.
"Zhong Yi, we all know that you care about the big girl, and the big girl is white. You don’t worry that we will misunderstand. Sanbo has already told us that this direct employment is your father’s own meaning, and I didn’t discuss it with you in advance. Before the matchmaker came, your marriage with the big girl would be considered a matchmaker’s word. It’s not a break!" Qin Xiangzheng never dreamed that Zhong Yi would catch up so soon to see the child with a face of worry and fatigue, thinking that the road did not even rest.
"Uncle and aunt, thank you for being so righteous!"
In the Wei Dynasty, when a woman had six ceremonies before marriage, if there was no matchmaker to negotiate with her, she would easily be branded as "promiscuous", and Zhong Yi didn’t want Qin Lan’s heart to be hurt at all, especially from him.
After getting an understanding from Qin Xiangzheng and Han’s family, Zhong Yi came to Qin Lan’s heart. He knew that Qin Lan had heard his arrival, but this time she chose to stay in the room and didn’t come out. Was she angry with him?
"The county Lord Little Prince is here!" Double low to v on the case seriously write something Qin Lan heart said
"Know you all go without my order not to come in! Brother Yi, just sit aside for a while and my horse will be fine! " Qin Lan heart commanded these times and didn’t look up. Her voice was natural and calm. Zhong Yi couldn’t recognize what was wrong with her.
Heavy double, sweet after they recede the door Zhong Yi sat there obediently waiting for this time, even if Qin Lan was angry with Prince Gong’s office, his father should have done something rash. Qin Lan’s heart was not that year, and He Fangqing had no handle in his hand.
Perhaps Qin Lan was absorbed in doing something and didn’t feel how fast time passed, while Zhong Yi waited patiently for the first time and gave birth to a sense of unease. Now he can’t figure out what Qin Lan was thinking at this moment. Will waiting like this be "punishment"?
After Qin Lan finished writing, he finally looked up with a sigh of relief and looked at Zhong Yi with a smile, only to see the uneasiness and tension in his eyes. Knowing that he had misunderstood, he quickly explained, "Brother Yi, I’m sorry that I was too focused on writing, but I didn’t expect it to pass so quickly!"
"It’s okay! Lan Xin, you are not angry, are you? " Zhong Yi looked at her and asked seriously.
"I’m not angry. I don’t really value the etiquette and rules during the six ceremonies."
After all, Qin Lan’s heart is a modern person, and many of her ideas are still different from those of the ancients. Besides, what she really cares about is Zhong Yi. If the other person is not the one she likes, no matter how well she does the rules and etiquette, no matter how much she gets the dowry, she will not agree to the marriage.
On the contrary, even if there is no wedding, what if she likes people! She never cared about the ceremony or the presence of that person!
"Even if you are really not angry, I still want to say sorry for my father. I want to marry the only wife and woman in my life. I hope I can give you an unforgettable and beautiful wedding." Zhong Yi was stirred up by his father, and he was also ready for the snow geese, tiger skins and deerskin. He didn’t want Zhong Huai Shao to intervene this time
"Brother Yi, your appearance is the most unforgettable and beautiful thing I have encountered here. I am already very satisfied. My parents didn’t care about it, and you shouldn’t always be upset. Besides, which woman can have such good luck as me? I am happy to come after receiving so many betrothal gifts!" Qin Lan heart jokingly said
"But you are not happy because of my dowry!" Zhong Yi, who was robbed by his father, felt very uncomfortable. Qin Lan was only happy when he personally prepared the dowry. The Wei Dynasty didn’t have the custom of re-engagement, and it was not good. His dowry was destined to be a gift after he could not send it out.
"Well, Brother Yi, don’t be heartless. Although the bride price is not prepared by you, it is also because of you. Your father also loves me because of you and your mother. He didn’t abandon my background and family. Instead, he let your heart be hired and admitted. Isn’t it just telling everyone that I am your future wife, Zhong Yi, and it is justified to get his consent?" Qin Lan knows that Zhong Yi’s little "unhappiness" and "awkwardness" are also considered for Zhong Huai.
"I’m afraid you are the only one in the world who thinks so!" Zhong Yi laughed.
Zhong Huai Shao’s move was really inappropriate, but instead of being angry, she was very grateful to Zhong Huai Shao Qinlan for being so considerate.
"It doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is what you and your mother think. In fact, I can feel that your father cares about your mother at Prince Gong’s house that day, and I can see that he loves you very much this time. But he hasn’t learned to find the most correct way to impress your heart. You care about your father too, don’t you?"
Although Zhong Huai Shao doesn’t seem to be a qualified father from some stories told by Zhong Jingxuan and Zhong Yi, Zhong Yi has never been so happy, but there are as many ways to get along with his father as there are days, and his father’s love is the same. Perhaps silence may be cold, hard and awkward, but it can be as thick as a mountain.
Zhong Yi didn’t answer, but from his eyes, Qin Lan’s heart has seen his deep desire and expectation for fatherly love.
Perhaps Zhong Huaishao let him down many times during his nineteen years of growth, but he still has feelings for his father, which he will never give up.
She hopes that one day Zhong Yi’s longing and expectation will come true, and she will certainly try her best to help him achieve it.
"What did you write just now?" Zhong Yi doesn’t want to continue talking about Zhong Huai Shao. Some things still need to be taken slowly.
I heard Zhong Yi want to change the subject. Qin Lan didn’t go on laughing, but picked up the book he had painstakingly written these days and handed it to him. He said, "This is my gift to you, just as my gratitude for receiving so many betrothal gifts."
Zhong Yi took it and saw the words "Heavenly Creatures" written on the cover. Then he turned to the first page and wrote a big "preface". The first sentence was "There are thousands of objects in the sky, but things are not left behind because of the success. Is it human?"
"Lan Xin, what did you write about this?" Zhong Yi felt very strange. After reading a few words, he faintly felt that this was unusual.
"I didn’t write this, but I have a good memory now. I will read it from memory before, and I need to try and explore a lot of things. But this is a comprehensive book on farming and manual production. Do you remember the time I had people make a trolley and Zhuge Lian crossbow in Kyoto? In fact, everything is derived from this, and what I know is limited. If the knowledge inside is studied by professionals, the final achievement will be greater than that put in my place. I have written a separate booklet on military aspects such as machinery, weapons and gunpowder. "
Say that finish Qin Lan heart turned and went to the back of the frame, where there was a secret compartment made by herself, from which she took out a separate booklet and handed it to Zhong Yi.
It is said that the booklet is actually very thick, and it is shocking to read a few pages of Zhong Yi. The details of the weapon system are very detailed, and the power of gunpowder is even more amazing. If these are made, people will dare to offend easily in the four frontiers of the Wei Dynasty in the future.
Zhong Yi watched the Heavenly Creations Department in Qin Lan’s atrium at noon, and then he divided the Heavenly Creations into three parts.
Among them, Qin Lanxin wrote the military pamphlet separately, and he will inform the emperor as appropriate. He will hand over the other aspects of boat riding, pottery, casting, iron smelting, hammer forging, burnt stone, enzyme fixation and hardware skills to Qi You, and then he will decide what to do.
As for the remaining techniques of farming, dyeing and wine-making, Qin Lanxin controls and decides to trust the emperor, but he can’t leave no room for it. He must think of Zhong Qin and his two later generations.
When Zhong Yi divided Tian Gong Wu into three parts again and told Qin Lanxin where the three parts belonged, she had already understood the significance of his doing so. This was because Qin Lanxin did not expect Zhong Yi to think farther and deeper than her.
Perhaps because she has lived in Huangcai for more than two years, many things have not been deeply understood, but she will think more later.
On this day, Zhong Yi invited the matchmaker to finally come to subway manor with a "kiss ceremony", which made Qin Lanxin and others not expect that it was Deng Tong and Deng Tong who invited the matchmaker to come with Zhang Yong, Qi Junan and Xiao’s two brothers.
Because the dowry of Prince Gong’s mansion has been delivered, and Zhong Huai Shao has also asked Master Miao Yuan to give Zhong Yi and Qin Lan a heart-to-heart marriage, this "wedding ceremony" is also to be collected because Deng Tong, the matchmaker, and Qin Xiangzheng and asaps have gone through the motions.
It’s just a formality, and both parties are familiar with going back and forth to do things for several days. Because Zhong Huai Shao’s "mixing" was completed in less than an hour, Qin Lan took people to cook two big tables of food, and the men and women each had a heart-warming meal.


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