"Master, have things been solved?"

Although I am very unhappy about Xiao Lingyu’s existing wife, Jiang Lanshang really hopes that things will be completed smoothly.
"Ha ha, there is a teacher who can help renew the soul fragrance. Does it not solve the problem?"
Cui Yue first replied with a smile and then asked, "Where’s your sister?"
"Uh …"
Jiang Lanshang hesitated and then answered, "If you are in a bad mood, you will never go out until the Emperor of God."
Cui Yue frowned and said, "How can you carry out such an important practice when you are in a chaotic mood? Isn’t it a death!"
Jiang Lanshang suddenly woke up after hearing this, but she then said, "I guess my sister is also talking about definitely not going to impact the period of God Emperor."
Cui Yue narrowed her eyes and put her knowledge on the gods. Then her face suddenly changed and she said "bad" and then she teleported away directly.
In an ice cave, Jiang Lanyue sat cross-legged on a lotus platform completely carved from cold ice, and her breath was very disordered. Her eyebrows were almost twisted together, and her expression looked a little bitter, and her mouth was even bloodshot.
At this time, since the ice lotus pedestal keeps pouring out, thick specific energy keeps flowing in Jiang Lanyue’s whole body, but it helps her to relieve the stress caused by the disorder of skill and also helps her to calm down.
But even so, Jiang Lanyue’s face is still as white as paper and he is trembling.
Cui Yue, with a white robe and a tired face, moved into this ice cave. He crossed his legs and suspended across from Jiang Lanyue to have a light drink. "The idiot still keeps on!"
This light drink made Jiang Lanyue open his eyes.
Those beautiful and clear bright eyes turned out to be bloodshot at this time.
"Master, help me!" Jiang Lanyue quiver low call 1.
Cui Yue looked a little distressed when she moved to Jiang Lanyue and her hands sank on her shoulders.
And in that fragrant secret room, Qing Xuan slowly opened her eyes and saw that familiar and heart-filled face. She couldn’t help but burst into Xiao Lingyu’s arms with tears in her eyes.
"Don’t I prove it now?" Xiao Lingyu hugged Qing Xuan tightly and felt the tenderness in her charming body with a somewhat chilly strange breath and asked softly.
Qing Xuan didn’t speak. She hugged Xiao Lingyu tightly. She seemed worried that Xiao Lingyu would fly away as soon as she loosened her arms.
Xiao Lingyu picked up Qing Xuan Ba and kissed her red lips mercilessly. Qing Xuan’s face was flushed.
When we spent some time together in Duckweed Bay, Xiao Ling Yu always had the urge to take Qingxuan into his arms and have a good sex. Naiqingxuan has not recovered his memory. He can’t do that.
"Sister Anya has soared tens of thousands of years before me." Qing Xuan said after a long time.
Although she is much older than Anya according to her actual age, quiet is Xiao Lingyu’s first wife, Qing Xuan, who naturally wants to call her sister.
"Have you found Anya and Miaoying?" Qing Xuan asked again
"Not yet, but I can’t believe it for long," Xiao Lingyu replied.
"Well," said Qing Xuan in a low voice, and then she fell silent in Xiao Lingyu’s arms. She naturally won’t doubt Xiao Lingyu.
Restored the former memory, but Qing Xuan didn’t lose the memory of soaring to the celestial world. She knew that her husband was now the top strong in the celestial world, which made her feel that she had a dependence, although she didn’t like to rely on others.
It took Xiao Lingyu a full day to hug to each other in this secret room with Qing Xuan out of the secret room.
At this time, Jiang Lan petticoats have not kept outside the chamber of secrets, while Xiao Lingyu took Qing Xuan to the main room first.
It took three days for Cui Yue to return to the main room again, but at this time Cui Yue was more tired than before and looked much older.
"Xiao’s younger brother and sister are recovering well?" Cui Yue asked heartily.
"Hehe, brother Meng has finished restoring his memory. Thank you, brother. If my brother needs help someday, the younger brother will go through fire and water to die!" Xiao Lingyu replied with a smile
"Well," Cui nodded indifferently.
Xiao Lingyu can see that Cui Yue is in a low mood and seems to have a heavy heart. He asked, "Brother seems to have something on his mind."
Cui Yue sighed, "When our siblings cast spells to restore their memories, my disciple Lan Yue went to shock the realm of God Emperor …"
"What was the result?" Xiao Lingyu asked nervously.
See Xiao Lingyu nervous don’t like fake Qing Xuan is frowning slightly.
"As a result, she failed to stop the demons, which led to the collapse of the realm. Not only was her body and muscles destroyed, but even her consciousness fell into a daze," Cui Yue replied self-effacing.
Although it was just a short time ago, although this disciple was also in Jiang’s family’s face, after all, it was his own training for many years, and Cui Yue naturally wouldn’t feel well at this time.
"Show me quickly!" Xiao Lingyu quickly set up a worry tunnel


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