Fu Jingming went to the elevator with her. "Go back to work and I’ll just take her."

Xu Jinyan nodded and thanked the employee. "Thank you for your trouble."
The two entered the professional ladder of the president.
Now it is Fu Jingyun and Fu Jingxiao. Fu Jingming occasionally rubs this ladder when there are many people. Usually he is the employee ladder next door.
"Is it urgent to come to him so early?" Fu Jingming looked at Xu Jin’s inkstone. It didn’t look good. Some of them were nervous and uneasy. They were well hidden, so they couldn’t be seen.
But who is he? Why else would he mix under his father’s nose?
"Well, he forgot to take something and I sent it to him, which is to trouble you." Xu Jinyan pulled a reason
Fu Jingming shook his head. "Isn’t this guy always boasting that he is particularly mature and steady? He is also forgetful and not better than me."
"Well," Xu Jin inkstone is not in the mood to listen to Fu Jingming’s jokes, and his head can also receive such a buzz.
Soon the quiet ladder was interrupted by a "ding"
Fu Jingming walked out first at the staircase door. Xu Jinyan hesitated. When she hesitated, she exposed his lies when she saw him. So what will they become?
At that moment, she was afraid
I really want to stay in the scam.
But she has no chance. Fu Jingming is calling her, "Come out here. Why are you stupid?"
Xu today inkstone back to the outside of the ladder.
Fu Jingming went over to Fu Jingxiao’s office and saw that she was walking slowly and slowed down herself. What did he have a premonition about?
Isn’t it as simple as sending something?
A strange idea popped into my mind and vanished.
He knocked on the office door and shouted "It’s Fu Jingming"
The office door Xu Jinyan looked at the man sitting at his desk in the office outside this automatic door, saying that he had been on a business trip for several days Fu Jingxiao.
At this moment, she still hopes that if he says, I just got back, why did you come? She will still believe it.
Because this person is Fu Jingxiao, who won’t lie to her.
But the funny thing is that even if you deceive yourself, you can’t fool yourself because the woman opposite him has turned around.
She didn’t want to recognize that ugly smiling face.
When Xu Jinwen was working in his office, it was not that he didn’t know that Xu Jinwen and herself had let her come to the company and into the office.
He’s crazy. He’s challenging her limits.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen What will take away our children?
Fu Jingxiao and Xu Jinyan’s faces are dignified and complicated to express their thoughts in such a long distance.
"Come in" Fu Jingming stepped forward by herself, but found that Xu Jinyan did not move and turned back to pull her in.
If you can go back, Xu Jin inkstone will turn around and leave without looking back at this moment.
But now that she has gone, Xu Jinwen means that she has to face and solve the fundamental problem, and it will be bad for her and Fu Jingxiao to escape blindly.
"Sister-in-law came to give you something and I brought you someone." Fu Jingming said to Fu Jingxiao that he didn’t see anything strange.
"Know Cheng Kang send XiaoFu always go out and don’t come in" Fu Jingxiao commanded 1.
Wait for someone to leave.
Fu Jingming, a moment from Cheng Kang, wanted to stay and say a few words, but Cheng Kang asked him to leave.
The door is closed.
Xu Jin inkstone smiled a little Leng Qing and indifferent.
"I didn’t expect my sister to come." Xu Jinwen’s smile is unpredictable.
"You’re wrong, aren’t you? What will you be here? It’s not the place where you should stay." Xu Jin put his finger on his palm and let the pain alert him.
Xu Jinwen came to Xu Jinyan with a smile. "Sister, don’t talk like this. We can talk well. After all, you don’t want to think about how I come?"


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