"Come here!" Yan Qingyi and Chu Daian disappeared, and Yan Qingtang chopsticks pointed to Shen Menglu.

Shen Menglu raised an eyebrow and sat silently beside Yan Qingtang. "Does the Lord of Yan have orders?" Judging from the respectful attitude of Chu Dai ‘an and Yan Yi to Yan Qingtang just now, this elder of Yan Qingtang is obviously unchallengeable and Shen Menglu is not going to cut himself.
Yan Qingtang is ignored Shen Menglu gu since the end of the glass since the drink.
A few glasses of wine warmed Yan Qingtang’s belly and was frozen by the cold wind, which also softened his original serious and determined facial contour.
"Tell me, what is it that you called my son to Beijing this time?" Good half ring Yan Qingtang put his glass in his hand and looked at Shen Menglu calmly.
Yan Qingtang is not a fool, and he knows his own way. He is greedy and arrogant, and Yan Qingyu is different. Yan Yiyi has always been calm and self-sustaining, and will not do unwise things.
It is true that Yan Yiyi has a crush on Shen Menglu, but Yan Yiyi knows what to do, what not to do, what kind of request to allow and what kind of request to refuse.
For example, this time, let Yan Yi enter the palace, too Zhu Yinqi quit the mysterious grass. Although Yan Yi could not bear to refuse Shen Menglu’s request, Yan Qingtang and the elders dissuaded Yan Yi from breaking his promise.
Yan Qingtang is quite sure that no matter how obsessed Yan Yimi is with Shen Menglu, it is bound to be a very special reason that Yan Yimi will sneak out of the office at the risk of being banned by doing something so outrageous as taking medicine for him.
Shen Menglu didn’t expect Yan Qingtang to ask so bluntly, "Why don’t you just ask Yan Gong about this question?"
Yan Yan Shuyu is a family affair of Yan Yi, and there are emotional entanglements involving Yan Qingtang Yan Yan Yan Shuyu. It is better for Shen Menglu to talk with Yan Yi and Yan Qingtang’s father.
Yan Qingtang waved his hand. "Since you asked Yi to come, you have to worry too much about answering my question directly."
Yan Qingtang didn’t want to say that a dull pain just flashed in Yan Yi’s eyes, which made him vaguely uneasy. Intuition told him that Yan Yi’s visit to Beijing was not simple. He needed to know Yan Yi’s eyes before the father talked.
Sooner or later, Yan Yan Shu Yu can’t hide it. In this case, Shen Menglu no longer refused to tell Yan Qingtang truthfully. "Yan Gong, the Lord of Yan Men, came for his mother to wash jade!"
Wan Yan Shu Yu? ! Yan Qingtang’s glass fell to the ground and looked at Shen Menglu in shock. "What did you say?"
Shen Menglu quietly looked at Yan Qingtang and repeated, "Lord Yan found Yan Hong’s aunt in my favorite palace, so he told Yan Gong that this time he came to see Yan Hong’s aunt."
Yan Qingtang’s hands trembled involuntarily, and his face was stained with a touch of forbearance. It took Yan Qingtang a long time to mute his voice. "Is she okay?"
Wash jade He wash jade unexpectedly, the mood of Yan Qingtang in the Grand Palace is very complicated at the moment, and joy or pain can’t be distinguished.
Yan Qingtang’s face suppressed pain, which made Shen Menglu very familiar with. At the beginning, she had seen Yan Hong’s face. Presumably, they all loved each other very deeply and painfully.
"Not so good" Shen Menglu honestly replied "Aunt Yan Hong is currently in a dark prison. The younger generation invited Yan Gong to come this time to reunite their mother, and secondly to discuss with Yan Gong as if she could save Aunt Yan Hong"
Was locked up? Yan Qingtang’s eyes are bright and dark, and there is a kind of emotion that people can’t see clearly. Which is more important, the rule or the lover?
"Her identity has been discovered." Yan Qingtang’s tone is horribly gloomy. Yan Qingtang did not ask Shen Menglu but stated the facts.
Shen Menglu was stunned by Yan Qingtang’s cold tone. "Aunt Yan Hong, the Lord of Yan Door, will not be in danger for the time being."
Her hunch was that Yan Qingtang had long known that Yan Yan Shuyu had hidden the palace, but he never took the initiative to find Yan Yan Shuyu. What is this? There are many questions in Shen Menglu’s heart, but obviously it is not a good time to dispel doubts.
Of course, he knew that Yan Yan Shu Yu wouldn’t be in danger, otherwise … Yan Qingtang closed his eyes and didn’t answer Shen Menglu’s words. Gu spontaneously asked, "Have you seen her?"
Shen Menglu nodded. "I have seen it!"
"Did she agree to leave the palace?" Yan Qingtang’s eyes grew darker and darker.
Shen Menglu hesitated. "We haven’t confirmed the rescue plan."
"That is to say, she didn’t promise" Yan Qingtang reminded some corners of the mouth with self-mockery, and the unfathomable darkness vanished, leaving the edge cold.
"Lord Yan, that’s not what I meant." The sudden coldness of Yan Qingtang made Shen Menglu shudder, and she was a little flustered.
"I know" Yan Qingtang should be a lightly.
It doesn’t matter to Yan Qingtang what Shen Menglu means. He means Yan Hong Shu Yu. Yan Hong Shu Yu met Yan Yi but didn’t go with him. Then say a question.
After so many years, Yan Hong Shuyu hasn’t changed at all. She still regards revenge as the focus of her life. Yan Hong Shuyu doesn’t want anything, family, children or him …
This kind of cognition made Yan Qingtang cherish the name of Yan Yan Shuyu in his heart for many years. Over the years, Yan Qingtang raised three children by himself and forced himself to say goodbye to Yan Yan Shuyu.
But after many years, I didn’t expect to hear the name of Yan Hong Shu Yu again, which made him feel sad, but it still caused him deep pain …
"You go!" Yan Qingtang turned his back on Shen Menglu and ordered him to leave.
Shen Menglu took a sip of his lip and silently got up. He turned and stepped out of the wing and thoughtfully Yan Qingtang closed the door.
Shen Menglu knew that Yan Qingtang needed a little time to savor his love story with Yan Yan Shuyu …
Back to Yuemeng Palace, Shen Menglu tossed and turned until the dawn, and finally went to sleep wearily. When she woke up, the sky was bright and the sun was shining.
When I saw Zhu Yinzhen circling myself, Shen Menglu was very surprised at how Zhu Yinzhen came back. Shen Menglu woke Zhu Yinzhen with a slight movement.
"Mom, you’re awake." Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes were bloodshot and his voice was dumb.
"Did I wake you?" Zhu Yinzhen’s face of fatigue made Shen Menglu very distressed to see Zhu Yinzhen’s sample, which was obviously * sleepless. "Go to sleep and I won’t bother you."
"I can’t wait for my mother to get up!" Zhu Yin Zhen Li hugged Shen Menglu and took a deep sniff of her unique fragrance. She took the lead in getting a handkerchief to wipe her face.


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