Yunwan stunned and said, "Temple … Temple!"

It’s a pity that the man didn’t look back to see the two men in front of him once, and the’ harmony’ between you and me was like a panic in her heart.
I can’t control my face. Suri has been hiding it well. My feelings show my face.
Thyme xian see eye sound with contempt "what? Do you like my brother? "
It was said that the cloud was indifferent and smiled. "How dare you? There is an imperial concubine in the temple now."
"What about that?" Bailixian’s face is floating and sly. It’s really not like looking at the two figures myself before. "What if my brother is dragon three’s wife and fourth concubine?"
Yun Wan’s miserable smile is very weak. "But … I have been betrothed to san huang, and now I am waiting for the engagement period."
"My brother san huang? He is notoriously womanly. "At a glance, Bai Lixian could not bear to continue to make things difficult for Yun Wan." This marriage has not yet become urgent. If there is an opportunity, I will help you with your words and see if I can help you fight for it! "
Of course, it would be good if she could keep away from Yun Qing’s arrogance.
But I didn’t know that I was walking into Yunwan step by step to set up a good station.
Yun Wan’s eyes lit up and she smiled and floated her cheeks. "Is this really true, Princess?"
"That’s a natural princess who always keeps her word …" Thyme Xian looked up with a proud look.
It is very popular for Yun Wan to look at her adoration.
Yunwan lightly frowned, which relieved him. "Thank you, Princess Yunwan, for admiring you more and more."
Smell speech thyme xian then complacent laugh "that is natural, but I am a princess! I am a princess and big princess. "
Even if the status is humble? She is now the queen mother’s pet big princess.
Looking at the proud look of the people walking in front, Yun Wan laughed in his heart.
Low sipping corners of the mouth spit out cold two words "fool 415 Chapter 415 confrontation in the rain (4)
night falls
Night is not far from the imperial city, and the lights in the palace are on.
It’s like being in a nine-day city.
Nearby, however, there are strange flowers, splendid flowers and rich fragrance mixed with clear water. cool thin seems to be a world of mortals.
The cornices of Xunli Palace in Helan are as thin as flowing gauze robes and stretched in the wind.
He combed off half his hair and fixed it with gold. His forehead was half bright and clean, which seemed to hide his deep eyes
He suddenly turned to the sky and roared, "It’s all because of you-!"
Guard the surrounding feather guards, and they all ran out to see him.
He drew a soft sword from his narrow sleeve and danced, tilting the roof as flat as a shoe, dancing like a swallow.
He suddenly threw a sword and nailed it into the top of the century-old camphor tree next to the palace before his arms flew to the ground.
As soon as he landed on the eaves, the white wolf took the initiative to meet him, sticking out his tongue step by step and shaking his big tail behind Helan Xun.
Zhong Li came out of the room and took a fox fur from a feather guard around him. He walked in a hurry and put on his body and added, "Although the weather in the imperial city is not colder than the nightingale, you can’t wear so thin. The Lord is sick."
Helan Xun’s export words of pulling fox and fur are always so calm. "I’m not weak yet."
The long wind blows hard, and Helan Xun’s dark red clothes flaunt a pair of clear eyes in the cold wind, which is horribly bright.
Heavy li leng a finally put the fox fur closed his hand to the side feather who.
Helan Xunyang looked up as if he were looking into the distance, and the sky had no focal length. Finally, he left a sentence "I’m going out."
"I’ll arrange it." Zhong Li came back to him.
"Don’t talk to you" Helan Xun shook his head and the cold moonlight made him look like a golden knife from cool thin.
Then he walked towards the gate without giving Chongli a chance to reply.


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