Even Fang Qing has a mind’s eye. She didn’t directly go to Lian Fangzhou to whisper. It was too conspicuous to tell people that there was a situation. Instead, she first found Haitang and asked Haitang to pour tea for Lian Fangzhou. She whispered a few words when she was in a clean small room. Chapter 135 The bride was replaced!

Even Fang Zhou knew that her sister’s key moment was not frivolous. When Haitang was finished, she went out without moving.
After hearing Lian Fangqing’s words, Fang Zhou did not reprimand her for her nonsense, and her face changed immediately.
For dealing with Xu Guogong’s mansion, she is whiter than Lian Fangqing. Although the importance of this matter is not white, nine maids, including Redjade, Qinghe, Maixiang, Lin Niang and Guang Niang, were called to go to the courtyard where the new house was located.
Liu Chunxing, Haitang and Lotus greeted the guests and covered them up.
Into the hospital, even Fangzhou added two women gatekeepers to the gate and went straight to the new house with the rest of them.
The bride sat beside the bed, and when the servant girl looked up, she flashed panic.
Qinghe then laughed. "The elder sister, our wife, came to visit her brother and daughter-in-law! There are also three aunts and Miss Biao who come to see the bride specially! "
The servant girl managed to squeeze out a little smile and give it to Lian Fangzhou, his third aunt and Lian Fangqing.
Even Fang Zhou glanced at her lightly and asked, "Where are Mammy Lu and the ice green and ice plum? Why not? You look unfamiliar! "
The girl’s heart sank with a smile apologetically. "The handmaiden is the maid who is married to the big lady-"
Even Fang Zhou waved and interrupted her and turned to tell Mai Xiang, "Mammy Lu, they should rest in the wing, right? Go and call them all! "
"Li Furen! Sister Lu, they are exhausted from serving the big lady these days and are resting. I wish there were handmaiden here, big lady! " The girl is hurriedly called to get up.
Even Fang Zhou sneered, "You didn’t say anything, miss. You yelled at a little dowry girl to be the Lord! Maixiang is not going soon! "
Maixiang didn’t even look at the girl. She bent her knees and turned around and went away.
I don’t know if that servant girl is crazy or out of her mind to pull Maixiang.
Even Fang Zhou’s face turned cold and ordered the servant girls to "tie it up for me!" Block her mouth! "
All the maids were prepared to come in a hubbub, but the girl was blocked and tied up and thrown aside.
Sitting on the bed, the bride was not calm. She lifted the veil and looked at Lian Fangzhou.
"You’re not miss xu! Who are you! " Even Fang Zhou folded low drink heart suddenly a shock discoloration way "are you miss meng home? Meng Tingting? "
Meng Tingting knelt down and saluted "Sister!"
All qi qi pumping face changed three gu a can’t help but "ah" cried out.
Even Fang Zhou’s lungs are going to explode. Raise your hand before "Pa!" Gave Meng Tingting a slap in the face and made Meng Tingting fall to the ground.
Even Fang Zhou’s eyes are like cold eyes staring at Meng Tingting and sneering, "It’s great to be good!" Xu Guogong House is really good! Since we don’t want this marriage to be inconvenient, it’s really hard to get such a thing to fool people when our family is soft persimmon! I’d like to ask the door what reason this is! Did you just call me sister? Ha, you are a sister who deserves to be called by anything! We can even get in the house without a cat or a dog, so we can hold our noses and admit it. Dream! "
Meng Tingting’s face was burning with pain, but not even Fang Zhou’s humiliating words made her more painful and embarrassed. She was ashamed and annoyed, so she burst out and fell to the ground and sobbed.
Just then, Mammy Lu and the ice green Montessori got the other three dowry maids to come in together.
See Meng Tingting Lu mammy and ice green face changed.
"Miss table! It’s you! Where’s our big lady! Where have you taken our big lady? " Before the ice and green rush, they were flustered.
Lu mammy, immediately to even Fang Zhou knelt repeatedly kowtow way "Li Furen! Li Furen! Beg madam to make decisions for our big lady! Beg your wife to save our eldest lady! "
No wonder the young lady didn’t say a word and didn’t wait on herself when she entered the new house today, and those three little bitches changed their ways to persuade them to stop herself and Binglv from coming over in the wing over there. So that’s it!
"Why don’t you go ahead and talk about it? I have my own opinion."
Even Fang Zhou vomitted a sigh and said slowly
What a mess!
"Thank you, Li Furen!" Mammy Lu tearfully knocked her head again, and saw that the ice green was still flustered and confused, and she was crying. Meng Tingting grabbed her and made an expression of eyes.
Eye they can rely on even fangzhou, if provoked even fangzhou unhappy without their benefits.
Even Fang Zhou’s cold eyes swept the other three dowry maids.
The three maids obviously didn’t expect such a sudden change in their faces in the new house. They were all silly there!
Needless to say, everyone can be white. These three must be accomplices.
Even Fang Zhou sneered at the order and tied it, gagged it and threw it on the ground.
"Give me this dress! Look at it! " Even Fang Zhou fell to the ground crying Meng Tingting said
Others can still promise to do it before they are polite. Mammy Lu and Lian Fangzhou brought her grandmother together to help.
Meng Tingting was so angry and ashamed that she struggled to look at Lian Fangzhou and cried, "You can’t do this to me! I have already worshipped heaven and earth and become husband and wife. You can’t do this to me! "
The maids gave them a hand.


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