Although I haven’t slept for more than a day and a night, I have been squinting for a while, but Yue Tuo is not tired at all. His eyes are as sharp as eagles.

"Sixth Uncle, we’d better wait for this matter. The army is very good at knot formation. Although the two departments are mostly new troops, after all, they have several years of experience in Pinggu, and they have not seen too much panic. Let’s be patient and wait for them to get out of the way and pull the battle."
Jierhalang, of course, Bai Yuetuo’s profound heart andao "He’s in his thirties, and he’s been compared by Yue Tuo, a teenager."
Busy with a smile, "That’s what I meant. These dogs dare not March at night. They will certainly have to hurry in the afternoon."
Yue Tuo nodded heavily repose no longer speak.
Jierhalang also converged his mind as if the old monk were in a meditation, and he didn’t know what was going on.
At a quarter past noon, a sentry came back carefully with the news that "the master dog pioneer has set off"
Yue Tuo and Jierhalang’s spirit died as a shock.
Yue Tuo whispered, "Sixth Uncle, let’s wait a little longer until these dogs pull up."
Jierhalang smiled and nodded. "It’s better if I come to the south and you come to the north to pinch it!"
Yue Tuo smiled. "Sixth Uncle, rest assured that we must not let these dogs get away!"
Cold words seem to be the lowest ice in hell!
Chapter 1329 method to avoid battle!
It’s getting hotter and hotter in the afternoon
However, after a short break by the river, Zhang Pan and Chen Liangce’s soldiers were greatly boosted.
Many soldiers are whispering excitedly about this time, maybe they can follow Uncle Li Yuanqing into the hinterland of central Liaoning to rob Tatar property and women.
The vanguard, the central army, and the ministries in turn followed the two wings with a cavalry escort of more than 2,000 people. The two teams of more than 10,000 people soon went on track.
I have done a very in-depth study on the March against Li Yuanqing, the main force of Tatar.
To put it simply and rudely, it is simple and straightforward!
During the March, the army was charged by the main force of the Tatars. This kind of war case is simply too numerous to mention in these years.
In the face of this sudden charge, 99% of the army can be a lamb in a rush.
But Li Yuanqing slowly summed up his own experience from actual combat.
That is, the simplest way to maintain one’s own superior position and at the same time have a certain degree of free counterattack power, so as to resolve the original complicated position and maintain combat effectiveness.
At this time, Zhang Pan and Chen Liangce have not got Li Yuanqing and Changsheng Camp to play around, but there is still no big problem with a 70% resemblance.
The battle of the sunshine brilliant red army is like a thick red dragon moving forward slowly, and the soldiers laugh from time to time in the battle.
With Liu Saner, this gama will be close to the main battlefield, and the excitement of the two soldiers has been raised.
Zhang Pan and Chen Liang are also full of expectations.
The two men in Pinggu Campaign have already had a rich harvest, and Haizhou Campaign is simply an unparalleled feat.
It is not too difficult for the two of them to grasp the word "deputy" and add Li Yuanqing’s support to turn around.
Everyone’s heart is full of beautiful things and longing for the future. At this moment, the northeast and southeast directions suddenly come, which is like thunder.
Zhang Pan and Chen ~ are both good strategies, and they will react in a moment.
This sound is less than the scale of ten thousand fighters.
And although there are many cavalry in Li Yuanqing, they are all scattered in various ministries, which is far from such a scale!
This is by no means an army!
"Enemy attack!" "Enemy attack!"
"Knot array! Knot array … "
In an instant, the shrill cry resounded through the army.
Rao is Zhang Pan, and some people are out of their wits. At the same time, he ordered QinBing to form a formation and made Liu Saner, a confidant QinBing, quickly take people to Yaozhou for help.
Chen Liangyou was also frightened.
Never thought that after 8 jin j should give them such a at this time!
But things have happened, and they have no choice but to line up quickly and prepare for the enemy.
Fortunately, the bones and blood of the two grass-roots officers were all the backbone of Dongjiang in those days. With these pioneers’ nerve guidance, the whole army battle was somewhat chaotic, but the overall battle was still maintained.
At this time, more than 10,000 fine riders with red flags and blue flags on the northeast and southeast horizons have increased their maximum speed. The ferocious faces are like climbing out of hell and urging spectres to flock towards the army to kill them.
"Birds kill soldiers!"
"Javelin, flying axe!"
"Explosive packs, artillery, follow!"
For the top speed cavalry, the distance of three or five miles is just a matter of time.


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