Lin Yi is looking at Xiao flow piano some trance.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Xiao flow jean really (2)
Zeng Tengyun saw Lin Yi looking at Xiao Liu Qin trance and Lin Yi took a shoulder.
Zeng Tengyun laughed. "Is Lin Xiong fascinated by this new look of pity piano? But flow jean this appearance can be appreciated and can’t think daughter beauty is wrapped in but han body and let’s a bird sample haha … "
Zeng Tengyun’s words provoked Zuo Chaoyang and Su Jiner to laugh.
Lin Yi was not fascinated by Xiao Lian Qin’s appearance. At the moment, he was both excited and curious. I wonder if Xiao Lian Qin is like her now.
But on second thought, Lin Yi promised him to meet the statue once. Zuo Chaoyang and Zeng Tengyun didn’t know that she was a daughter. Xiao Lianqin shouldn’t easily show the statue of Xiao Lianqin in front of them. It’s also easy to show it now.
I don’t know if Xiao Liu Qin let him see the truth.
Xiao Liu Qin generously drank half the altar wine.
Then she wiped her hand and smiled. "Are you satisfied that I drank the three brothers’ fine wine?"
Xiao Liu Qin also smiled mysteriously at Lin Yi when he spoke.
Several people even said they were satisfied.
Then the five people chatted and drank. Several people reviewed the thrilling contests between the North and the South in recent years, and now they can finally completely end it. They are really deeply touched.
After an hour, Zuo Chaoyang was full of food and drink, and the three men were ready to go back to the account to rest. Lin Yi sent the three men out of Zuo Chaoyang and Zeng Tengyun to go back separately.
At this moment, the moon reaches the zenith.
The moon, like a half mirror, will shine on people.
Mountains, rivers, fields, vegetation and this camp are all immersed in white moonlight.
Make the night look particularly beautiful.
Lin Yi is going to send Xiao Liu Qin to her account and they will walk slowly.
Is about to enter Fengxiang attack north mansion two people each heart is difficult to calm.
Xiao Lianqin said, "Brother, I should accompany Master to wait on him, but Master asked me to stay and help you. Now I’m finally going to fight the North House for the last time. After this war, I’ll go to Master and never ask about the affairs in the Jianghu again."
Lin Yi knew that Xiao Liu Qin’s wish was to accompany Su Qinghou to lead a worried and peaceful life.
Lin Yi said, "Are the Duke and Brother Wang all right?"
Xiao Liu Qin said, "Very well, you can feel at ease and fight the last battle with the North House. By the way, do you have any plans for the North House after the war? I advise you to leave, take Brocade and Xiaofu and find a place to live a quiet and stable life. "
Lin Yi sighed, "I also want to keep my sister and Qin Dingfang fighting. Today, I am also killing people. I am tired and disgusted, but I don’t know if I can finally get away with it …"
Xiao Liu Qin also knows that Lin Yi’s current status is not easy to walk away.
There are some things Lin Yi has to give an account.
Xiao Liu Qin said, "That elder sister can wish you well."
Two people walk and chat until Xiao Lian Qin Zhang.
Xiao Lian Qin is going to pay back the bill. Lin Yi took advantage of the wine and said, "Sister, before the decisive battle between Hu Ling and me, you promised me to live and let me see this wish. Brother, I am fighting hard. When will you show your brother the true face?"
Xiao Lian Qin laughed, "I have shown it to you."
"Really? !” Lin Yi looked at Xiao Lianqin again. He said excitedly, "Sister, this is your true face!"
Xiao Lianqin also didn’t respond positively to her. "Brother, do you think how many times have you been dressed as a woman since you and Hu Ling finished hiding the soul?"
Lin Yi thought of a "five times today, every time it’s different, today is more different."
Xiao Liu Qin lifted the curtain of the account. When she entered the account, she suddenly looked back and smiled. "I can tell you that one time in five times is when I am true. Think for yourself."
Say it and the curtain falls.
It’s really true. It’s hard to tell Xiao Lianqin apart.
Lin Yi thought about Xiao Liu Qin’s five different daughters dressing up outside the account. He suddenly realized something, so Lin Yi gave a contented smile.
Lin Yi returned from Xiao Lian Qin tent and passed by her sister’s tent. Lin Yi saw Qin Guangmin in front of the tent.
Qin Guangmin seems a little hesitant.


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