This redecorated building is very eye-catching, and I don’t know how many eyeballs have provoked passers-by, and there have been many discussions. No one knows what it is for.

It was not until March 16th that the store was opened with a deafening firecracker signboard.
Peach, Chunxing and Redjade received orders from Lian Fangzhou to stop the carriage near a store and observe from the window.
After seeing firecrackers, more and more people gathered in front of the store and couldn’t help but rejoice.
No shop in Beijing has been so generous in giving up glass and the burning roast duck stove. Everyone has to go to see it even if they are watching the fun!
It was also Xinghua Village pastry shop that made money, and even Fangzhou was willing to give up such a lot of money.
After the opening of Xinghua Village pastry shop, every store has 3,000 to 4,000 silver in running water every month, and at least 65,000 yuan and nearly 10,000 yuan previously invested in that month of Chinese New Year are back! She is thinking about changing the counter into glass!
When the roast duck restaurant smells the wafting fragrance again, everyone can’t help but sniff and drool. Seeing that the roast golden duck yellow is full of red roasted goose and bright salted chicken is more and more evocative of greedy insects.
The store opened today, and the shopkeeper smiled and ordered people to cut up chickens, ducks and geese on the spot and taste them three times, which was even more amazing after everyone tasted them.
"This is really a duck? It turns out that ducks still have this taste! "
"This skin is crispy, crispy, tender and delicious. I heard about roast duck before, and I thought it was just roast duck. I didn’t expect it to be like this when I went to the fire!"
"Say yes! It’s hard to figure out how to think about it! "
"I don’t like goose very much on weekdays. It’s too rough. This goose is also delicate and fragrant!"
"I think this salted chicken is delicious and doesn’t look so good. It’s called a fresh one!"
Listening to all the people’s comments, the shopkeeper and the guys are all smiling.
The shopkeeper shouted, "Your brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts opened the store today, and the owner said that all purchases will be discounted today! Three days in a row! Roast duck, roast goose, roast chicken and baked chicken with salt should be served every day on a first-come-first-served basis. Everyone likes to eat it and buy it quickly! Or please hurry up! "
They all asked about the price, and they heard that before the discount, the roast duck and goose were five yuan a catty of roast chicken and salted chicken were four yuan a catty, and many people hesitated.
You know, a live duck is only 50 Wen and a catty of live chicken is about the same price. I don’t know how much this roast duck can buy!
Many people backed out.
However, many people in Beijing have a well-off family, and many people have bought them.
I learned that I can buy half a catty instead of a whole one. I was ready to leave earlier and "hula". Most of them went to the queue again.
Spring apricot and so on looked at this pair of lively samples and went back to the house one after another.
When Zhou returned to his room, even Fang Zhou was lying on the soft couch in Dongci, and the three talents were talking and laughing and told Lian Fang Zhou what they saw today.
Even Fang Zhou listened to the corners of her mouth and smiled and sighed, "It’s a pity that I didn’t see it with my own eyes!"
Chunxing and others knew how much work it took even Fangzhou to open this new store, and Chunxing smiled and comforted, "What’s the pity of this shop? It’s because the lady and other ladies have a little boy and can’t go anywhere!"
Peach and Redjade all said yes with a smile.
Even Fang Zhou told them to say it and smiled. "I’m too impatient to say it!" After three days, there will be more than a dozen cakes spread out, such as spring apricot and ruby. You two should work harder and go to Wanping and Wuqing suburban counties to see the situation. Peach, you’d better go to the city! "
All three of them agreed together
On that day, we all went separately.
Zhou came to accompany her this day to see a few little girls and maids full of green grain and wheat fragrance. They couldn’t help laughing. "They sent Chunxing to handle affairs again? I said you worry too much! Isn’t it the same to tell the money manager of the outer court to arrange anything? Have to let them go to Chapter 795 Brother and sister go to Beijing.
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "Chunxing and Redjade went to the village outside the city to deal with two things, Peach. I sent her out to buy things! Now that my husband is not at home, I don’t worry about keeping an eye on this family for him. Who cares? Sister-in-law, rest assured that I am not so delicate. This little effort is nothing! Besides, isn’t there a sister-in-law? I’m relieved! "
Putting aside the modern month, I was pregnant and still crowded the bus and subway class. What is she?
Said zhou also laughed nai shook his head and sighed, "you! That’s all! I deserve it, too. What can I tell you? When have I ever told you! "
Say that finish both of them laughed.
All the shops are in good condition and running normally. Even Fangzhou is relieved at steaming day.
I wonder if my purse will go up day by day? Feel more pleasant
At the end of March, Lian Ze and Lian Fangqing came to Beijing. At first, they saw the two brothers and sisters, Sisi, Xiaonian and Sean, who were familiar with the old servant Xiao Hui, so the wolf Lian Fangzhou couldn’t believe his eyes.
Until Lian Fangqing smiled like a flower and called "Sister!" I rushed to myself and even Fangzhou knew that all this was not a dream!
"Qinger!" She will embrace Lian Fangqing with open arms.
Aside, Zhou was so scared that he wanted to stop it, but he didn’t want Lian Fangqing to pounce on Lian Fangzhou and stopped at a place more than one meter away from her.
"Qinger!" Even fangzhou came to her senses at this time, and it was inconvenient for her to hug her sister and put her arm with a smile.
Even Fang Qing vomitted to stick out tongue finals laughed "second brother said that my sister is pregnant and is not allowed to meet my sister! I just couldn’t help but almost get into trouble! "
Lian Fangzhou "sloped" and laughed. "Is that what your second brother taught you?"
"Yes!" Lian Fang counted and nodded and looked at Lian Fangzhou’s belly. "The second brother said that my little nephew is in my sister’s belly!"
"Yes," said Lian Fangzhou with a smile, "I’ll play with you when my little nephew is born!"
Even Ze raised an eyebrow and smiled, revealing a mouthful of white teeth and calling her sister.
Looking at the more tough and steady, my brother Lian Fangzhou felt a sense of relief and pride and smiled and said, "Is the road going well? Come into the house and say it! "
Said the hand to implicate Fang Qing hand.
Even Fang Qing hesitated and looked at Lian Ze unconsciously.
Even fangzhou in stitches laughed "silly wench elder sister holding what are you afraid of? I wish I hadn’t touched my sister’s belly! "


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