"In my vague memory, a local tyrant said that you have something worth learning. I brought my wife here to see what I could learn."

"Or in my vague memory, there is an idiot who says that the quality level of your people is higher than that of our people. I want to know what kind of high method brought my wife …"
When the young man finished this sentence, the tour guide translated it truthfully, and the residents in Taiwan smiled with relief, but many people in the team blushed instead.
It’s a shame to throw it abroad. What’s the most embarrassing thing is that it was thrown out by our own compatriots?
"I can really understand what they said when I came here to see this fund-raising activity … but we can’t forget that our two countries are in a sea of blood and national humiliation, and your government wants to revise the education department!"
The female translator looked at the young man and seemed to feel that she was going to throw caution to the wind, too, and continued to translate
"I can understand that the government is the government and the people are the people. I thank the people of the island country for giving a helping hand at this time. But when there is a catastrophe on your side, there may be many people applauding on our side. In fact, I also applauded, but I was later infected by those four people. This may be a manifestation of quality …"
"This reminds me of an extreme hypothesis."
"Class-to-class competition, students who have friction in the class may also huddle together; Schools compete, all classes will huddle together; People from provinces, cities, provinces and cities compete with each other to form a group; When there is a dispute between countries, the Chinese will be United as one. "
"If one day aliens capture the earth, surely the earth will be willing to unite as one?"
"True peace may still be far away, but at least there is hope."
Chapter 19 Peace in Dreams
The tour guide girl broke into thunderous applause when she finished translating the young people’s words into Taiwan.
The young man went on, waiting to die.
"I became a father more than a month ago and my wife became a mother."
"And my wife walked around a year ago with nerve damage in both feet. I sought medical treatment everywhere, and now I have come to you. I have visited many doctors here these days, but I have the same answer. They are also capable."
When I heard this, the tour group knew that they didn’t come to Japan for a trip, but for a purpose. No wonder they didn’t follow the team these days.
Moreover, it seems that this young man will study Japanese medicine because of his advanced medical level.
"I donated one million just now because I earned it in five years. I was going to cure my wife’s feet, but just now my wife told me …"
"She has less legs and fewer compatriots in the disaster area, but she is a home. This home may have been fragmented and there are not many relatives. She said that since she has no hope of recovery, why not change her legs to her compatriots’ homes?"
"I’m against it because I’m not as great as her and I’m more sorry for her, and I believe something will happen … but I can’t beat her."
"I hope this money can be delivered to my compatriots in a down-to-earth manner!"
"I also thank the Japanese residents for their willingness to lend a helping hand."
"But! If your government does anything that will hurt the friendship between the two countries again, I think our country will never be soft! "
The young man said this, and the tour guide girl was almost a bus.
Because these words are a blatant provocation against the Japanese government.
Translation may cause disputes between the two countries.
This thing will really make a big deal by then.
The young man looked at the tour guide girl when she saw that she was slow to speak.
The guide girl shook her head.
"Candy you …" William felt that he was holding his hand to loosen the candy beside him and walked quickly towards the stage, which had stopped her.
"This is the Chinese!" Candy head also didn’t back to say immediately rushed to the table.
Everyone in the Taiwan tour group can understand the young people saying that many people applaud.
Candy took the microphone from the tour guide girl and directly translated what the young man had just said.
The organizers frowned frequently, and some Taiwanese residents showed a sniffy look, and many people quite appreciated giving Taiwanese a few hands.
"If I dream that the peace law will come, I really need to solve an ancient country with rich heritage by force, in the words of our ancestors …" The young man continued.
"Where there is a will, there is a way to cross the rubicon; 120 Qin will eventually belong to Chu; Hard-working people, the sky does not bear the burden of lying down, and three thousand Yue Jia can swallow Wu. "
Hearing this passage, the tour guide girl shook her head. If she had to translate this passage herself, she would definitely not be able to translate it.
But to her surprise, the young girl beside her really translated it.
Just explain this passage in modern Chinese before translating it into Japanese.
With that, the tour group rang with thunder clapping.
At this moment, many policemen suddenly rushed over.
The tour guide girl knew at a glance that it was the young man beside her who was in trouble.
The island has freedom of speech and can demonstrate, but these people are not citizens of the island.
"You said it was great!" Candy turned and looked at the dark and unattractive young man and said
Although the young man looks dark to candy, he can feel from his heart that he is shining.
The young man smiled at the candy and the tour guide.
The police are surrounded.
"Are you afraid?" Candy suddenly asked and asked with a smile.
The young man shook his head and said, "If I were afraid, I wouldn’t have said so much just now, and … who can escape death?"
"You … you … don’t scare me, I’m afraid," said the tour guide girl, her legs trembled and her face went white.
Tang Xiguo smiled because she saw a figure running towards Taiwan.
"Hey, you don’t really haven’t considered the consequences of what you say? Are you really going to do this? " Tang Xiguo was suddenly interested in asking the teenager


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