Once she is powerful, she may be able to control it herself! But … In that case, Purple Xuanyuan will become the first shield!

If she loses one hundred percent, she doesn’t want anything to happen to Ziyuan!
Knees are getting more and more bent, and the burning anger in my heart has been replaced by his emotions. She has to fight hard, and her speed at the scene may not be able to hit it at once.
However, Zi Xuanyuan suddenly said, "Don’t worry about me, son, and remember that Dad must live well and live better than anyone else. Don’t blind yourself because you want revenge. You are the proudest daughter of Zi Xuanyuan in my life!"
His voice was gentle, but he said it word by word into Ziyun’s proud heart.
Purple Xuanyuan suddenly pulled out a dagger he had hidden from his sleeve. This dagger had been used to deal with the red chaos spirit and stabbed Ziyunxi body like mud.
Although Ziyunxi is his daughter, she has been possessed by evil spirits, and he can’t be lost by her!
The dagger in his hand accurately and mistakenly stabbed Ziyunxi Ziyuan with a frown and said, "Xi ‘er, if you can’t turn back, it’s good for Dad to send you away!"
Ziyunxi heard that there was a heavy shock to him. Did you intend to sacrifice Aoer when she came alive? Isn’t she his daughter? Why do this to her-
This stupid woman is crazy again. Bao Er feels terrible pain.
Where did Bao Er think that she would be tied by her hands? Purple Xuanyuan put a finger on the back of his neck and coldly spit out four words: "I’m dying!"
Purple Xuanyuan soul was pulled out of the body by her.
The pain of tearing the heart and lungs made Zi Xuanyuan feel great pain in his insides. His expression passed a ferocious look, but his lip angle was slightly raised when he finally fell to the ground.
A proud Ziyun just stabbed Ziyunxi with the dagger of Purple Xuanyuan. I feel dazed, but I thought that Bao Er had ripped his soul out of his body!
She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Dad-"
It was too late to guess when purple Xuanyuan fell to the ground in pain. She immediately launched a strong wind to shake hands with the dagger again! She asked dad to kill Bao Er with a dagger. This bitch 469 Chapter 469 Purgatory Xing.
Instantaneous outbreak of pain makes Ziyun proud anger value soar to the extreme!
Ziyun proudly swore to Bao Er that she would be buried together!
Bao Er shall not know the power of this light ball. Just now, she gained three times the magic power of Jue Ling. I’m afraid three Bao Er can resist it!
And that speed is as fast as rumby!
I’m afraid I can abandon Ziyunxi’s body!
No matter how fast Ziyun is, it can’t compare with the soul!
Let Ziyun Creek be bombed out by her! In this way, even if you have to come out of Ziyunxi’s body, you will feel happier!
Bao Er wanted to suddenly break away from Ziyunxi’s body, and at the same time, the ball of light violently hit Ziyunxi.
Together with the golden dagger, they attacked the body of Ziyunxi!
Emperor Junyi was taken aback when he found that Ziyunxi’s body was suddenly motionless. He thought that the red spirit might be separated from Ziyun’s proud body and realized that Bao Er had left Ziyunxi’s body. The blow was fatal to Ziyunxi! She made a decisive decision and suddenly took back her strength!
But such a powerful force can be controlled by herself! Ziyun Ao suffered a serious self-attack. Do you want Huang Junyi to react quickly enough to adjust the dagger and fly to Ziyun Ao? I’m afraid she was hit by a dagger!
But because everything was so fast, he forgot that Ziyun was proud in front of the dagger and Ziyun River was the opposite!
She closed the wind, and once again, the dagger smacked Bao Er’s soul in the palm of his hand!
Bao Er didn’t expect the emperor to play so fast. Even if she escaped in her soul state, she was stabbed in the arm by a dagger, which is more than gnashing her teeth in disgust! This damn dagger is lethal to her! She felt it for a long time and never felt the heartache!
At the same time, Huang Junyi saw Ziyun’s proud injury and immediately concentrated on the fact that the red chaos spirit was so cunning that Aoer was attacked twice. Bai Aoer wanted to end her personally, but now he can’t continue to stand by!
Landslides and ground fissures usually come in a turbulent sound.
The wind roared and Bao Er screamed bitterly.
Running water and flash floods are coming crazy!
Bao Er was surprised.
It’s the water that keeps coming, and it’s almost drowning Bao Er.
Ziyun proudly saw that she was trapped in the water and resisted the pain of being swallowed up. It was another hard blow to aim at Bao Er. "Bao Er, I never expected you to die like now!"
Huge mountain torrents rushed to Bao Er, and the powerful ball of light split into Bao Er like thunder and lightning!
Like being burned at the stake, Bao Er felt a heartbreaking pain! This kind of pain, she swore that she would never forget her tossing and turning in the water, but the biting pain made her feel like she was in purgatory!
It hurts!
It hurts!
It’s like being in the middle of the year, and I feel that my body is being separated inch by inch, not exactly her soul. She escaped from Ziyunxi, but she could escape herself. I didn’t expect that she would still fail.
She’s not reconciled. She’s not reconciled! She had long known that once Ziyun ao found her, she would go back, but she didn’t expect that she would make it so fast. Chapter 47 It has long been her goal in this life to make her suffer.
At the moment, the soul of Purple Xuanyuan is staring at Bao Er behind Ziyun proudly, as if telling her that he would only be satisfied if he watched her die.
Bao Er tried to seize the soul of Purple Xuanyuan and tore it hard, but because it was too far away, there was no way. Although he could not be heard by others, Bao Er could hear it clearly.
He said that this dagger is specially used to deal with the red chaos spirit, and you have ruined my family. This butcher dagger will also die!


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