"What happened to my father? Why didn’t mother come? Where did mother go? " Lin Yuan is a little restless.

"Child, where is your mother now? I can’t tell you that you are not strong enough to tell you that this will limit your realm." Lin Tian’s eyes seem to be struggling, and Lin Yuan’s mother’s eyes seem to have some sufferings.
Lin Yuan’s hands are tightly held and his heart is full of unwillingness.
"Father, how far do I have to practice to get through that barrier to see you and my mother to help you?" Lin Yuan looked up at Lin Tian with bright eyes.
Lin Tianning looked at the forest edge for a moment and pointed to the forest edge ring.
"Father, this is …" Lin Yuan wondered.
Lin Tian said slowly, "This is a Gankun ring for you. Don’t you see the change? This is a treasure of mine. You can feel it yourself. I tell you that when you break through the realm of Tao and soul, that is, when you finish using the Gankun ring, remember that you can only see us."
"When you reach the realm of Tao and soul, you can see us." This sentence keeps echoing in Lin Yuan’s mind.
Lin Yuan suppressed the excitement and wiped her hand. Is the ring Qin Feather Finger or slightly trembling?
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one-Zongmen change
"Father, you wait for me, and I will soon break through to the realm of Tao and soul to meet you." Tears glistened in Lin Yuan’s eyes
What is it that I have been practicing all these years, that is, I can live together peacefully and quietly as a family?
The wind, frost and rain have never changed, and the forest edge has always been striving for the goal, and the affair of children has been put aside by the forest edge.
"Red-violet!" Lin Yuan was confused, but soon Lin Yuan looked at Lin Tian’s eyes and became firm again.
"It’s good to have a predestined relationship, and you don’t have to deliberately suppress it. This is also a kind of cultivation." Lin Tian seems to be able to see through the forest edge and wake up.
"Knowing my father’s fate will remember." Lin Yuan was not shocked by his father’s knowing his own thoughts, and then he said, "Father, why are you here? Isn’t it only for purple mansion practitioners to come in here?"
"Silly child, this purple mansion is just me and you, and the monster beast built inside is also the father and I put it inside." Lin Tian heard Lin Yuan’s doubts and said with a smile.
"What? This is your father’s building, but this purple mansion land has been around for thousands of years." Lin Yuan seems to have heard something shocking and looked at Lin Tian with an incredible face.
"It’s not a problem for Yuaner practitioners to practice to increase the quality of advanced life for thousands of years, and it’s not a problem for conan the destroyer to move mountains and fill seas. You will naturally know when you get high," Lin Tianxiao explained.
"Needless to say, this ring is full of five elements of essence to help you break through the realm of Purple Mansion. Those five elements of essence you got in the secret realm are some ordinary ones, which are also some for your later development." Said Lin Tian, and a ring appeared in his hand and handed it directly to Lin Yuan.
"Father, this …"
"Take it. This is an ordinary ring, that is, the five elements of shakotan land that fighters say outside are actually nothing but a large number of pure five elements of essence." Lin Tianxiao handed it to Lin Yuan with a smile.
"Fate’s father can’t stay here too long, otherwise once it is discovered, it will bring unnecessary trouble to you, me and this mainlander. Father must leave." Lin Tian looks a little difficult
"Father, are you going to leave again? But should I look for your opening?" Lin Yuan looks a little sad.
"The opening is at the core of the forest in the state of Zhao. Remember never to enter the core area without reaching the realm of Tao and soul." Lin Tian woke up again.
"Feather, it’s time for you to go out. Several of your companions are worried about you. I’ll leave first." Lin Tian said that his body suddenly disappeared and disappeared, leaving Lin Yuan alone.
"Father, father!" Lin Yuan’s face is full of eyes, and she called for two times.
Lin Yuan’s face, clenched with fists, is full of firm eyes. "Father, don’t worry, I will find you, and I will give you all the burdens."
Lin Yuanwei didn’t see the change of his father’s expression. He knew that his father was hiding something. He was too weak to know.
Stepping forward into the forest edge, the figure disappeared instantly, and the figure of the forest edge appeared in a place not far from the land where Wu Zongju lived.
At the edge of the forest, a vague figure appeared again behind the edge of the forest, just looking at the edge of the forest. "The burden of the edge fell on your father. I’m sorry! And your mother … "Lin day expression some struggle seems to be some crazy figure that directly disappeared in the.
"Lin Yuan, you are out." Suddenly Tang Jieyin appeared in Lin Yuan’s alto with a happy look.
"Tang Jie is you!" There is still no coming back from just that kind of reluctance in the tone of Lin Yuan, and the tone sounds powerful.
"hmm? What’s wrong with the forest edge? " Seems to be found different Tang Jie asked Lin Yuan.
"Nothing, nothing. Let’s hurry in, because something is late. I’m sorry." Lin Yuan tried to get rid of that reluctance and turned to Tang Jie and said.
"Oh, well, we are all waiting for you." Tang Jie said and took the lead in going to the stagnation point of Wu Zong.
Lin Yuan readjusted a state and walked behind Tang Jie to the stronghold of Wu Zong.
"It’s great that you’re back, Lin Yuan." Ouyang Yu came out of the tent and just met Lin Yuan behind Tang Jie.
"What Lin Yuan came back?" A few people in the tent heard Ouyang Yu calling and quickly came out of the tent.
"Elder Lin, I’m back." Lin Yuan saw the elder Lin walk out of the tent and walked into the tent without saying hello.
"What’s wrong with this forest edge?" Wu Xiao was surprised to see the state of the forest edge and turned to look at Tang Jie.
"I don’t know!" Tang Jie hands a pool said he also don’t know.
"We are also ready to go back to since, after all, it has been more than three months." The elder Lin said to the crowd and didn’t say anything because of the abnormal forest edge.
"Oh, good." What did everyone say?
"Don’t bother Lin Yuan, let him have a good rest for a while." Elder Lin thought for a while and suddenly said to them.
Gate of Wuzong trading place
"This is not the fine steel Sword sold in our store. You … are simply unreasonable." A small si’s sly eyes flashed with a strange look.
It’s hard for me to get such an opportunity to stand out among the senior brothers, as if I were deliberately making things difficult for this boy called Dugujian.
"Bah, you lied. Can I still wronged you if I bought the fine steel sword from you myself yesterday?" Dugujian’s face is full of anger, and it seems that he will rush away if he says it again.
"How can we make a move on this kind of fine steel sword? And you can’t tell whether this fine steel sword is good or bad? You are looking for trouble!" The page deliberately put on a face of anger and tried a face at the back of a few people.
"Since you exchange is doing business? It’ s hard to get out of the business district after the second charge! "
"Get out of the business district for profiteers!"
Behind Dugujian, some fighters full of justice also said in an attempt to help, and some of them scolded them as fighters beside them.
"You this group of humble brother incredibly say that don’t want to stay since? ……”


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