Everything in the world is only the stars, and it seems to others that everything changes, but it seems to be nothing at first as snow.

It’s like a 60-year cycle, and it’s like a cycle for thousands of years.
This idea is like snow, and it reminds me of the afterlife.
Buddha said that cause and effect complement each other, so how much blood does she bear in this life? I’m afraid this guilt will be transferred back to adults in the tenth century, right?
All right, these are not great things.
What about Zhong Li? What will he be like in the afterlife?
Although Zhong Li’s breath is a little poor, he knows as early as snow that he is really kind. He pretends to be fierce and doesn’t care because he is in that place and is a little defensive to the world.
Even before he came to Yuandu, he didn’t even kill chickens.
It was the first time that Zhong Liyi killed people in Gulong Canyon. If you were the swordsman in Jianghu, I’m afraid you would laugh at a generation.
I will never see it again.
At this time, Churu heard the sound of horses and chariots.
A gorgeous carriage stopped in front of Churu Snow, and Liu Yaer and his mother heard the sound and felt something was wrong, so they immediately came out of the house behind Churu Snow.
Out of the carriage came a fat man who was past middle age, dressed in the same fat, and hurriedly knelt before the first snow.
"Guan Jiange County magistrate Xu Jiaxian visited Shang’s adult!"
As soon as the woman saw the magistrate kneeling, she knew that this man was in front of the court, but she was surprised to hear him call this man "Shangdaren".
She thought that this person was at best a profound family, but which relative disembarked this person from such a big history.
Think about it and feel scared, so I hurriedly pulled my son and knelt behind the fat magistrate.
"Liu Qushi, a grass-roots man, meets Shang’s adult!"
Churuxue looked at kneeling on the ground and said, "Madam, you don’t have to be like this. I didn’t wear the DPRK and didn’t say whether my identity was rude or not."
So one side lifted the mother up before the month.
Churuxue looked at the fat body again and said, "It seems that adults know what happened during the day?"
The fat man shook a little and said, "In the daytime, those people at the bottom of the official’s office are ignorant and disturb the adults. The store official has killed Wang Shang’s adult!"
As early as snow, I was a little dazed when I heard this. Although the store was hateful, it was now killed because it was a self-protection tool for this county magistrate.
"He came to tell the officer that it was not your hand, but he was in cahoots."
Since he didn’t say his own hand, he didn’t dispose of it. As early as snow, this man always knows how to drill.
"When the official returns home, he will be taught a lesson and told not to make such mistakes again!"
At this time, the fat of the magistrate’s body has been shaking for many times. I don’t know if it is hard to kneel or it is hot at night. Sweat on his forehead is rolling and seeping into his neck pleats. It looks funny.
"Adult daughter body how can spend the night in this racecourse! Please also ask adults to condescend to stay in the official residence, but it is an official apology. "
As early as snow, look at the stars in the distance and the mother. Both of them know that this magistrate is cruel. If she leaves this racecourse, it will be in disaster.
"Your honor’s good pleasure is that it’s not convenient for the officer to toss and turn in the night. This racecourse is not bad."
The magistrate didn’t know what to do when he saw the first snow.
If you send gold and silver, it’s not a joke!
But besides gold and silver, the fat county magistrate can’t think of anything in his head that can make him feel like snow at first.
Seeing that the magistrate finally said, "My Lord, please go back. The official originally came to this place to enjoy himself, and he didn’t want others to know that it was not good for adults to do such a movement."
The magistrate finally found out that he didn’t get the expected benefits. It was the greatest blessing to listen to the first snow and the tone seemed to be that he would not pursue the former things!
So even rolling and crawling to leave the month, looking at the beginning as snow, covering her mouth and laughing.
The two mothers know that a statue of the Great God has been invited at home and that they should not leave the Great God for the time being!
Chu Ruxue looked at the woman with a frightened face and said, "Madam, since I live here, I naturally won’t abandon her things, and you know better than me that if I leave tonight, Madam, this racecourse will even change hands."
Chapter 46 The so-called offence
Jia twenty-six years old
Churuxue is not nosy, but now she is the cause of this matter. If she does leave like this, this woman and child deserve it.
Although the child invited her to come home, her mind may not be virtuous, whether it is not bad or not, whether it is to show off her guests in front of her friends, she thinks it is acceptable.
It took the woman a long time to recover from the shock just now, and it was a little unclear.
"It turned out to be a little woman. Please look at the noble and ask the adults not to blame."
It’s better to know how to talk than to look at that woman’s supercilious manner than to scare the magistrate into a cold sweat.
"Women’s food is very good."
Chu Ruxue didn’t say blame or blame, which is not important to her.
She didn’t come to the southwest to see the local customs and Hakka customs here.
She’s looking for hope
It was a little cold at night at the racecourse. When Liu Qushi saw that cool thin was like snow at first, he took a new cotton quilt at home and smoked it as snow. The room was warm at once.
The regiment lay on a new cotton mattress and bit Churu’s foot like snow through socks. It was like being punished and slapped on the head, so it ran to Churu’s face and came to catch her long hair scattered around her.
As early as snow, I was turning pages and pages with Buddhist scriptures in my hand. Because I was on my way these days, I didn’t take care of it. It wasn’t a day of rest, as early as snow, or I was bathed and washed clean by the regiment. At this time, my hair was not dry, so I sat on the bed and looked.
If this day is in northern Xinjiang, even in a short time, there will be a black shadow coming out with a cold air and shamelessly running over to talk to her.
There were times when Chu Ruxue thought she would live like this for a generation.
Now, at Shushan Racecourse, she knows what is an idiotic dream and wishful thinking.
When the regiment was tired, it curled up beside the first snow and fell asleep. It was not very elegant in appearance, and soon it spit out half of its tongue with its mouth slightly open, and its fierce fangs also showed half.
Churuxue thinks it’s fun, so he gently points a nose dry with his finger.
In his sleep, the regiment patted its front paws like snow at first, turned over with its hands covering its eyes and continued to sleep. Is that small tongue or is it exposed outside?


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