After that, he got up and left, and many club shareholders and senior management personnel around him also got up and left.

Finally Cortez also left the meeting room.
Otie sat alone in the conference room with a newspaper that Sohler had read on the table.
He sat in his seat, lost in thought.
Things turned around almost overnight.
Cortez was suddenly seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital urgently.
Then he resigned.
Then the board of directors of the club called a meeting again, and it was only three days since the meeting.
Cortes resigned, and the Valencia club needs a new president. This time, the board of directors of the club decided on the new president.
However, there is no suspense in this issue.
At present, the highest shareholder in the club will automatically become the owner and chairman of Valencia Club.
Now the highest shareholder is Jaime Oti Garcia.
Sohler, who has never dealt with him, is the second largest shareholder in the club.
Sohler looked unhappy when he came to the board meeting. His face was gloomy and he looked like a loser.
In fact, after learning that Cortez was hospitalized due to illness, he realized that this would be his chance to hold more shares than Oti, so he could become the owner of Valencia and he could build this team according to his own wishes
So he went to visit the well-known Roig family in Valencia and found another shareholder of the club, Francisco Roig, hoping to buy 30,000 shares in the hands of Francisco Roig and gain an overwhelming advantage in the board of directors, surpassing Oti, who is familiar with him.
But Fran six Roig rejected Sohler’s request.
This led to Sohler’s share in the club being given to Oti.
Oti was successfully elected as the president of Valencia Club.
Oti, the newly elected chairman of the board of directors, first instructed the team to find a new coach.
The team can’t coach for a day, otherwise it will work normally.
When he was a shareholder of the club, he couldn’t make a direct decision. Now he is the president of the club. His decision is that the club decided that no one can stop him from watching Oti send someone to contact the China man no matter how unhappy Sohler is.
He can curse each other in his heart, and you will regret your rash decision! Jaime Oti Garcia!
Just as Changsheng decided to leave Hertha the next day, it was like someone sent a pillow when he was sleepy. He received a call from his agent Kate Gracie.
"There are always new job opportunities," Gracie said in her speech.
Changsheng is not surprised that he has done so well in Getafe this season, and he is sure to be seen by a willing heart. Those who need a coach will naturally come to him.
Now it’s different from two years ago. Two years ago, he ran around like a fly in despair, hoping to have a club to take him in. He went to many places in Spain.
At that time, he couldn’t get a youth team coach even if he wanted one.
Now he can sit at home and wait for his agent to call him and tell him which clubs are interested in him.
"who?" he asked
Ever-victorious leng Valencia?
He really didn’t expect Valencia to find himself
"You didn’t read wrong, Kate? Are you sure it’s not Balado Lide or Villarreal? "
"I’m Spanish!" Kate Gracie protested.
"Ok … but what will they find me?"
"How do I know that if you are interested, I will make an appointment with them to meet and talk?"
Changsheng hesitated for a moment and thought it should not be a deceptive thing, so he nodded, "Okay, you can do it."
Hang up, Changsheng is still thinking about what Valencia will find itself.
He really felt that there should be no shortage of teaching opportunities based on his teaching achievements at Getafe, but he really didn’t expect to go to a team of Valencia’s level in one step at a time.


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