"Kun Shu University 6 … seems to be far away from here." Xiao Lingyu squinted and rummaged through her memory and said.

"It’s not too far. It will take about two months to get there." The old shopkeeper shook his head and said.
"It’s not too far when it takes two months to take the shuttle bus all the time? Plus waiting in line for delivery … "
"Ha ha, we don’t need to line up." The old shopkeeper laughed.
"Even if I go to Kunshu University 6 now, I can’t come, right?" Xiao Lingyu asked with a disappointed look on his face. This three-year-old "flower" cherishes it very much. It is already very lucky that Xiao Lingyu can’t guarantee that he will be so lucky after he hits the chaos, and he is not far away from the polymerization period. He doesn’t have much time to look for it. If Fa finds it again, he can replace it.
If it is replaced, it will not only reduce the impact, but also the possibility of success in the chaotic polymerization period. Even if it is successful in the chaotic polymerization period, it will greatly affect the post-cultivation. Xiao Lingyu will never replace it unless it is absolutely necessary.
"The head office bearer has actually just left for three days. If you are quick enough, you may not come." The old shopkeeper said indifferently.
Xiao Lingyu walked out of the Kunlun Treasures Store very depressed, and he couldn’t help feeling a little regretful that if he hadn’t detoured, he would have arrived here three days ago, and the "flower" would not have been taken away.
It’s a pity that it’s too late. He can try to go on his way and try to get to Kunshu University before the three-year-old "flowers" arrive at Kunshu University 6.
People from Kunlun Treasures Head Office can keep sending gifts, because there is a tacit understanding among all major forces in the repair world, and this tacit understanding can also be said that they work together to formulate rules, that is, the really strong can not wait in line for delivery, and some influential merchants in the repair world can also rely on all their trade routes to make it unnecessary to wait for delivery.
No monk wants to say more about this kind of thing. After all, no one wants to sin at the same time. The top forces in the realm of repairing the truth are naturally very popular and welcome. As far as the influence of the weak is concerned, it is very poor.
The quickest way to travel in the Chineydy of the fix-true realm is to take the shuttle bus, unless you are a master of celestial or celestial realms or have a magic weapon of fairy and artifact flying, even the degree of displacement of the strong in the nine robberies can also be instantaneously moved from one fix-true big six to another big six across a star field.
For Xiao Lingyu, the fastest way to travel is to take the bus to the front, but he is not a big brother or a big businessman. He can qualify for the bus without waiting in line.
However, Xiao Lingyu can be a strong person because his strength is absolutely comparable to that of five robbing the strong, and five robbing the strong is already considered a strong category in the field of fix true. Many fix true big six roots, there is no five robbing the strong, while most fix true big six are somewhat five robbing the strong.
Except for the transit planet, all the fixed-true-big-6 interstellar delivery arrays are guarded by guards. After all, monks need to pay for the delivery, and naturally someone has to collect it next to the delivery.
If the strong want to "cut in" the team, they must get the consent of the guards.
After Xiao Lingyu left the city, he quickly walked to the 6-star shuttle bus. At this time, there was a long queue in front of the shuttle bus. If Xiao Lingyu honestly waited for less, it would take two hours.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t line up. He walked slowly and quickly along the long queue to the place where he passed. Everyone stared at him unconsciously. Everyone was thinking that this must be a big "door" to send his brother out to experience.
What ordinary monks hate most is that these young brothers can’t build high-quality "doors" but rely on their own "doors" to be strong and arrogant, and they can get a lot of special skills. No one wants to offend them wherever they go.
Xiao Lingyu also ignored everyone’s expressions and eyes. When he walked to the edge of the array, it happened that a group of monks had just delivered it. He said to the two guards at the entrance of the array, "I want to send it away now."
There are two rows of guards on both sides of the array, and there are many guards in the array square to send the array. If there is a slight change here, they will flock.
"Show me your token, please," a guard answered calmly.
"There is no token" Xiao Lingyu is also very calm.
Xiao Lingyu’s answer surprised many monks.
It turns out that this little brother is not a big force going out to travel. Is he a strong man with five robberies?
The guard frowned a little, and dozens of guards on both sides of the line kept their eyes on this side. If the little one was deliberately playing "getting" or forcibly "cutting in" the queue, then they wouldn’t stand still like statues any more.
"Then please pour a little skill here."
Next to the escort, the guard took out a piece of stone like black iron, and looked at it like a plank brick. He said coldly to Xiao Lingyu, in his opinion, Xiao Lingyu robbed the strong in less than five times.
This black "color" plank brick is set next to all the six-star array. They are very hard and very resistant to all kinds of energy. It is said that advanced energy such as fairy spirit force or magic spirit force can invade it, that is to say, it takes Mahayana or stronger skill to disperse fairy and magic to invade it, but how much can invade it depends on the strength of repair.
This black "color" plank brick is next to the array to test the repair level of the strong. The monks should try their best to pour their skills into the black "color" plank brick, so it will be clear at a glance that he will repair it.
Xiao Lingyu’s strength is not bad, but his skill level is not very high, but he is convinced that his "mixed" chaotic force can also invade the black "colored" plank brick, so he dares to try, but he is not sure that he will try his best to encourage himself to inject "mixed" chaotic force into the black "colored" plank brick.
At this time, all the monks and guards waiting to be sent were staring at the black "color" plank brick.
What makes Xiao Lingyu depressed is that he feels that his "mixed" chaotic force has invaded the black "color" plank brick, but the black "color" plank brick is still moving.
It is often known to the monks who sent to the array that the black "color" brick has been refined by experts. If there is energy intrusion, it will overflow according to the amount of intrusion, and it will show the corresponding grade figures.
"It turned out to be a man who had nothing to do to find a small one, so he was in trouble!"
Looking at a group of guards who have moved to surround Xiao Lingyu, all the monks waiting to be sent are smiling and shaking their heads waiting to see the drama.
"Pretending to be a strong man before sending the array will either pay a thousand times to send it or waste it. Which one do you choose?"
And the armed with black "color" plank brick guards have smile let Xiao Lingyu choose posterior.
Chapter 11 Nine Robberies
? Chapter 11 Nine Robberies
"Then please pour a little skill here."
Next to the escort, the guard took out a piece of stone like black iron, and the stone looked like a plank brick. He said coldly to Xiao Lingyu, in his opinion, Xiao Lingyu robbed the strong in nine cases out of ten.
This black brick is next to all the interstellar arrays in the mainland …
Chapter 111 Breaking and entering
? "The person I’m looking for is called Gu Xiaomin. Please inform me that I didn’t invite you to show my friendship. Please search 151+ to watch the first update network Baidu." Xiao Lingyu said patiently.
"Then please wait here for a while." A child bowed down again and trotted all the way to the depths of the mountain gate.
There was also a cup of tea when the boy returned, but he was accompanied by a young man who looked fairly young.
A man who has just broken through the realm in the early days of distraction is a knife-shaped eyebrow with a face as gentle as jade. However, he is dressed in a brocade, long hair and a golden ribbon. Although he is handsome and handsome, his expression has a defiant and arrogant color. You can tell at a glance that he is not a seasoned and experienced character.
"Where did this Taoist friend come from to find Xiao Min?" The young distracted monk shook his fist at random in his chest for two times and then asked politely
"Ha ha, it’s Xiao Min’s old friend who hasn’t seen you for a long time to visit." Xiao Lingyu replied with a smile.
"oh? Old friend? Why didn’t I listen to Xiao Min? " The young monk looked very suspicious.
"Is it really an old friend Xiao Min who didn’t come out at this time?" Xiao Lingyu nodded first and then asked
If it weren’t for Gu Xiaomin, he wouldn’t be so lazy to linger here, and he wouldn’t smile so kindly. Since Xiao Min is taken in here, Xiao Lingyu, a benefactor of Xiao Lingyu, naturally has to keep the number of rites.
"Xiao Min is not convenient to meet guests, please come back later." The young monk said indifferently that although he can’t see through Xiao Lingyu’s strength, he looked at Xiao Lingyu’s appearance and heard that Xiao Lingyu was Gu Xiaomin’s old friend. He just felt that Xiao Lingyu was not much higher even if he was taller than him. Moreover, this is his own home site at the entrance of the sect mountain. He didn’t need to pretend to be a younger generation to anyone.
"closed?" Xiao Lingyu frowned slightly and then asked, "How long will it take her to get out?"
"This time, Xiao Min and I have just formed a double-cultivation couple, and we have just finished our first double-cultivation. Soon after her original cultivation was weak, it took a while to close and digest, ranging from half a year to a month." The young monk calmly explained.
"Double major? !”
Xiao Lingyu listened to the young monk’s intuition. If there was a thunderbolt in his brain, he could not help but retreat two steps.
The young monk naturally saw something wrong in Xiao Lingyu’s reaction and thought, "Is this person Xiaomin old frame? No wonder Xiaomin didn’t play before. This little girl really doesn’t have a lot of happiness. Such a stunning woman has a rare qualification for uniting in ten thousand years, and he is willing to let go. "
The young monk has just completed a double practice with Gu Xiaomin, which made him jump directly from the middle of out-of-body experience to the early stage of distraction. This span has made him happy for a long time.
Xiao Lingyu looked at it carefully. At present, the young monk felt that the other side really had a breath of harmony of Yin and Yang, but it was certain that the other side had just made great progress from the double major, but he still couldn’t believe that this young monk’s double major partner would be his girlfriend Gu Xiaomin.
"Do you have a female monk named Gu Xiaomin in Zongmen? Did she come here more than ten years ago? " Xiao Lingyu repeatedly asked after during the.


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