Song Yiru rushed to the front and didn’t respond when he was shot in the chest and blood gushed out.

Fang Yiyan’s martial arts is very good. At first sight, the momentum is not like a swallow flying backwards and flying far away.
A slight cold sound wafted along the wind. "You wait."
Ji Yue is in a good mood, waving her hand and smiling sweetly. "Well, you should come quickly and don’t let the young lady down."
Ji Yue immediately came to the spirit to "have a bowl"
The delicious wonton brought a thin skin, and the stuffing was crystal clear. How much shrimp and chives were sprinkled?
She couldn’t wait to pick up one and send it to her mouth.
She was scalded to the point where her tongue vomited.
The nangongshan cold city in distress situation hurriedly handed cold water to her mouth.
"Why are you still like a child? Take a sip of water."
He looked at her drinking water and asked, "Are you better? Eat slowly, because you have no one to rob you. "
"Who dares?" Ji Yue is still so domineering.
But in the eyes of Nangong Hanxi, I feel so cute. "Is it a female king?"
Ji Yue nibbled at the delicious food, and her eyebrows were curved and extremely satisfied.
A familiar voice came to my ear, "What are you and Ziyihou?"
"What?" Ji month some vacant.
Nangong Hanxi looked tangled. "I know that you do business in partnership and exchange news. What else?"
He always felt that they were not that simple.
Purple clothes Hou’s attitude made him very uneasy.
Ji Yue casually throws a heavy bomb "Oh, he is my fiance …"
The nangongshan cold city was a shock spilled wine in his hand still don’t know nervous cross-examine "what did you say? Fiance? Have you privately booked for life? "
His eyes were black and he felt that the sky was falling and his heart ached.
When exactly did this happen? How does he know?
He feels like an idiot. He’s so stupid.
Ji Yue gave him a deep look and looked complicated. "It’s not."
Does he know that he is about to cry?
The Nangong Hanxi saw that she was going crazy when she was eating slowly and worried. "Let’s make it clear when we eat later."
Ji Yue pursed her lips "I’m hungry"


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