As soon as he left, his eyes turned and changed direction.
The wind lotus flash out from the dark some curious asked.
"Where will Toffee go so late?" This is not the way back to the bedroom.
Full of eyes shining "to do an important thing"
It’s good to smell a few wisps of fragrance curling up from the small incense burner in Qingping Palace.
The woman in bed, with her eyes closed, lay motionless on the bed and turned pale.
Full of beautiful things came in and walked to the bed and stared at the bed girl for half a ring "wake up, wake up"
In her call, Chen Ruxue woke up and opened her eyes slightly. Her eyes were glazed and her eyelids were heavy. She closed again and groaned in pain.
"it hurts"
Full of beautiful things, his hands clasped his chest and smiled. "If you don’t wake up, you will die."
A listen to this Chen Ruxue body shake mouth muttering.
"I don’t want to die. I want to live. I want Su Linlang dead. I want her to kneel on my feet and cry and beg me."
She is sleepy and tired and wants to open her eyes, but her eyelids seem to stick together and she can’t open them.
Who is that woman? Has she seen her?
Su Linlang frowned slightly and said faintly, "Let him beg you. Do you have that?"
Chen Ruxue is not very awake in a coma.
"I have. I’m a concubine."
Full of beautiful light sneered, "Aren’t you white? How can you stand out if the emperor doesn’t have any sincerity about you being Reagan? "
Her tone is soft and soft, and it is easy to get a good impression.
Chen Ruxue’s eyes closed slightly, unwilling to say, "It’s not that I’m beautiful and he’ll like me when I grow up."
Full of beautiful things with a sigh seems to sympathize with her "is there any time? He is going to abdicate. "
Chen Ruxue felt a cold sweat seeping from her forehead. "There will always be opportunities in the future."
Full of beautiful things is a sigh. "Silly and silly. Once Duguye ascended the throne, you will never have a chance again. Even the orthodox emperor can’t compare with him. Do you still expect the emperor to be your master?"
"I …" Ru Chen Xue Xin was terrified. This man said it was reasonable.
The question is who is she? I feel very close, as if I have frequent contacts, and I am worthy of her trust, but I can’t remember it at the moment.
"How naive are you?" Chen Ruxue’s face changed with a word.
"Then what should I do?"
Full of beautiful things slightly thoughtfully, "listen to me, you take out your things first and I’ll watch for you."
Chen Ruxue feels that her brain is not enough, which makes her particularly uncomfortable. "What?"
The beautiful sound is getting softer and softer. "Yes, you save your life."
Ru Chen snow consciousness shook his head "no, not to Ren Huang".
Somehow, she especially believes in this sound, and the owner thinks it won’t hurt her.
Full of beautiful things with a wry smile and worried said, "If you don’t give it to him, he will kill you."
Chen Ruxue got a cold war and was afraid, but insisted, "I can always put it off."
Yeah, that’s it. She doesn’t believe it and will kill her.
Full of beautiful things gently advised that "people’s patience is limited. You can’t stand it for a while, but you can’t stand it for a lifetime."


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