She is no stranger to these four people when the pupil shrinks at night.

She remembered what happened last night.
It seems that this masked man is the boss of the four men last night.
What do you mean by comparing her with neon spirit?
"Who are you? What do you want to do? "
The man didn’t tell her the meaning.
She slowly withdrew her eyes and observed the surrounding environment.
Her feet hung over her eyes.
She hit her heart
Impressively is the sea.
The sea roared and ran at a glance.
A heart was held high and she looked carefully.
Lush, rolling mountains.
She is not familiar with this place.
What on earth did this man catch her and neon spirit hanging here for?
Is wondering when the man opened his mouth.
"It’s really a big battle when you come!"
Leave Zheng at night
You guys?
Battle line?
Turn your eyes at night and consciously search for the past.
The morning breeze bursts with salty seawater mixed with the smell of mountain vegetation. At night, I suddenly found many figures in the ravine on the side of the peak
At night, I narrowed my eyes slightly.
Although not very close, those figures are gradually clear in her eyes.
That touch of yellow is the emperor devoted to thousands of feathers
That white dress is phoenix shadow ink.
That blue robe is Zhang Shuo.
There are many people …
Duan Wang, Shen Meng and several officials …
There are also many people from Huo An and Jiefang, and Futian and Anshun Qiaodai are also here.
And Han Xiao Han Xiao led a group of guards.
It’s a great battle
But what the hell is this about?
The night away is still not clear.
"Have you brought something? If you bring it, we will hand over people and things. "
What is the night away from Zheng?
What did you want to get by arresting them?
What is it?
Who are you threatening?
Why didn’t she know when their lives were so valuable?
She looked up at the figure that she had called and looked forward to many times in her heart last night. He was slim and spotless, and his white robe moved with the wind.
I can’t see his face expression because it’s a little far away and the light and shadow are partial, so I know that he is also looking at her side with his head slightly raised.
At that moment, she thought
Can he see her eardrop? She wears earrings instead of others.
Smiling bitterly at herself for a moment, she felt ridiculous.
What kind of situation are you in? I still have the heart to think about this.
Qiaodai is not far behind him.
I don’t know if the sun is too strong in my heart. She can’t see clearly. Why does she feel that everyone is looking at this side of the summit, but Qiaodai alone seems to be looking at the back of the man in front?
"Didn’t you say in your letter that you had the ghost of a woman in your hand and asked me to come and exchange it with you with a thousand years of black iron smelting? How did you tie two people?"
Speech is a thousand feathers of the emperor
He gently hooked his lip angle, smiling, but his eyes were cold.
Now he led a group of people slowly approaching from the ravine to the summit.
Night away from also from devoted to thousands of feathers in this sentence white things come over.
It is no wonder that the kidnapping of the night spirit turned out to be a threat to the emperor to hand over the thousand-year-old black iron smelting technique.
After all, in the eyes of the world, the night spirit is the imperial woman.
Isn’t this Millennium-old black iron smelting technology only available in light Romania?
Is puzzled to think of a man suddenly low smile.
"One person or two people have what? Anyway, I want you to give them the Millennium darksteel smelting technique, and I will release them both. "
The masked man said, glancing back at four people behind him coldly.
Can’t say that his hand didn’t know which one was the Night Spirit House, so he brought them both back?
"The night spirit is weak and the night is pregnant. It’s windy at the peak of the body. Aren’t you afraid of an accident if you hang like this? If anything goes wrong, even the Lord of Fengtai will not let you go, let alone me. What kind of Millennium blacksmithing can you get then? As far as I’m concerned, you’d better put them in the condition that you come out first, and then we’ll talk! "


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