But producer Chen sighed and said that starting a new person is very risky, not only the crew takes risks, but also the investors can’t explain it. If it is broadcast by then, the advertisers won’t pull enough games, and the team name will be lost, so it will be difficult to save it.

Singing is plain. This guy just can’t see whether the new guy speaks plain or the singing cafe is not qualified enough. It’s understandable that people don’t want to take the risk.
Gao Ge immediately got up and left the result, and the other party hurriedly stopped her and said that she wanted to buy one of their ratings stations and recruit Senrui as an advertiser. If this business is successful, the ratings will be guaranteed to a certain extent, so even a supporting newcomer will be hurt.
Singing a song on the spot pulled my face up.
Gu Chuan said good or bad before leaving people.
It’s natural to know how difficult it is for a big system to inspire a new person who has no acting experience. She has just set up a workshop without a background, so she can’t do it with her little connections. She missed this time and didn’t know it would be until then.
It’s okay for her, but even if her salary is paid in advance, she has to open her mouth to eat every month. She can’t wait for an opportunity to find a door.
Think twice before she hesitated to make this call with MuYunZe. On the way, she tried to give up the last words several times, but she hesitated for a long time without saying anything, but MuYunZe was so clever that she thought he must have guessed something.
She stayed outside for ten minutes before she returned to the box.
Shui Xin saw that she was coming and quickly got up and gave way. "Gao Ge Jie, you sit here."
Sing a song and give a hand and walk to another sofa and sit for a while. MuYunZe will come over. If you see her sitting so close to Gu Chuan and go home, you won’t be jealous.
When producer Chen looked at it, Wen said, "It’s getting late. Let’s eat and talk?"
Gu Chuan smiled, "Yes, I’m just waiting for you to say this sentence."
Singing loudly to this producer Chen is really a treat with special respect. They sat in the box for a short period of time. The clerk came over several times and asked if they wanted food. Producer Chen said that it was not urgent. As a result, as soon as she called the other party, she immediately asked people to serve food. It was really just right.
I was just about to make fun of the song and pie pie when the phone rang again.
She glanced at it and immediately got up and pressed the answer. "Are you here? I’ll pick you up now. "
Words fell on the balcony door and were pushed from the outside. Mu Yunze was dusty. At the door, his right hand held the door, and his left hand held the mobile phone to his ear. When he saw singing, his lips slightly picked "No, I have arrived."
The eyes were so excited that my heart trembled and I barely controlled myself from showing the appearance of anthomaniac. I coughed a little and murmured, "Are you going out for dinner to dress up so beautifully?"
MuYunZe …
The president’s adult’s pupil is dark, ignoring the sentence of singing. The line of sight looks around and looks around. At that moment, Gu Chuan’s eyebrows are slightly twisted, which is obvious.
Gu Chuan has long been used to Mu Yunze’s eyes being very generous. Behind him, Wen said, "Long time no see for you."
MuYunZe although some don’t want to bird him, but because of singing present or stretched out his hand and shook with him.
Then he introduced producer Chen to Mu Yunze.
This time, the president glanced at his chin and didn’t even shake hands.
Producer Liu smiled dryly, took his hand back and coughed, "Let’s all sit down and talk over dinner."
When Gao Ge sat down, she heard Shui Xin ask her, "Is this brother-in-law Gao Ge? It’s so handsome!"
Section 35
Singing with joy in her heart is happier than praising herself, but her face is still cold. "It’s just like there are many handsome people in our circle. I have long been sick of handsome guys."
Chapter 552 Love punishment
Singing with joy in her heart is happier than praising herself, but her face is still cold. "It’s just like there are many handsome people in our circle. I have long been sick of handsome guys."
Shui Xin showed a look of admiration. "What did you think of your brother-in-law at that time?"
"Is it because he has a big job and is good at it?"
Singing a mouthful of water almost gushed out. This girl is usually enthusiastic. She knows that she didn’t expect to talk so rough. Her face is brilliant and she glared at her for a long time. "Why do you ask so many questions!"
Shui Xin hey hey smiled and whispered, "I’m not curious. What woman is not curious about her bed performance when she looks so handsome?"
"All right, all right, the more you say it, the more ridiculous it is." Sing with a straight face. "Give me the idol bag. If you are photographed by outsiders, I will spare you."
Shui Xin immediately sat up and said, Look how obedient I am.
Singing a song about how to recruit such an idiot and mix in the circle really makes her uneasy.
Producer Chen, who is halfway through the wine tour, has come to the topic of attracting investment again
What’s Mu Yunze doing? After listening to a few words, he generally called himself to come over. The purpose is that producer Chen said that people who want to fortress must get investment promotion, otherwise singing would not be so fragrant and vomiting.
We know ourselves, but don’t look at singing. We are careless at ordinary times, and the economy is divided. When we encounter some difficulties, we never discuss with him, so we have to break our heads and make him feel bad.
This woman did everything by herself for more than 20 years ago. Now, with him, she doesn’t know how to benefit from resources. Mu Yunze is resistant and distressed, but on second thought, isn’t this all her own sins? At the beginning, when she was together, she was the one who directly refused to sing for thousands of miles. At that time, even though she knew that singing in the entertainment circle was difficult, she never intervened for many years. Where can she change overnight? It hurts her heart and lungs to think about Mu Yunze.


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