"Where is it?" Tang Meng asked his arms to protect his body. He was soaked in white and could not hide his beauty and exquisiteness.

Ling Si raised her eyebrows at night and couldn’t help laughing. "Shy?"
"no!" Tang Meng immediately denied it.
Ling Si leaned over her arms and trapped her at night, unlike the previous overbearing eyes, which faintly revealed a rare warmth to look straight at her.
Tang Meng hurriedly don’t overdo it. His face turned red, but his heart plopped and accelerated.
He forced him to be overbearing, he forced him to be angry, and every time he wanted her, it was a fierce battle, which made her full of hatred and leisure. Although it was so kind, she would be at a loss.
Ling Si looked at this shy person at night, and her smile grew stronger in her eyes. She carefully held her little face and kissed it gently, and she was not used to gentleness.
Tang Meng was motionless and kissed by him. Suddenly, he was surprised and didn’t know what was wrong. He suddenly pushed him angrily. "I’m really tired!"
"Can’t you be a woman?" Ling Si night is also angry and looked at her with an incredible face.
"I’ll find you a woman." Tang Mengbai gave him a look and wanted to land.
"Come here!" Ling Si night pulls her and slams her into her arms.
"get out!" Tang Meng was tired and used to slapping his shoulder hard.
Ling Si suddenly turned back at night, but she didn’t pull her clothes tightly. She smiled coldly with her hands, and she was lucky. When Tang Menggen was unstable, she spun around for a while, and there was nothing left but a light coat.
Lingsi night wind her eyes tightly, sinking and approaching slowly.
Tang Meng frowned, and his hands were full of gas when he was immersed in water. Suddenly, a wall of water stood in front of him and he hurried towards the shore.
But I also touched the front of the pool bank and suddenly lifted several water columns to form a wall one after another and suddenly turned back. The whole pool was full of water columns, and Lingsi night had disappeared. I secretly sighed and had to admit that it was beautiful!
Suddenly alert is just about to retreat, the water man suddenly surfaced and hugged her from behind, taking her to the shore, so as not to give her a chance to struggle.
"Love princess, it’s time for you to beg for mercy." Ling Si said coldly at night that her arms were propped on her left and right sides and she was trapped in the chest on the shore.
"Temple, is this begging for mercy?" Knowing the excitement will anger him, but he is getting more and more uncontrollable, unconsciously enjoying this and not this.
"Tang Meng!" Lingsi night croons thick turbidity.
"Male and female servants are here!" They are all the same. How can people say "beg" easily, but they just try their best to keep their mouths shut?
Ling Si snorted at night, but Tang Meng trembled slightly, but still don’t overdo it. He said coldly, "I’m unwilling to bear it."
"What about that?" Lingsi night sneers at the big hand and walks away …
In the dead of night, people are silent, the curtain is foggy, and the spring scenery in the pool is getting heavier and heavier.
Outside the house, the water surface waves slightly, and the white man jumps over and falls on the surface. The water stake suddenly stops and stops. For a moment, he slowly turns around and walks back. A line of clear tears slowly flows.
Behind a colorful thousand silk kite is slowly flying towards the roof.
Who is he?
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next day
Sunny weather is still good.
If the young masters have already gone out at this time on weekdays, they are waiting in the hall today.
Mrs. Tang also got up early and did everything herself, just waiting for the people in the Dream Pavilion to get up.
Everyone is waiting in the hall, and a table of breakfast is unique.
Cherish if quickly came in from the side door at this moment.
"Are you up?" Mrs. Tang frowned lightly and asked
"Back to the lady, the lady got up early, and the lady didn’t dare to disturb the temple before she got up." Cherish love and truthfully answer.
"Can you say that the temple will get up?" Mrs. Tang asked again
Cherish love, "Miss, let the breakfast be sent to Liumeng Pavilion."
One side of the six young master suddenly relieved to see that the different Taidian dined together last night, but he was not nervous to death.
"Tianqing, please let the fire room cook a few other dishes and send them to the past." Mrs. Tang said and slowly got up to cherish love and hurriedly helped.
"Mom, aren’t you coming?" The second young master spoke first
"No," Mrs. Tang smiled wearily, turned around and walked on her right shoulder involuntarily.
No one kept her any longer, wondering if Niang’s illness seemed to be getting worse and worse, and I don’t know if it was the result of hard work these days
A quiet lake was shining in the sun.
Tang Meng slowly lifted the curtain and came out, dressed in a red gauze gown of begonia and covered with a robe. He habitually looked up at the roof and jumped with a shallow smile on his lips.
Suddenly frown and hurry to reach out and pick up the colorful thousand silk kite and put it in the sleeve without looking at it. Is it Tang Ying?
The guy in the house is about to wake up, too. That was close.
It’s only a few days before I lie on my back and face the bright sunshine, but it seems like I’ve been away from here for a long time
Close your eyes and think about what happened in Mrs. Tang’s back room yesterday. What is in her missing memory?
At this time, the bottom of the movement came and suddenly opened his eyes and got up. Then he saw Ling Si’s face sleepy at night and looked up at her eyes slightly narrowed and still sharp.
"Good morning" Tang Meng smiled with a face of harm.
"Early?" Lingsi night calm voice asked
"It’s okay" Tang Meng is still smiling. Last night, she drugged him. I didn’t expect such a trick with no technical content to be effective for him.
"Lai" Ling Si night patiently hooked his fingers but revealed danger in his slightly narrowed eyes.
"What?" Tang Meng is alert
"Dare not?" Ling si raised his eyebrows at night and asked
"Last night, I was afraid that I couldn’t get used to sleeping in the temple. Don’t get me wrong," Tang Meng argued
"Where did you go last night?" Ling Si frowned at night and shouldn’t be careless about this woman.
"Does the palace look like the clothes of the male and female servants have been separated?" Tang Meng couldn’t help giving him a white look. Last night, the root didn’t have the strength to move again.
"Come" Ling Si night obviously didn’t believe her.
Tang Meng raised his eyebrows to see him motionless.
Ling Si night a slight cold hum jumped Tang Meng but already Ling and hastily retreated and landed on the stake in the front water.
Ling Si caught up at night and was very fast. Tang Meng retreated to another stake.
The two men were at loggerheads with each other.
Ling Si gently waved his hand at night, and suddenly the whole lake trembled slightly, as if a lake was about to churn. Tang Meng suddenly took the initiative to hold his hand before he was frightened and hurriedly said, "I really didn’t go anywhere last night."
She doesn’t want to leave a dream pavilion and flood, and she doesn’t want to attract everyone.
Lingsi looked at her at night for a long time before slowly saying "no case"
Tang Meng was relieved to "dare not dare" with a smile.
"Every time I do it, I dare not say what happened to the medicine?" Ling Siye said crossly, but put a hand around her waist, unless she planned to deny it beforehand. Where did she get the opportunity medicine last night?


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