Chu Yun hurriedly control undead insects to fly to the surface.

At this time, the firebird was about to struggle to get up from the ground.
One step, three shakes, a daze, and another bump into a tree. This time, it finally stopped a lot.
"unexpected harvest!" Undead insects must fly high or fast.
Chu Yun manipulation is disturbing, and this eye will send a small firebird.
But undead insects alone can’t bring it back
Xiangri separated from other hospitals.
Today, servants and people are busy with their work.
Chu Yun’s cat hands and feet pass by these people carefully, and from time to time, he turns his eyes to find the lack of sight.
Finally managed to escape from it.
Out of the house, Chu Yun ran away, but chakra might as well keep a supercilious look as he was on his way because chakra was so precious.
Chu Yun, this side is heading that way. Dead insects, small insects over there are rubbing their mouths against the birds’ mouths
Undead insects are stained with poison. This was originally prepared by Chu Yun for living Xiaowu. Now it is not bad for Firebird.
When Chu Yun arrived, the little firebird was lying there foaming at the mouth.
Chu Yun put the firebird on the painted metempsychosis circle without stopping the scroll, and then the metempsychosis ceremony started.
At the same time, Chu Yun drops a drop of his own blood on the firebird’s forehead.
Fortunately, a guy with such a small body and low soul force needs a drop of blood. If you want to carve a contract on your forehead like a big guy, Chu Yun really doesn’t know how to do it.
Looking at the firebird’s flesh and blood, Chu Yun looked up and swept around his eyes, and his ears stood up at the same time.
At this time, if there is a firebird flying, it is not beautiful.
Nervously, when the metempsychosis ceremony was over, Chu Yun ran back the same way.
When the horse is about to eat at noon, he doesn’t want to be found at home.
Before leaving, Chu Yun took a new bottle of poison and covered the firebird’s mouth.
I was secretly happy that I would be able to chase those guys this time after changing guns.
Chu Yun thought that the way to awaken the sleeping undead was to turn their bodies into undead again.
And then blend the sleeping soul fire into the new metempsychosis body.
And Xiao Wu is very honored to be the first target that Chu Yun wants to test.
"Ga … ga … ga …"
When the panicked crow called the undead firebird, the command in Chu Yun was like a sharp arrow "sou" catching up.
"What a bird hates Xiao Wu! It’s such a big fight!"
Far away, Chu Yun controlled the firebird to fall behind the birds like a thief.
This chase caught up with the late process. Although it was thrilling, Xiaowu just survived.
This makes Chu Yun have to admire this guy.
At night, Xiao Wu was also tired and miserable. Soon after the thief sneaked back into the bird’s nest, he fell asleep.
Chu Yun’s old trick of controlling flamingos was repeated in Xiaowu’s mouth.
Xiao Wu is also very cooperative in biting and biting the firebird’s mouth with his mouth open. I wonder if he dreamed of stealing bird eggs again.
Soon after, the guy who was hunted by birds for a day without hurting a hair finally died in the poisonous mouth of firebird.
"Do you want to give this trick a name?"
Chu Yun ordered the firebird to carry Xiao Wu’s body back and said in his mind, "Pandora kisses? No, Pandora is a box. "
In terms of body shape, Xiaowu has grown into a firebird several times. Recently, the food is good and the physique is overweight, but fortunately, the firebird has gained a lot of strength after becoming an undead.
Even the drag and drag was finally dragged to Chu Yun at dawn the next day.
After I finished washing, I looked at the dragged crow with a pious face. "Don’t blame me, even if I don’t kill you at this time, you have to freeze to death this winter, and what’s the point of stealing eggs every day? I’ll take you to do something big."
Said the Chu Yun tissue to xiaowu wiped her mouth and adjusted the instrument.
Later, the scroll was gently placed in the reincarnation circle.
The metempsychosis circle started and the blood fog rose.
Chu Yun stared at one side.
I prayed in my heart, "Can I make a difference? This last one will be whoosh."
Chapter one hundred and twenty This little white hair is a disaster
The undead crow succeeded in metempsychosis, and Chu Yun was still a little uneasy.
Although the memory of the tree is similar to that of the crow, it is shameful enough, but this new reincarnation may be a distant relative of Xiaowu.
Cousin, cousin, what?


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