In the main hall, the captain stood upright, quietly with a gentle and firm smile, and bravely looked at Zhu Yin’s folded eyes. He knew that everyone was watching her gloating, fearing chaos, aversion, spitting, anger, resentment, malice, anxiety and disbelief.

Dirty, vicious, dissolute and cheap … such words are like a horizontal missile, and every grain of them is shot accurately and mistakenly at the body of the captain, beating her blood to pieces, but although it hurts, the captain still stands like a tough rock without any retreat.
Wei Yu still smiles, and the more fierce others scold her, the more gentle she laughs.
What do others think of her? She has never cared about her. She has always cared about people, and this crowd is crowded in the hall. There are two people in the mood.
It must have surprised Shen Menglu to know that Shen Menglu was looking at her. Maybe you will feel disappointed because of this! She lied to Shen Menglu. She said that she missed her, let Zhu Yinqi go and wanted to live her life once, but those were all lies. She lied to Shen Menglu.
Shen Menglu must feel stupid. Stupid as hell! Wei Wei secretly pinched her handkerchief but didn’t turn to look at Shen Menglu. I’m sorry, Mufei. I’m sorry! Please allow me to be stupid again! I promise this is the last time! After that, I won’t do anything stupid again. From now on, I will definitely forget that Zhu Yinqi will definitely live by herself!
Wei Gui also knew that Zhu Yinqi was looking at her, but she didn’t turn her head to look at Zhu Yinqi. Was she silently wondering what kind of mood Zhu Yinqi would be in now? Are you as disgusted with yourself as those ministers and their families? Or can he have a little pity and love for himself?
Think of Zhu Yin Qiwei’s dark eyes and a little more self-mockery in her gentle smile. Don’t be silly. Soon women will know that you are a dirty woman! So what qualifications do you have to expect others’ pity and sympathy? Well, it’s absolutely irrelevant! From now on, all you have to do is to be completely strangers to Zhu Yinqi Tianya!
Wei-da-da withdrew her thoughts, straightened her face and put her mind back on Zhu Yin’s pleats and Natalya’s body.
Natalya has been staring at the captain’s dark brown pupil with a faint cold light, and her eyes are like poisonous snakes, as if she would pounce and swallow him at any moment.
Natalie’s mood is very complicated at the moment. Besides suppressing anger, she is unwilling. Natalya has long known that there is someone in Zhu Yin’s heart, but the imaginary enemy in her mind should be a beautiful woman if she is not as beautiful as Shen Menglu.
However, in front of us, Wei Wei looks so ordinary and has a stunning face and a crazy figure. On the contrary, there are many critical places, such as a washboard and a dark yellow face, such as a day lily. Natalia looks at Wei Wei and is very disgusted with such a rival in love.
Annoyed! If you lose to a beautiful young woman like Shen Menglu, Natalya may still be calm and willing to lose some gambling, but losing to a woman like Wei Yi, who doesn’t look younger than herself or her original appearance, Natalya is really worried to death.
She couldn’t wait to rush to dig out Zhu Yin’s eyes and stomp on them. What kind of eyes is Zhu Yin’s eyes? I cann’t believe such a woman is fascinated!
Natalya turned her eyes to Zhu Yin’s eyes with no secret of anger.
Zhu Yin pleats just looked at Wei Da and Natalia. Natalia met him in the eye this time. Zhu Yin pleats was secretly surprised and quickly put away the fundus emotions. If he can’t admit that he was having an affair with Wei Da!
After a pause, Zhu Yin slowly said, "Empress Jifei please respect yourself. Although there is a good friendship, it is not good to interfere in the decision of the Wang Dian. Empress Jifei also please forgive me."
Zhu Yin’s pleated tone is very alienated. Looking at the captain’s eyes is also a little more alienated. "Empress Qi Fei should go back to Qi Wang quickly, and don’t affect the Wang Dian’s gift again."
Zhu Yinpleat is a warning to the commandant and a wake-up call to Natalya not to be deluded and delay the business. Their purpose today is to design Zhu Yinzhen to add trouble to Zhu Yinzhen instead of being calculated by him in turn!
Zhu Yinzhe looked at Natalya firmly and hinted that all this was Zhu Yinzhen’s intrigue to make her stop being pawned and wake up. She would finish her business first and then he would give her a reasonable explanation.
Natalia’s heart sank. Explain? Only those with a guilty conscience will want to explain. So, it’s true that Wei Lao is a heart-rending Zhu Yin! Natalya suddenly began to kill her heart. Is it good that everyone wants to kill her?
Ah ….. Zhu Yin fold this is don’t want to recognise? Wei Yi’s eyelids drooped and he sneered, but Zhu Yin’s pleats would be naive if they could cover everything up like this. Rumors are fiercer than tigers. Zhu Yin’s pleats know best, don’t they?
She had to compromise when Zhu Yinqi threatened her, but now there is nothing to threaten her!
WeiDa Gui some not to stamp the stamp posing as a little woman in search of appearance "somebody else no matter! I just want this gift! If you don’t help me, I’ll get it myself! "
As for Zhu Yin’s pleating, he calmed shattered glass. He didn’t refute or explain that he was raising his head and completely posing as a charming and savage gesture. He walked to the box and stretched out his hand to lift it.
"Prince Qi, don’t you want your princess to fool around?" Seeing Wei Da moving Zhu Yin pleats, he was furious and shouted at Zhu Yin Qi Shen. Did this woman have any consciousness? Didn’t she see the murder in Natalia’s eyes and dare to fool around!
Understand that hints and warning in Zhu Yinqi’s pleated words, Zhu Yinqi slowly got up and walked over to the captain in full view.
"Princess, stop being naughty and go back with the king!" Zhu Yinqi went to Wei Da and gently held the sign language temperature and the ground entrance at the edge of Wei Da’s box.
Zhu Yinqi’s palm is very warm, and his heart is suddenly confused. Zhu Yinqi’s performance is greatly beyond his expectation. Zhu Yinqi is so kind and affectionate that he has never met him.
Weideng, come back with me and don’t do anything stupid! I don’t deserve Zhu Yinqi’s deep gaze at Wei Chengshen Menglu. Zhu Yinqi understood Wei Chengqi’s mind, but it was too heavy for Zhu Yinqi to bear.
At this moment, Zhu Yinqi’s heart was full of apologies for Wei Chengqi. He understood Wei Chengqi, but it turned out that he had never understood her from the beginning to the end. He knew that Wei Chengqi was infatuated with himself, but he didn’t know that she was so passionate that she was willing to sacrifice her life.
Touched by this moment, Zhu Yinqi was really touched! How can he, Zhu Yin and Qi De, have such a lifelong love?
"Princess, whatever you want, the king will give it to you. Go back with the king quickly." See that Wei Wei did not speak and Zhu Yinqi did not move again.
Wei Wei, come back with me! Do you want me to give it to you? Zhu Yinqi gently pinched her hand and eyes to dye a little request.
Zhu Yinqi’s gentle eyes are fascinating but also heartbreaking. Suddenly, she has an impulse to cry. Zhu Yinqi understands that this time Zhu Yinqi really understands that she wants to be gentle with Zhu Yinqi!
So gentle, she waited for a generation and looked forward to her for a generation. She will never get Zhu Yinqi’s response, but it turns out that God still cares for her and can let her win Zhu Yinqi’s pity before she dies.
At this moment, I really want to rush to Shen Menglu and scream excitedly. Mufei, look, I succeeded, but she can’t. She can’t scream, she can’t be excited and she can’t cry.
Wei Li blinked and forced her eyes back to be sour. Then she pulled out her hand and looked at Zhu Yinqi coldly. "I just want this gift. Can you give it to me?"


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