Henaan saw Tie Wanxin’s painful expression and knew that it was no good not to accept it, so he didn’t delay again. The lotus throne exuded an exciting idea as if it were alive, and then flew to Henaan’s hand and Henaan’s hand. After that, the lotus throne exuded a pale blue light in vain, and even the people around him felt that the lotus throne exuded joy, which surprised everyone. Generally, it can emit such emotional treasures. It seems that this lotus throne is amazing. Huangfu Zhantian is also shocked by the iron source.

"Thank you, Uncle Tie’s love." Henaan put this lotus throne away and gave a gift to Tieyuan with joy. To tell the truth, this lotus throne can be said to be the most suitable magic weapon for her to practice. After all, her own attribute is Shui Mu’s combination of two attributes, but it is rare. She has never found such a magic weapon. I didn’t expect to see it today and it is still her own. How can this not make her happy?
"silly sister, do you still call uncle?" Tie Ying Yue took Henaan’s hand and said with a smile [
"Thank you, michel platini." Henaan shouted shyly.
"Well, that’s right. What michel platini sent out can’t be taken back. This lotus throne was found from an ancient site in michel platini decades ago, but it has never been moved because of my attributes. I just gave it to you today. I think you also have two attributes. This thing is just right for you. I don’t know about the different attributes. I don’t know all about this violet throne. Go back and explore it yourself." Tieyuan has no shelf at all against Henaan Road. Although it has declined, it still has a good demeanor.
"Moon, is this the teenager you said you would go with you?" Iron source fights against suspection.i heaven.
"Yes, he is suspection.i Zhantian, but my daughter has been looking for it for a long time to find it." Tieying Yuedao said.
"Hello, uncle, I am Huangfu Zhantian Kamikaze Empire" Huangfu Zhantian hand way
"I’ll call you Xiaotian Xiaotian. Please take care of my baby when you go out for this period. She hasn’t been out much since she was a child. She really doesn’t have much social experience. If she gets into trouble when she goes out, please excuse me a little more. The old lady thanked me." Tieyuan smiled and said in Section 58: Violet throne.
Any suspection.i Zhantian hurriedly said, "Uncle Tie, don’t say that taking care of Miss Tie is something that the younger generation should do. It’s no trouble to talk about it, and this time I’m able to see this Arrouk site with Miss Tie."
"That’s good for you young people to get along well. That’s the best." Tieyuan was pleased to tunnel.
"Uncle Iron has a question that I don’t know when to ask improperly".
Tieyuan laughed. "What’s wrong when you ask? But it doesn’t matter."
"Then I can be abrupt, that is, why do you want to find someone outside? The strength of the iron house can’t even be impossible to explore the site." After all, the question has been hovering in his heart for a long time. Although the iron house has declined, the thin camel is bigger than the horse. He still knows that if you don’t ask this question clearly, Huangfu Zhantian still feels a little wrong [
Iron source didn’t look surprised after listening to it. It seems that Huangfu Zhantian wants to ask questions. He already knows it. It seems that iron source caresses the lux and laughs. "Xiaotian, I’m glad you can ask this question. This means that you are not blinded by those external factors. The most important thing is to be cautious."
After boasting about Huangfu Zhantian, Tieyuan’s face was a little dim. "Yes, the Iron House has indeed declined for so many years, but even if it has declined, it is impossible to explore a site. It is no joke that the Arrouk site of this wise god is the first person to be broken without relying on quarrelling and magic, and his site must not be solved by force. Since it cannot be solved by force, it must depend on wisdom. After all, the name of the wise god is not for no reason, but his site is bound to be linked with wisdom. This is why we iron house have to find someone outside."
Any suspection.i war knows clearly nodded his head, although he guessed some reasons himself, but if he didn’t listen to Tieyuan’s real words, he would still have doubts in his heart. Now, listening to Tieyuan’s words, his doubts are not so heavy. He is cautious by nature and he didn’t come out.
"Well, in that case, you are ready to start at noon. You are still far away from that place, so start as soon as possible, or you will miss this time." Tieyuan waved his hand and said.
"When will this site be opened?" Suspection.i war, as in a surprised, it’s no wonder that this iron house is so eager to recruit people. Although it is said that it is a gimmick now, it also says that the iron house is bound to get this site or it will not be his turn for an outsider to know the news. After figuring this out, suspection.i war, as in the heart, is really suspicious. Section 583: Departure 1.
"I didn’t make it clear to you before the abortion. Well, this Arrouk site is not started at will, even if you know the method of starting it, but it can’t be started if it’s not that time, and this time will be a full moon three months later, and there is still a distance from here. If the road doesn’t encounter any special circumstances, it will be almost the beginning of the month, but if you delay it for a while, it will be difficult to grasp this time," Tieyuan worried.
"Ok, then according to my uncle’s idea, we will find out at noon that Henaan and I have to go back to the inn to pack something. How about waiting until noon at the city gate?" Huangfu Zhan Tian Dao
"Yeah, that abortion gives me a Xiaotian and my dry daughter." Tieyuan got up and said.
After walking out of the Iron Mansion, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly turned to Henaan and said, "How did you become an iron source dry daughter?"
"Then I don’t know. I want to take advantage of Tiewan’s heart, but then I was really moved by her, so I took this dry sister, and her father is arguably my father. Isn’t this a normal thing? Somehow, you said it again today, and I am also you. You should thank me for letting you do a better job with Tiejia." Henaan bypassed Huangfu Zhantian and walked on and then took it for granted [
"If you had known this, I would have done so many things to answer any questions and sent you directly." Huangfu Zhantian joked with him.
"Hum, if you hadn’t answered people’s questions first and then obtained the qualification, you people would really like to accept me as a dry girl. What a fool! Let’s go and pack up quickly. I can’t wait to see the site of Arrouk, the God of Wisdom." With that, the pace of Henaan’s feet accelerated a little.
Sanyuan chengmenkou
"Dad is here, sister. You should take good care of Dad." Tie Ying Yue took Tie Wanxin’s hand in judo.
"Sister, people also want to go with you. Why don’t you take them with you? It’s annoying!" Tie Wanxin took Tie Ying Yue’s hand and said, "It’s not convenient to follow them." After that, Tie Wanxin used to hold Henaan’s hand and said, "Sister Henaan, you should come back to see me often." After that, Tie Wanxin was close to Henaan’s ear and said, "The real Huangfu Zhantian is quite good. Come on!" After that, Tie Wanxin also blinked cunningly toward Huangfu Zhantian.
Huangfu Zhantian didn’t hear what she said, but she also greeted herself. She also nodded with a smile and kindness to her.
"Hey, hey, see? He’s so silly." Tie Wanxin took Henaan’s hand and laughed.
"What is the dead girl talking about? I am with him, but there is nothing now, and there is no possibility that there will be a family to practice well. When I come back, I will see how far you can progress. If you dare to be lazy, I will not teach you a good lesson." Henaan slapped an iron hand and taught a lesson. Section 584: Set out
"Know Henaan sister" iron wan heart du pink mouth way
"That’s a good boy. Come back, sister, if you encounter anything interesting, I’ll bring it to you. Stop pouting and be careful to pout your mouth into a pointed mouth." Henaan Jiao laughed.
"Come on, stop that now. It’s getting late. Hurry, or you won’t be able to catch a city before dark. It’s not very good to sleep on the street then." After that, Tieyuan turned to Tielao Road. "Tielao Abortion will trouble you to excuse me more."
"Sir, what are you talking about? The old slave will protect the young lady." Iron old man quickly said.


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