"Father", the girl named KINOMOTO SAKURA, had a look of horror on her face and fog in her eyes.

"KINOMOTO SAKURA, let’s go first. Father will deal with these." The woman in red beside KINOMOTO SAKURA glanced at her eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Six people immediately looked at KINOMOTO SAKURA with a reluctant smile as they squeezed out KINOMOTO SAKURA’s face.
"Really?" KINOMOTO SAKURA looked at the woman in red and saw the latter nodded gently before KINOMOTO SAKURA said, "Sister, let’s go first."
"Teacher, can those six people deal with the fire leopard now?" Han Chen touches the mouth and looks at the six people and a beast not far away.
"Ha ha, I don’t know the strength of the six people for the time being, but the fire leopard is not a vegetarian. Although it is in a weak period, its strength is solid triple peak. But among the six people, the gray middle-aged man is stronger, and the remaining five people are solid. So it seems that the six people are a little bit dominant." Ling Laoyin remembered from Han Chen’s heart
Nodding gently has some understanding of the situation on both sides, and he has not pondered his thoughts slightly, but his thoughts are somewhat free.
Bang …
A low dull sound suddenly came out, and then Han Chen’s thoughts were pulled back to reality by this sound. His eyes were also stunned and he looked at the situation not far away.
See at this time there six people suddenly dispersed to present the six-pointed star appearance. The palm of the six people suddenly exudes the light of the earth, and thick shocking vitality bursts out from the palm.
"Six Mang Array", the middle-aged face in gray, flashed a strange look, that is, the vitality light in the hands of one or six people floated instantly and condensed six people. Immediately, a huge disk suspended six people’s bodies, and the disk depicted the six-pointed star pattern.
The "drinking" disc condensed successfully, and the gray man’s face flashed with a smile, but his forehead was oozing with sweat. I can see that this six-pointed star array consumed too much energy for them.
"Good tough" disc appeared Han Chen also felt a kind of light coercion. When quickly running, he resisted this coercion and finished these Han Chen eyes and paused the disc.
The "lock" bit the teeth, and the gray man drank a lot. Soon, the huge disk was also swept away with a bit of time toward the fire leopard.
The fire leopard seems to know that this disc is also a growl, and thick hot flames erupt from the leopard’s mouth.
Bang …
The flames quickly condensed together, that is, the suddenly swept disks collided together, and then the strong energy fluctuation was the rapid dispersion of smoke and dust in the center of the two, and some trees around them were also torn apart and cracked.
However, this state only lasted for a moment, and then it was quiet. Soon the dust fell, and the terrorist fluctuation just disappeared
"How is that possible?" Seeing that her six-pointed star array is so easily condensed by this fire-infected leopard, six faces quickly flashed with fear. When one by one, the boss looked at the fire-infected leopard’s face slowly coming towards him, a cold sweat poured out.
""The gray man’s face changed slightly quickly, and then he calmed down and hesitated slightly. After that, his face flashed with a firm look, and he quickly rushed towards the fire leopard.
More than five people looked at when his face also changed, but after thinking slightly, he shouted a spell, which was quickly thrown at the fire leopard.
A growl, a fire, a leopard’s red eyes flashed with a strange fire.
Whoosh …
Six broken winds rang out, and six people quickly appeared in front of the fire leopard. At the same time, the cold light flashed and the weapons in their hands roared out and chopped at the flame beast at the same time.
Six faces flashed with a smile, but at this time, the fire leopard quickly flashed with a terrible smell, and then a strong flame came out of its body, which was swept away by six people rushing towards it. At the same time, the flame leopard body quickly flashed back, which was narrowly avoided by six people.
When I saw that my attack had no effect, my six faces flashed with a look of surprise, staring at the fire leopard not far away.
"Bad this beast took the initiative to attack" suddenly remind of a sound soon all is to see a hot energy breath thinking about their flash away here.
Bang …
The fiery red figure mixed with a broken wind sounded like a ghost. In front of a person, the leopard paws leaned out of that person’s chest, and there was a shocking wound. The blood flowed and the broken heart also appeared outside his body.
Bellow thinking of that person is death in an instant.
"Get out of here, I’ll stop it. This beast is too fierce." When the middle-aged man in gray saw his companion die, when his face changed dramatically and he drank, a gray shadow flashed, which was the surge of vitality in his hand before the fire leopard, which was the big sword in his hand.
Whoops …
Breaking the wind and making a cold mountain is wearing the back of the fire leopard.
The middle-aged face in gray flashed with a touch of cold mountain, and the broadsword in his hand severely hit the fire and inflamed the leopard. However, the imaginary phenomenon of blood splashing on the spot did not happen, but it was a collision between gold and iron.


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