"I sent him here at night."

Suddenly, a familiar sound came from the back of the car, which was very cold.
Essence one leng hurriedly the car was about to walk past but was ling si night a pull.
"Shadow! I knew you wouldn’t leave! " Essence big nasty said
"Thank you," said Ling Si night, but he kept the essence behind him lightly.
The shadow of blood is far away from them. Qingjun smiled a little but didn’t look at Ling Siye. He looked at the essence lightly and said, "Did Su Siye bully you again?"
"Yes!" Said the essence, before opening Ling Si’s hand at night, he was in a hurry to persuade him to stay and was afraid that he would go again.
"Essence!" Ling Si Ye Li couldn’t catch her.
The essence is already beside the blood shadow, pulling his arm and persuading him, "Shadow will come with us!"
"Essence, come here!" Ling Si shouted at night, and it was hard to hide panic in his eyes.
Essence is ignored he looked at blood shadow waiting for him to come back.
"Yeah, let’s go together. My generation will accompany you." The blood shadow is still slowly approaching the essence fangs with a smile, but it is gradually exposed to the essence neck.
"Don’t!" Ling Si night frightened a cold blue firm but gentle and then swept away!
The instant blood shadow was shattered, but it was just an illusion.
Lingsi night, this just slowed down. The illusion came from his heart!
Essence is awake in the place not far from Ling Si night. wait for a while looked at him with a face of panic and a cold sweat.
The two men were silent at one another.
In the shadow of blood, he cares about it after all. It’s a nightmare in my heart.
The sixth blacksmith didn’t appear today, but it’s an illusion, but the longer he stays here, the greater the danger.
But the two have long forgotten all this and looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.
"What are you looking at? Come back!" Lingsi Night finally spoke first.
Essence this lovely walked to come over to pull the cuff for him to examine the sweat light way "really lost a lot of women followed how didn’t take good care of"
"Female?" Ling Si night didn’t react at the moment with a puzzled face.
"Behind you? This figure is more graceful than someone’s kind." Essence is very tasty when it comes to this.
Ling Si looked back at night, only to remember that there was another singer who left the pie mouth and said, "Don’t forget about finding your maid."
"I don’t want to serve, and you will serve me. Look, this is for yourself!" Essence said is really unreasonable.
"Really want to quarrel?" Ling si raised his eyebrows at night and asked
"Practical" essence said.
Seeing that the essence seems to be serious, Ling Siye quickly explained, "That’s really the original owner of the handmaid arena!"
"Look at this, it’s all contradictory for a while, maid for a while!" Essence said
"Believe it or not, it’s to find a maid for you!" Lingsi night seems to be really angry.
It’s hard to meet this woman for a long time. She doesn’t say that she misses him, and she doesn’t feel bad about him. Although he doesn’t want her to cry, she shouldn’t really treat it as a few days for more than a month!
"Then I’ll tell you that the blood shadow is my brother. Believe it or not, I believe it anyway!" Essence seriously said how could she be so unreasonable!
Lingsi night one leng don’t talk.
"I didn’t joke with you at night!" Essence is serious.
"Oh" Ling Si night light should be one.
"Really!" Essence is in a hurry
Ling Si looked at her at night and said lightly, "That woman is really looking for a maid for you."
"Know" essence nodded would have noticed that the woman seems to be taken to the soul.
"Did you miss me?" Lingsi Night still asked faintly that it should have been a meeting, but it was left until now.
"I can think that I will quarrel with me as soon as I meet you, and I will think that I will never miss you again!" Essence absorb a nose a face of pathetic.
"I miss you so much, too." Ling Si smiled at night.
"Say it again!" Essence ordered
"I miss you so much, too." Lingsi night repeated that her eyes were full of spoil.
"Say it again!" Essence is not satisfied, but finally it is full of happiness.
"I don’t know shame." Ling Si left the pie mouth at night, so it was limited patience and gentleness.
Suddenly essence locked his brow to a face of pain.


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