His sincere tone and yearning made Zhuge Yue wet her eyes. She walked with Zhuge Yan step by step as if her soul had been hooked. The road ahead was not the road, but a dark place like a bright galaxy …

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His sincere tone and yearning made Zhuge Yue wet her eyes. She walked with Zhuge Yan step by step as if her soul had been hooked. The road ahead was not the road, but a dark place like a bright galaxy …
Let a person’s heart be silent and I don’t know where to go!
Her feet have taken a big step forward and she is about to fall into the abyss …
Zhuge Yan’s face has a faint smile, not that kind of evil and sinful smile, but full of expectation …
Sister, I always miss you, but I can miss you in another world after all, but all these thoughts will be over. Now you are so alive in front of me, and my thoughts are finally full of expectations!
Zhuge Yue saw that she was about to fall in, and a voice sounded behind her as if touching a string in the deepest part of her heart, "Come back, sweetheart!"
She was surprised to see Zhuge Yunlan’s face exactly the same as Zhuge Yunlan’s, but it is very modern to comb her hair and dress!
It is very handy to see whether it is a modern costume or an ancient costume!
He is wearing a burgundy casual shirt, which matches his skin perfectly, making his face more delicate, just like a vampire coming from the middle world.
ZhuGeYan said hurriedly pull ZhuGeYue in the past, but ZhuGeYunLan also cling to hold ZhuGeYue on both sides of the other hand strength seesaw ZhuGeYue eyes look painful, but she has some tangled some at a loss!
The night is like a stranger waiting for her, but how many years has her brother waited for her? In this long time when a person lives alone in this strange world, only missing her can make him live well!
ZhuGeYunLan watched ZhuGeYue being dragged than painful sample can’t help but frowned in the heart of the decision!
Height Hades, no one in this world can beat him. This is his first and last concession!
"Listen to me, you don’t love her. Don’t you feel sad to stay in this strange world? And now you ask her to accompany you. Isn’t that the same as you? Besides, she still has a lover in another world. If she stays here, what’s the difference between living by missing you? "
Zhuge Yunlan’s words silenced Zhuge Yan. He listened, but it doesn’t mean he will understand!
Zhuge Yan’s oblique lip angle reveals that his age is not in line with evil. "You are so tall that everything is your sister. Aren’t you selfish and let her stay with you?"
ZhuGeYunLan watched ZhuGeYue forehead sweat more and more dense he frowned "good! I’ll show you if I’m selfish! "
As soon as he loosened his hand, Zhuge Yue fell into the boundary like a black hole with Zhuge Yan …
Waiting for Zhuge Yue will stay in this virtual world forever, but for Zhuge Yunlan, it’s better than him and Zhuge Yan’s two forces to see who won’t let his baby die. Chapter 589 Who is the most selfish (2)
Waiting for Zhuge Yue will leave this virtual world forever, but it is much better for Zhuge Yunlan than for him and Zhuge Yan to see who will not let his darling die!
If you want to live, there is hope. If you want to live, you have to get her out even if you are desperate!
ZhuGeYan surprised that he decided that ZhuGeYue has been chaotic at the moment, and some people have no consciousness to fall into the end with him …
He pushed Zhuge Yue out with a bright eye, and Zhuge Yue felt his back burning. Looking back, he looked at Zhuge Yan’s eyes, but at the moment his evil smile turned into a very pure evil smile. "Sister, let’s go … He’s right. It’s really selfish. I’m sorry …"
Although they are getting farther and farther apart, their hearts are getting closer and closer to each other!
Because …
ZhuGeYue mumbling watching ZhuGeYan finished crying this brother died has always been a thorn in her heart!
She turned back at him violently. "Don’t worry, brother, I will protect my father!" "
ZhuGeYan nodded, followed by ZhuGeYue feel flash at the moment has been ZhuGeYunLan to pull in the past, there is a similar to a black hole behind things at the moment but as if at any time to collapse constantly narrowing the scope …
Zhuge Yue was passively tugged at by Zhuge Yunlan and watched her go away with a smile. His heart must be very tangled now, but in the end he chose to let his sister return to that happy living world!
He has suffered loneliness and loneliness, and he doesn’t want to add his sister!
-dividing line-
Finally catch ZhuGeYue and ZhuGeYunLan out at the last minute …


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