Wearing an apron, Gu Ma personally cooks soup for Lou Qin.

I don’t know when she will like Lou Qin. At this time, there are husband and wife. This is their family wife! Gu Ma prefers it. No.
Humming a little song and twisting her waist, Gu Ma is very happy and busy in the kitchen.
Gu Jin didn’t come to see Louqin for the second time and was told that Louqin had left the country.
When she was away from her family, she looked fine and got better, so she packed up and disappeared out of sight.
Gu Jin is talking to Lou Qin. It’s a little assistant. The little assistant’s question can make people angry. Gu Jin can’t communicate with him.
Gu Jin ran to the hospital and asked Louming Louming to look at him doubtfully. "What did you do? Why are you so nervous? "
Have poor eyes
Gu Jin was blue and his eyebrows were tangled.
Lou Ming told him that he didn’t say anything and his tone was not good. "When she came back from work yesterday, she said that the unit arranged for her to go abroad to have a joint case."
"How long?" Gu Jin blurted out.
Lou Ming saw the question "What did you do to her?"
Gu Jin got up and was ready to leave. "I want to marry her."
Lou Ming is black-faced. "I know, but why should she avoid you?"
Gu Jin didn’t say to Lou Ming, "Maybe happiness came too suddenly. I was so good that she was scared at the moment."
Lou Ming "bah" Gu Jin is no longer watching him busy with his own things.
For several days, Gu Jinze didn’t get through Louqin.
On the third day, Gu Jin sent a short message to Louqin, which was sent at nine o’clock at night.
It’s early, I’m afraid the phone isn’t in her hand, and it’s late, I’m afraid it will affect her rest.
Louqin looked at the mobile phone screen and said that his heart was uncomfortable and he couldn’t say that he was sad and wanted to cry.
17 Nianxi is in danger
Gu Jin’s hair is-do you dare to stay where you are and let me chase you?
Lou Qin can’t figure out how they developed into this.
Hiding under the covers and sobbing, Louqin’s head hurts a little, and she can’t figure out what’s going on.
Distance in the garage and Nianxi broke up in discord for a month when Lou Ming got an unpleasant information in his hand.
It seems that Lou Ming’s face was cold and cheerless, which made Chi Muxiu tremble.
"The people behind me didn’t find anything."
In the data, the hero is Nianxi, who is crazy about the male ancestor Chi Muxiu. He hesitated, "It is better not to find out."
Some people are destined to be sensitive, and contamination is trouble.
Chi Muxiu didn’t dare to check things out, and some of them were either heavy-handed people.
Lou Ming is wondering what to tell that fool in Nianxi. Said that she likes the actor to be gay and be popular with a big shot? Or tell her that the actor and the woman should take all the food, and that the man behind him can tolerate all kinds of women.
Lou Ming hasn’t figured out how to tell Nianxi, and he received a cry for help from Nianxi in the evening.
In the words, he couldn’t make it clear intermittently. He pulled his tie irritably. "Where are you?"
At the other end of the words, there were all kinds of mixed sounds, and I cried and went up and down. "I don’t know … I don’t know where this is. I’m afraid, I’m afraid …"
Lou Ming strode out. "Who are you with?"
Nianxi shrinks in the corner. "Ancestor, I’m with him. Let’s go out and play together."
Lou Ming cursed and had no time to scold her. "What’s wrong with you now?"
From the receiver, you can hear Lou Mingfei’s frantic pace, and read the stream. His heart was moved by the collapse of his eyes. "They … they’re … I’m afraid of Uncle Lou. I’m afraid …"
Her body trembled and she couldn’t speak words. Many men and women in front of her made her collapse.
There are less than five women in the house, and there are more than twenty men. One is finished, and the other is coming. Those women are enjoying it.
Nianxi had never seen such a scene, and she was shaking badly.
"Hey, there’s another brother here. Don’t mention it!"
The gaudy peacock man’s eyes swept to the bottom of the table and read the stream to greet several men around him who had nothing to do.
Lou Ming heard the man’s obscene voice in the words, and his blood vessels were about to burst. He shouted at Nianxi, "Take the lead!"
Section 124
Lou Ming is going crazy. He ordered "Check! Where are the ancestors! "
The man "is" busy took out a mobile phone contact.
Read creek watched those men coming towards him, limping and crying "Uncle Lou, Uncle Lou! Ah … "
"Hahahaha is still a little sister!"
The men’s teasing voice came over by dropping their mobile phones to the ground, and Lou Ming roared, "Who the fuck touched her and waited to be collected!"
Then Lou Mingren turned pale and quickly contacted the people in the words to "want a specific location."
In front of Nianxi, the ringing sound was too loud, and a man next to him picked up his mobile phone. "Hey, don’t let it move?"


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