How dare you, a little monk, try to subdue me ! ! !

Is my high dignity offended by such a lowly person as you? !
Even if you have that idea, you should die ten thousand times! ! !
In the roar, Kirin has already rushed out, much faster than when it is at its best …
Die! ! !
Die! ! ! !
I want you to let everyone know that I can be killed, but challenging my majesty will pay the price! ! !
Blood red eyes are redder, almost bleeding. At this moment, there is a person in the crimson erect pupil of Youqilin who has the most cruel way to kill that person!
At that moment, all people with a little vision can tell that no one can save Xiahou Ren. The young Lord of Dark Cloud City will die here!
But they were all surprised to see that Xiahou Ren had raised his mouth and laughed in the face of madness.
The horse is dying, and even the gods can’t save him. How can he still laugh? Is he crazy, too?
Then they saw that Xiahou Ren gently raised his right arm and right hand, and Zhang Wuzhi reached the direction of the deep unicorn, which was lit up by trying to establish a blood mark, and Guanghua was even brighter, almost reaching the extreme.
Come on, your anger makes me know that we are made for each other, because if I were you, I would be furious and I would kill that person regardless.
I’m the only person in this world who understands you …
Yes, you don’t understand me yet, but you will.
You Kirin suddenly rushed to Xiahou Ren’s recent growl, and the waves scattered all the gods that Xiahou Ren offered.
Establish a blood mark? You can’t build a fart when the avatar is scattered!
You Kirin looked at the man who was close at hand. He was so angry that he wanted to catch him first and then cook it slowly. But it is urgent now and it can kill that guy as quickly as possible …
The two sides are so close to each other. Looking at the man in front of you, Kirin really hates everywhere, especially the one with five fingers on his right arm stretching out towards it. What is that supposed to do? Soothe it? Call it? And then there’s that guy’s smiling face, and it’s crazy to laugh now …
A clear idea immediately came to your unicorn’s mind to be an evil creature. It is perfectly normal for it to have such an idea.
It could have put the whole person into its mouth as soon as it stretched out its neck, but now it controlled the angle, opened its mouth and bit directly into the arm that was disgusting but tried to establish a blood mark with it!
But at this moment, probably no one can judge its real intention except itself.
So this moment is full of exclamations that they are all going to die.
Then I heard a "click" sound, and the Kirin’s mouth closed, which was to bite Xiahou Ren’s entire right arm almost shoulder-length!
That it is so powerful that Xiahou Ren’s right arm is connected with his shoulder with a thin layer of skin …
Then everyone felt that Youqilin was actually grinning evilly at this moment. It was a rather complicated expression for a fairy beast, but it did.
Then it jerked its neck to the left and listened to the sound of "bursts". Finally, it tore Xiahou Ren’s right arm abruptly from his shoulder!
Blood gushed out at once like a small red se fireworks in the middle.
"benevolence! ! !”
"Little master! ! ! !”
"Oh my god …"
Everyone is so frightened that Se almost doesn’t know how to feel at home. That’s a dark cloud city, where the young duke is also the first successor …
Of course, even if you don’t talk about your identity, you will be at a loss in the face of his situation.
But Xiahou Ren’s reaction is different. It’s really unique.
His reaction was that he didn’t respond. He didn’t seem to know how to laugh before the pain, how to laugh after his arm was abruptly broken and pulled off, so confident, so calm and so sincere …
But since you are a person and not wood, how can you not know the pain?
How can you not be afraid of death if you haven’t lived enough?
How on earth did he do it?
Well, Kirin, you may not know what I said, but I’m willing to betray the whole world. In fact, it’s not everything in the secular world, but everything in the real sense. I think you will understand …
Do you really understand Kirin?
It may understand, but when it is needed, what it lacks most is time!
Suck the broken arm directly into the abdomen and then turn around. When it comes back, it will bite me without hesitation!
It was only then that Xiahou Ren once again saw his unchanging expression with four eyes.
In the end, Kirin has never encountered such a situation in his life. A horse is about to be killed by it, and the final emotion and the most emotion are exactly the same …
At that moment, its intuition told it that there was something wrong!
But at this time, it’s still angry, even if it’s suspicious, it’s still angry at this time, and there’s no time to think about it, so the big mouth opens and closes to listen to "click". It turns out that it swallowed the whole half of Xiahou Ren directly into its mouth.
Once again, I even chewed my neck. After "clicking" a string of crunchy, Xiahou Ren was swallowed by it.
After eating Xiahou Ren, you Kirin immediately turned to hide. Although she just ate that hateful guy, it was just a little trap to feel avenged. Now it is not happy at all.


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