"Ming …" Mu Huan wanted to explain, but she felt that it was not yet time to tell her true identity. I didn’t know that she should feel moved when she faced Su Yiming’s confession, but for a moment, her mind was reminded of her husband holding himself silently walking in the snow, sitting in a tree with him to watch the fireworks scene, and her heart was aching when she left her hand.

"Da Ming Leng Kunyang is good for you? Trust you? No doubt about you and your mother? " Carefully MuHuan bifurcation topic.
"Qiu Er, I don’t want to hide it from you. Every time I go to see Leng Kunyang, I will deliberately dress myself up as very evil and S-curve. In this way, although he thinks my facial features are similar to my mother’s, he hasn’t suspected that I am a mother for the time being. Now he can’t finish his letter to me, but it’s much better than at first. He won’t kill me again." Su Yiming dared not tell Muhuan the truth, for he was afraid that Muhuan would look down on him.
"Everyone says that Leng Kunyang is thoughtful and ruthless, so you must be more careful." Muhuan naturally pretends that he doesn’t know anything. "It is the most important thing to be patient when you have a big plan."
Muhuan said this without showing any trace, but she also secretly expressed her attitude. Su Yiming held her tighter in his heart. "I will be careful if I am white."
Just then, Nini ran into the room and found the hummingbird beast. When Mr. Nine returned to Zhuang, he transferred the hummingbird beast to Muhuan. This time, he found out the secret of Changfeng Ao that Muhuan sent both hummingbirds and beasts to the palace before leaving the snowy capital.
The news brought back by these two guys confirmed Su Yiming’s conjecture that Leng Kunyang had really made all the soldiers take pills. It seems that it is also difficult for Khmer to make a quick decision.
That night, Ah wrote a secret letter to Baili Mo Xu and sent someone to inform Mu Nian of the news. Although Mu Nian was now ordered by Mubai to think behind closed doors in the house, he sent someone to the palace at the first time to tell Mubai about the snow-filled army change. Mubai naturally found Mu Chen and woke him up. He must keep in mind.
Three days later, the Khmer army besieged Khmer and Xueman completely tore up the Covenant, and the two countries took the lead.
Another night passed. On behalf of the publishing country of Mubai, the report not only denounced the despicable act of collusion between the snow-covered Wu Xia and the desire to destroy the night haze, but also exposed the fact that Changfeng Yu and Changfeng Muyu had partnered to frame Muchen, and pointed out that the snow-covered royal family was immoral and did not deserve the emperor. Everyone should jointly cut it, and then the snow-covered Wu Xia army stepped into the snow-covered night haze and fought with it.
Another day, Bailimo Xu led a great army from the border to force the snow to flood the border, and issued a crusade on behalf of Bailijiang. In the article, he denounced the snow-flooded royal family for secretly supporting the fugitive aristocrat Xilinbian in Wuxia, massacring the soldiers on the border and injuring the people in Koo, and pointed out that Xilin royal family had made a fair decision to protect Xilin people’s safety. The corresponding Khmer royal family and Yelan royal family called for the snow-flooded royal family to extinguish the snow, and then Xilin and Snow fought hand to hand.
At that time, the whole Cangxi continent was changing and the war was just like this. Chapter four hundred and fifty-one A femme fatale! (Monthly ticket)
However, to the surprise of the world, although it was attacked by snow on three sides, it was not broken as quickly as the world guessed. In this war, the snow-covered army showed unprecedented strength, and they took out all kinds of weapons far better than those seen by the imperial tomb in the early days. It can be seen that Changfeng Ao was really prepared in recent years.
And snow-covered people naturally support their own royal family and army.
Chang Feng-ao responded when Kunyang released "Telling Heaven". He sent someone to pack the body of Chang Feng and Muyu in an ice coffin and send it to the imperial tomb for burial. Chang Feng-ao claimed that Princess Muyu was framed by someone and the root was ptomaine in Khmer. All this was a Khmer conspiracy to annex the snow and make excuses.
Snow-covered people see the half-man, half-ghost, long wind and dusk rain in the ice coffin, and then look at the sending team hanging out the long wind and dusk rain. Previously, the portraits all felt that the princess died tragically and others conspired to sacrifice her indignation and vowed to defend the Khmer Rouge in the end.
Similarly, there is also a set of rhetoric for Ye Lan and Xilin to accuse Changfeng Ao, while Ye Lan and Xilin Xueman are hostile to Xueman. People naturally believe in their own monarch. Therefore, although both heaven and man despise Changfeng’s proud father’s practice, Xueman still supports the royal family to start this defense war out of their national conditions.
This battle didn’t end from late winter to early summer.
Although all the three countries know that the soldiers are dead in the head after taking medicine, it is almost impossible to kill them with one blow when they wear thick helmets in wartime.
More Kuang Changfeng proudly prepared for this. He made Xueman soldiers retreat into the border town to defend the border, but he did not easily go out of the city to face the Three Kingdoms. All kinds of siege techniques were adopted, but Xueman’s weapons were excellent, and the equipment and tactics for guarding the city were not bad. Not many cities were taken by the Three Kingdoms in the past six months.
Su Yiming told Muhuan that Changfeng proudly rushed to deal with the attack of the Three Kingdoms so easily that he said a problem, that is, Xueman has been hiding his true national strength for a long time.
For many years, the whole world is full of snow. Although it is not strong, it is ambitious, but every time it needs to join hands with Wuxia to achieve expansion. Now it seems that Changfeng Ao is really the old fox’s surface. Wuxia has formed an alliance with Xueman. Every time the interests are distributed, Wuxia has actually been proud of Changfeng, and Liuxia Xueman has been rushing to expand the territory, while he has secretly hoarded food and accumulated troops to finally unify the day, making full preparations.
If it weren’t for the cold Kunyang and the cold rain, the secret of Changfeng’s pride would not be exposed for a while, and now he is able to step up preparations for the day to fight against the three kingdoms.
After half a year’s fighting, no one got much benefit. Only after the Khmer and Xilin all fought in vain did the two countries have reservations about sending troops. Khmer secretly trained the spirit beast army, but Xilin also sent 300,000 troops, and the flying army did not send out.
Several major events happened in this period.
First of all, the Khmer army didn’t know that it was too late when the Lan army met. The prince decided to attack the city together. Unexpectedly, when attacking the city, Muchen commanded the chariot to have a problem. He was riding a horse and commanding the army to attack the cold rain, but unfortunately, he was killed by the snow and poisonous arrows.
Mu Chen then attacked the city, was hit by a rolling stone and dodged, but was scalded by rolling oil. Although he recovered his life, he was bedridden and could no longer direct the war.
In the grief of Leng Kunyang, he ordered the three armies to swear to destroy the snow and Manchen to take revenge. At the same time, Leng Kunyang sent five emperors, Leng Yuhao, to replace Leng Yuchen in charge of the army and continue to attack Xueman.
Mu Bai urged Mu Chen to return to the night haze, and Mu Nian commanded the three armies to continue the snow-filled battle.
Mu Huan Su Yiming talked about this matter and naturally knew that the cold rain was Su Yiming’s Dan medicine delayed the poison for nearly four months. Seeing that the body ptomaine was about to be released, he resolutely chose the country to die.
Leng Yuchen’s own death shocked the armed forces, and Leng Kunyang then issued a call to arms to encourage Khmer soldiers. No matter how long the snow can last, if Changfeng Ao can’t really turn his soldiers into invulnerability, he will eventually be defeated by Khmer.
Yu Muchen doesn’t have much affection for this half-brother, who is simple-minded and easy to move. Knowing that he was scalded by rolling oil, he still can’t help but feel sorry for him and worry about his mistakes in Khmer and Night Lan.
Knowing that my brother went to the front line to direct the war, Mu Huan became more and more nervous. If she said that she had paid more attention to this war before, it was because that person now had an extra copy. It is said that my brother has improved a lot in practice, but can he be guaranteed in the face of the snow monster?
Su Yiming has now become a very leisurely person. Except for going to the palace regularly to spend time with Leng Kunyang, he takes Muhuan around most of the time.
After all, after the New Year’s Festival, the rumor of Su Yiming’s "color gentleman" was somehow heard among the courtiers. Many loyal courtiers advised Leng Kunyang to abolish Su Yiming’s position as a national teacher.
Although Leng Kunyang moved out of Su Yiming’s New Year’s Eve and tried his best to stop the assassin himself, and moved out of Su Yiming’s Liucheng to rescue Taifang’s princess and gain insight into the snow-covered plot, he also moved out of Su Yiming’s snow-covered capital to save the assassinated Taitai, even at the expense of abandoning the whole free and unfettered gate, leading Taitai to secretly leave and return to Cambodia, but those rumors are still getting worse.
At first, Su Yiming had nothing to show resistance and injustice in front of Kunyang slowly. Although he tried his best to suppress his entanglement and depression, he was still seen by Kunyang.
The original gift of living in Chenggan Temple has gone through the murder storm of the New Year. Cold Kunyang personally took care of Su Yiming, which has made the two of them go one step further. But now these four rumors have made Su Yiming no longer close to cold Kunyang easily. Always and everywhere, he abides by the courtesy of the monarch and the minister. Cold Kunyang secretly grinds his teeth, but he can’t directly show it.
Then the seven princesses, the princess and nine princess all expressed dissatisfaction with Leng Kunyang’s marriage, and it was rare to unanimously say that their elder brother had just been martyred and their younger sister had no reason to choose Xu at this time.
The three princesses said that even if they wanted to choose Xu, they would have to wait until a year later, and the princes praised the princesses for their kindness, virtue, courtesy and understanding, hoping that the emperor would grant their request.
At that time, Kunyang’s head was so cold that he didn’t know what his daughter refused. At this time, his marriage was not because of the cold rain, but because they liked Su Yiming’s attempt to become a Buddhist woman. These three daughters have been completely fascinated by Su Yiming. If they are given a year, I don’t know how many jealousies the three of them will make.
At this time, Muhuan’s appearance made Leng Kunyang feel that everything had changed for the better. Originally, she wanted to kill this woman not because she knew the secret of ptomaine in Lengyu Chen, but because she was jealous of Su Yiming’s feelings for her, but now she was forced to leave Muhuan alive for various reasons.
Leng Kunyang seems to want Su Yiming and Mu Huan to be a couple, then his rumor of "being a gentleman of color" will be broken, and his three daughters will retreat from difficulties and stop wishful thinking to recruit Su Yiming.
This Qiu girl can be a shield. She is Su Yiming’s white and loving female credentials. She can also block his peach blossom from her plot against Su Yiming. Of course, Kunyang will not give up asking Su Yiming to enter the palace every day. One day, he will get what he wants. Let this Qiu girl put it there.
Of course, more importantly, because I didn’t expect the snow to be difficult to attack, it was not cold. After the death of Chen Yu, Leng Kunyang invested more attention in the war and aggravated Litai, which triggered various courtiers and forces to fight. Leng Kunyang had to worry too much about state affairs and didn’t have more thoughts to pay attention to Su Yiming and Mu Huan for a while.
In the past six months, in the eyes of outsiders, Su Yiming and Mu Huan have been traveling hand in hand every day or cooking tea in the house and listening to the rain and playing chess.
In secret, Su Yiming has already carried out his own plan. He gradually got to know the important officials of the Khmer Dynasty and divided the things that can and can’t be wooed. For those who can get close to Su Yiming, either Dan medicine or painting or beauty gradually bought people’s hearts.
For those who can’t do it, Su Yiming will praise them for their charity, what the warehouse gives food, what the emperor says is good, but Leng Kunyang gradually becomes suspicious of these people.


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