"Well, since everyone has no opinion, it’s a date. I’ll go to practice when the notary has swallowed Dan medicine." Huangfu Zhantian said with a smile.

Everyone knows that the time is pressing, and when there is no delay, they all go back to their rooms and then close the door and practice nervously.
Everyone has dispersed, leaving Huangfu Zhantian alone. Of course, he will not be idle. It is also comfortable to talk with grandma and mother during the day or live a few moves with his father and grandfather every day.
However, in the evening, Huangfu Zhantian directly entered the small world, because he was promoted to the eclosion territory, and Thor definitely reached the first seventh heaven intermediate level, and after reaching the first seventh heaven intermediate level, Thor definitely also showed up inside. There are some skills or techniques that are suitable for his realistic power, but they are a little powerless compared with his realistic power. If you meet a stronger opponent who is worse than yourself or similar to yourself, that’s no problem, but if you meet an opponent who is stronger than yourself, I’m afraid you won’t be able to practice well.
Raytheon’s skill of denouncing a wave in the sky is beneficial to the shock of Raytheon’s true qi to send out a kind of wave-like skill. This skill can make the other person’s mind appear white in an instant. If someone with similar strength or a strong person with stronger strength suddenly comes to this when fighting, I am afraid it will turn the whole game around.
However, this skill is not so easy to practice for a few days, and his voice is a little hoarse. However, in return for this kind of effort, Raytheon’s skill in rejecting the sky is small, which makes Huangfu Zhantian very satisfied. He will practice this skill every day after practicing Raytheon’s rejection of the sky for two days, and then he will leave or practice it for nine days. As he thinks, this skill is very big in the same level of battle, because this wave skill is not broadcast through the ear, and there is no way to defend it unless his body perception is closed. However, in this case, it is so fierce. Fighting power must be greatly reduced, but if you remove your seal perception, you will be attacked by your own wave skill. This wave skill is too big in the battle. Seeing this skill, Huangfu Zhantianxin deeply likes this skill. When it’s okay, shout twice. Section 155: The most difficult thing to digest is beauty grace 1.
Lei Xiang knows this is a posture skill just by listening to this name for nine days. Strictly speaking, it should be a flying skill, but most of it will be short-distance acceleration and dodge in battle, and Lei Xiang will be busy for nine days. Short-distance acceleration can double his current speed. Of course, this skill can also be used to escape at ten times its current speed. What is the concept? Huangfu Zhantian once did an experiment, which is to display this skill. He can turn around the whole Kamikaze Empire in just two minutes, which makes Huangfu Zhantian very happy, which means that he has another escape skill.
And the biggest fact of this skill is not the long-distance flight speed or the short-distance acceleration, but the biggest feature of Lei Xiang’s nine days is that it has an evasive posture and a split posture. This evasive posture combines the characteristics of Huangfu Zhantian’s Raytheon’s Qi, and the Raytheon’s Qi paralysis attribute. In the battle, the opponent’s speed will slowly drop, and his speed and posture will get faster and faster as the battle continues. However, this split posture is also a kind of posture, but it is impossible to see where the real body is and which is the avatar, and the real body and avatar can be instantly converted, and the avatar will have a
In addition, Huangfu Zhantian also got some different skills, such as short-term stimulation of physical potential to upgrade his strength skills, which can instantly upgrade his strength to a higher level, that is to say, if he is now blade master, he can achieve the strength of the sword god after using this skill. Of course, this is sometimes limited and will overdraw his potential. You can’t use it at will unless you have to.
Henaan, when they were practicing this period, Huangfu Zhantian began to familiarize themselves with these skills, while Luanli and Jiuren became sparring partners. Their strength should be similar to Huangfu Zhantian’s, but Huangfu Zhantian’s abnormal physical defense and endless strange skills, both of them joined forces to take less than a little advantage and were made very embarrassed every time, which made them very depressed. If they were much stronger than them, that’s to say, but Huangfu Zhantian’s strength was obviously the same as theirs, but the two of them joined forces to take less than cheap, but that’s just it.
During this period, Jiang Feier didn’t go back, but HuangFuFu lived with HuangFuZhan day, and grandma Oriental Yuzhu and mother Huang Xiaoxiao knew about Jiang Feier’s identity, of course, but they didn’t know that HuangFuZhan day was going to leave LiFeng mainland and rejected Jiang Feier’s business. They were very fond of Jiang Feier, but Jiang Feier was also very likable, which made grandma and mother very happy every day. A grandma and an aunt called amiable heat. Section 156: The most difficult thing to digest is beauty.
It doesn’t matter if the three of them are on intimate terms. This can scare the little heart of Huangfu Zhantian. He is also secretly anxious to see this situation. I’m afraid grandma and mother have identified Jiang Feier, the granddaughter and daughter-in-law. Huangfu Zhantian also implicitly asked Jiang Feier what not to go back, but the answer is that I’m a weak woman walking so dangerously in the mainland. Let’s stay here. Grandpa will come in a few days and we’ll talk about it then.
After getting this answer, Huangfu Zhantian hides from Jiang Feier every day, but Jiang Feier especially likes to find Huangfu Zhantian, and every time it is in the name of grandma and mother that Huangfu Zhantian can’t find an excuse to escape. These days, Huangfu Zhantian has to accompany Jiang Feier to go shopping, chat, fish and eat every day, while grandma and mother are very happy about this situation, but Huangfu Zhantian can’t do anything about it. In the last few days, he doesn’t want to make grandma and mother unhappy. Everything will follow grandma and mother’s meaning.
However, getting along with Huangfu Zhantian these days is not so exclusive to this considerate and sensible little girl, but vaguely likes it. Of course, this kind of love is not like Henaan and Xiao Yan, but like brother and sister friendship. It is not a kind of torture to chat and go shopping with Jiang Feier now, and Jiang Feier especially likes to listen to him talk about his thrilling experiences in mainland China. Whenever it comes to thrilling places, she can’t help but worry about herself, but she will be very worried whenever it comes to saving the danger.
However, in recent days, Huangfu Zhantian has been hiding from Jiang Feier every day, because he found that there was something wrong with Jiang Feier’s eyes, worship and admiration, and of course, there were some other feelings, and he himself found that he was also tempted by this beautiful and lovely little girl. In view of this, Huangfu Zhantian dared not get along with her again, and he was afraid that he would provoke such a crime again.
Is suspection.i Zhantian hiding in his room outside a clear and crisp sound "Xiaotian elder brother you? Can I go in? " [
Hearing this, suspection.i Zhantian suddenly had some contradictions. He couldn’t wait to slap himself in the face. He has Henaan and Xiao Yan. Why are you still so playboy? But he is not so repulsive to Jiang Feier’s arrival. So crustily skin of head.
"It’s Phyl. Why did you come to my place today? Didn’t you accompany grandma and them?" Any suspection.i war asked with a smile on his face
"Xiaotian brother, do you hate Philippines son? What, you haven’t paid much attention to Phyl these two days? Every time Phyl looks for you, you say something is wrong. Is Phyl so annoying to you? " Jiang Fei’s mouth is flat with some grievances and some uneasiness. Asked Jiang Fei, with tears flashing in his eyes, he looked at Huangfu Zhantian as a pain.
"How can Phyl say this? How can brother Xiaotian not like Phyl? Phyl is so cute and beautiful that everyone will not dislike it. I am really busy recently!" Huangfu Zhantian was a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect Jiang Feier to ask this question. He did have some headaches about Jiang Feier’s friendship. Section 157: Grandma promised 1
After listening to Huangfu Zhantian, Jiang Feier said with some bitterness, "Does Brother Xiaotian like Phil?" Say that finish houjiang Philippines son nervous summon up courage to stare at any suspection.i zhantian eyes.
Caught by Jiang Fei’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly didn’t know what to do if he answered the embarrassment and touched his head. "Xiaotian’s brother likes Phyl just like his brother likes his sister. Xiaotian’s brother wishes to have a lovely and beautiful sister like you." Huangfu Zhantian answered Jiang Fei’s words but directly distorted her meaning.
After hearing the answer from suspection.i Zhantian, Jiang Fei’s son paused for a moment and then reacted. His eyes came to the eyes, and tears suddenly flowed. He glanced at the bitterness and bit his lip and ran away.
Looking at the departure of Jiang Feier, Huangfu Zhantian sighed deeply, hoping that you don’t hate me. The two of us are doomed to be unable to be together. I’m sorry for Sister Feier.
"Grandma blare …!" [
Jiang Feier ran to the Oriental Jade Bead Room and threw herself into the Oriental Jade Bead’s arms. She was very wronged and cried bitterly. Of course, she knew that Huangfu Zhantian was her fiance, and she also knew that Huangfu Zhantian already had someone else in her heart, and it wasn’t one, but he couldn’t accept himself. He tried his best to make him like himself these days, but he still said so. He was wronged and didn’t know who to talk to. He came to Oriental Jade Bead, who liked her best.
"Alas hey lovely and what’s the matter with you? Did someone bully you? You tell grandma that grandma is in charge for you! " Oriental jade bead lovingly stroked Jiang Fei son that soft little head some love way
Jiang Feier cried even more at the words of Oriental Jade Pearl, and the tears in her eyes fell like broken beads.
See Jiang Fei son this kind of Oriental jade bead suddenly white come over what’s the matter when help Jiang Fei son asked "Xiaotian bully you? What a Xiaotian! He bullied us. Grandma Phyl made the decision for you. Go with grandma and grandma will teach you a lesson. "
Jiang Feier immediately stopped crying when she heard the words of Oriental Jade Bead, and grabbed the hand of Oriental Jade Bead with some anxiety and sobbed, "Grandma didn’t bully me, but it was my fault. I couldn’t make him like me. I really couldn’t help it. I worked so hard for so long just to make Xiaotian’s brother like me. I really liked Xiaotian’s brother when I was stopped by those bad guys. At that time, I already liked him. I didn’t know he was my fiance when I knew Xiaotian’s brother was my fiance. I was so excited at that time, but I was a little scared and uneasy because all the girls around Xiaotian’s brother were better than me. I had no confidence in facing them, Grandma. What do you think I should do? Whoops …! "
After listening to Jiang Feier’s words, Oriental Yuzhu suddenly understood the whole story and sighed slightly. This sun doesn’t know how to finish without suspection.i’s infatuation. His grandfather and his father have their own and Xiaotian’s mother all their lives, but this Xiaotian has provoked such sentimental debts. I really don’t know how he will repay these debts.
"Silly child, don’t cry first. Grandma also likes you very much and wants you to be grandma. My granddaughter-in-law, please tell me what you like about Xiaotian first. You know, Xiaotian already has Henaan, and there’s another Xiao Yan you’ve never met before. If you are with them, it’s so wronged. "Oriental Yuzhu patted Jiang Fei’s shoulder and said.
"Grandma Phyl has never liked a person so much. He is the first person I like in my life and will be the last person I like. If I can be with him, I don’t care about anything, even if I wait on him around, and the two sisters may not accept me." Jiang Feier’s eyes are blurred and stupid.
"Ah, silly boy, if you really plan to do this, then grandma will help you talk about it. Don’t be sad first. Just wait for me here." Oriental Yuzhu stroked Jiang Feier’s little head judo.
Oriental jade bead up to the outside Qiuju way "to call Xiaotian for me! Tell him I’m looking for something. "
Qiu Ju was the maid who had always taken care of him when he was a child. Because of Huang Fu Zhantian’s long-term absence, she transferred this maid to the Oriental Jade Pearl. Qiu Ju certainly heard the conversation between the Oriental Jade Pearl and Jiang Fei’s son, and she admired Jiang Fei’s infatuation in her heart. Of course, she was also proud. After all, Master Xiaotian grew up watching himself. He was so happy to recruit girls to like her, and she also had some sympathy for Jiang Fei’s son.
After Qiu Ju was brought, she quickly left and soon came to Huangfu Zhantian’s room to see Huangfu Zhantian. At this time, she looked at the sky outside the principal room in a daze. Qiu Ju walked beside Huangfu Zhantian and whispered, "Master Xiaotian’s ancestors said that there are some things for you to visit."
When Qiuju first arrived, Huangfu Zhantian felt that Qiuju was now serving Grandma. It must have been ordered by Grandma to come here. No, she just confirmed her thoughts as soon as she spoke. I’m afraid it was Phyl’s business. Nai sighed and looked back to the sky. Huangfu Zhantian looked at Qiuju and smiled. "Sister Qiuju is really more and more beautiful. I still remember how you hugged me when you were a child. By the way, Sister Qiuju, do you know what grandma wants with me?"
Hear any suspection.i Zhantian Qiuju heart through a warm current eyes soft color flashing way "master Xiaotian when I came to hear my ancestors talking to Miss Phil, real Miss Phil is very good … Ah, forget it, you young people, it’s up to you, I won’t say much." She meant to let any suspection.i Zhantian think about a Jiang Feier. After all, it’s rare to see such a spoony girl.
"Sister Qiu Ju really can’t rest assured that I won’t hurt her!" Any suspection.i war day with a wry smile way
Then they walked directly towards the Oriental Yuzhu Room.
"Bang …!"
When I knocked at the door, the Oriental Jade Pearl asked Jiang Feier to hide in the back room first, while she straightened her body and closed her eyes lightly. "Come in. Section 158: Snow Vulture Breaks through 1.


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