Shen Tingyan is a tourist. Ye Zhengdong wants to take this opportunity to talk to him about the joint venture. He has repeatedly stressed to Bai Huan the need to treat Shen Tingyan well.

Therefore, Bai Huan has been studying Shen Tingyan’s information these days.
The information says that he is thirty-five years old and engaged. His fiancee is the daughter of a director in Lincheng.
Everyone says that Shen Tingyan is eccentric and difficult to get along with, which is also the reason why Bai Huan is nervous.
She is really not very good at dealing with such people.
Shen Tingyan came here with his fiancee, who looks very conspicuous in her early thirties and smells perfume every two or three meters away.
Bai Huan was born with a strong perfume and couldn’t help sneezing after smelling it.
The hotel was quiet, and almost everyone saw her when she sneezed.
White Huan’s face turned red in an instant, and she looked up at the couple opposite, ashamed.
"Hug, I’m sorry … Mr. and Mrs. Shen." Bai Huan put his hands together and apologized to them. "I didn’t mean to invite two Haihan just now."
"Is this the attitude of your hotel?" The first thing I said was that Luo Xiang, beside Shen Tingyan, "Call your manager and I want to complain."
"… er, this lady, she is our manager." The little girl at the front desk was also very embarrassed.
"Mrs. Shen, I’m really sorry. I’m a little allergic to pollen. I didn’t mean to offend you just now." Bai Huan patiently explained to her.
"She’s not Mrs. Shen. Don’t yell." Shen Tingyan looked at a white mouth that was neither salty nor light.
After Bai Huan finished, I didn’t expect Shen Tingyan to say such a thing. At that time, I didn’t know how to answer it. I stood there for a long time without saying a word.
Just when Bai Huan’s brain got stuck, Shen Tingyan asked her with a straight face, "Won’t the manager introduce us to a hotel base?"
"Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll introduce you."
It’s hard to find a topic, so it’s natural to seize the opportunity
She has recited these lines for many days, and now she has finally given a performance.
Chen Jinjin was there when Bai Huan talked with Shen Tingyan.
She will screw things up again when she comes here. Who knows that Shen Tingyan actually had a good talk with her? After chatting for more than half an hour, even his fiancee was thrown aside by Shen Tingyan.
Luo Xiang has never been seen by anyone. Today, Bai Huan stole the show. She has already remembered this account.
As soon as she checked in, she did everything possible to make it difficult for her.
Later, Bai Huan was going to pack up and go home from work when the words suddenly rang.
Just picking up the phone, I listened to the front desk and said to her, "Manager Bai, please go upstairs quickly. Mr. Shen’s fiancee said that the carpet in her room was not clean and she had been arguing for more than ten minutes."
"Is Manager Chen not here?" Bai Huan thought that the lobby manager should be responsible for this kind of thing.
"… we’re going to call manager Chen in the past, but Miss Luo named you in the past, and there’s nothing we can do."
"Good, then I’ll go there now."
After hanging up, Bai Huan hurried towards the housekeeping department.
Luo Xiang is determined today. If it’s hard to see her come in, she immediately smiles.
"Manager Bai is really expensive. I, I can’t please move you."
"I’m sorry to have kept you waiting," Bai Huan calmly explained to her. "I just got a message from the front desk."
"So this is the efficiency of your hotel?" Luo Xiang cocked his head and looked at Bai Huan with a smile. "If Shen Tingyan hits Manager spoken parts, he must be rushing to run?"
"I don’t know what you mean."
Luo Xiang’s remarks made him frown.
She admitted that she didn’t say anything to Shen Tingyan about the topic outside work. Although she just talked a few more words, it was all around the hotel situation. Because Ye Zhengdong said that she wanted to meet him, she was trying her best to introduce it.


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