The ascetic grinned. If there is meat, who wants to eat rotten steamed bread? If there is a bed, who wants to sleep on the ground and rest on wood?

"Don’t you think you’re happy now? Look at you now. Look at your dead feet. What you call enjoyment now is that she killed several koo people to have a life. Is it so natural for you to eat bloody steamed bread?"
See you again after five years, and the world outlook is completely deviated.
Shura can’t believe it’s really that friend who used to be like-minded.
"Bloody steamed bread, hahahaha, that’s right. In your eyes, money is filthy. You don’t want to be a slave to money. That’s because you don’t have money. I told you that you are a slave after you have money. How can I get up again without money? How can I become so strong without money? This world belongs to the rich world, and you are just a group of ants trying to overthrow the rules of the game. That’s impossible."
The ascetic laughed. Once values were like shit in his eyes.
"Don’t say that I don’t care about brotherhood. I’ll give you a chance. Now you kneel down and declare that I will not kill you, but I will also ensure that you have enough food and clothing. Haven’t you always wanted to find the murderer in Tucun? I can satisfy all your wishes and I can let you have a high bed and warm pillow for a generation. This is my last chance to give you."
The ascetic has changed and become very thorough.
There was a contempt in his eyes, as if several people’s lives were in his hands.
"You’re right. The ascetic is really dead. He was an ascetic when he fell off a cliff five years ago, but you’re not. You’re just a puppet and an executioner."
Shura was silent for a while and slowly raised his head to visually observe the ascetic monk.
This man is no longer his brother because he has become a slave to money.
"Puppet executioner, can you feel at ease for such a high-sounding reason? Do you kill less people? You always say that everyone dies at your hands, but you have asked others if you have your values, then I also have my worldview. Since you don’t accept it, everyone with you must die today."
The ascetic raised his hands with a smile. He was in the middle finger.
This is what he has always used to despise the enemy and despise everything.
"Shura, are you ready?"
Although this guy behaves lightly, his strong body makes Tang Yi vaguely feel that there is something wrong.
Especially the magic statue is confident and full of threats, which makes him feel that things are not simple.
Now it’s not personal enmity. All the way to kill, everyone’s physical strength has reached the limit.
If one by one, I’m afraid they really have no chance.
"Don’t worry, I’m not crazy to send him away."
Shura’s eyes are filled with murderous look. He doesn’t recognize that he is his brother. This must be the evil magic statue.
He’ll send him away now, and he won’t let a puppet ruin his brother’s life glory.
Iron King Kong, Rose and Li Yun have also landed on the platform at this time.
Five people armed with weapons looked at the opposite ascetic.
The foot is more than 20 meters. Once it falls, it won’t be shattered, but I’m afraid it will be either dead or injured.
This platform has become a Jedi, and whoever falls will die.
"Come on, let you see our new human strength today. You old soldiers are not worthy of living from today."
The ascetic sneers that you don’t even need weapons if you don’t use guns.
Because he is the strongest weapon, these so-called soldiers and masters are in one place in front of him
Tang Yi is the first to jump at the waist of a cat.
Shura followed by two people a left a right.
Lohan Jin is a wave of his hand in the iron straight for the middle.
Iron bars with Gangfeng in their hands directly hit the top of the skull of an ascetic monk.
Chapter 773 slack can strike
A loud noise followed by iron bars in the hands of Iron King Kong.
Falling to the ground, King Kong’s hands were bloody.
The huge impact force shattered his jaws.
"What’s going on?"
Iron King Kong’s arms ached and his eyes widened. He looked at the ascetic opposite.
This stick is hitting his crown.
Impartiality, strength and force, not to mention the head, even the stone is broken.
But the head of the ascetic monk has nothing at all.
The blow is not only that he was stunned by the coordination between Tang Yi and Shura, but also that he was stunned.
What is this guy’s head made of? How can it be so hard?
Just distracted, the ascetic monk moved.
A man is tall and big, with two or three hundred pounds, and his body is as good as a rabbit.
Suddenly he has come to the front of Tang Yi.


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